Desert Storm

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I am always on the lookout for photos that were taken either during the 1990 occupation of Kuwait or after the liberation and with flickr finding them is pretty easy… if they’re tagged properly. Below are a few links of photo sets I found that were mostly taken by soldiers during Desert Storm. If anyone has photos they’ve taken and would like to share them [Contact Me]

Desert Storm Set 1
Desert Storm Set 2
Desert Storm Set 3
Desert Storm Set 4
Desert Storm Set 5

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  1. N says:
    this pic is heartbreaking…makes me think of those 600+ who didn`t make it back

  2. Mesh says:

    painful pictures..

  3. TweeZ says:

    @ moayad

    I know! Jordan, right?lol

  4. ali says:

    The locals are on the moon when ever a westerner is around.

  5. jo says:

    my father served in the war with the british army, but the lack of respect we recive is unreal

  6. Moobs says:

    So how come Jordan and King Hussien were forgiven right away even though they supported Saddam? I know the Palestinians are very much unloved around here still, how come the Jordanians got a free pass?

  7. forzaq8 says:

    Moobs Jordan had universities that passed anyone , even if they didn’t attend

  8. Jordan says:

    Moobs Your information is not correct.
    Forzaq8 I was wondering if you got your degree from there if you have one.

  9. Jordanian says:

    King Hussien offered to Solve the Gulf war problem in 1990 inside the Arabic House without the intervention of external/foreign countries in a diplomatic way..

    His offer was about to to take place to solve the everything when the US told him to shut the fuck up and its not his bussiness, stuff like this surely won’t be noted by anyone to make the US look like Angel.

    America is not the democracy savior, why the freed Kuwait from Saddam ? Answer is Oil. , and to start American Bases in the middle east.

    why the invaded Iraq ? Oil

    Afghanistan ? Uranium mountains

    a question , is there any more Dictator than Hosny Mubarak the President of Egypt who is hated by every freaking single Egyptian, why Don’t the US go invade Egypt and free the Egyptian people from that Despot ?

    There is no resources to suck up there ! they will have to Feed People !

    King Hussien stand was neutrality, he understood the Iraqi reasons of such an invasion, ” he believed force was a mistaken step for sure, as negotiations didn’t involve much between Kuwaiti’s and Iraqi’s regarding oil pricing problem, while Iraq needed money to recover from the Irani-Iraqi war in which all the Gulf was praising Saddam to protect the Arabic Gulf from the Irani growth, Kuwait continued increasing the oil supplies which made the oil prices to drop to ground..breaking down the Iraqi economy.

    Summing up:

    1. Some Palestinians (who lived in Iraq and involved with the Iraqi army/militia invasion) committed Immoral actions that made the Palestinians hated all around the gulf, good Palestinians who served and lived in Kuwait like their home land (and no one denies how Palestinians are hard workers and smart, and they had unforgettable efforts in building this country) ate shit too, bad guys reputations overcome the good guys, and wiped the good history/influence they had in Kuwait. a lot of them were treated unfairly. and lost simply everything..

    * Do Other Arabic Nationalities Spend money in this country as the Palestinians Did ? Ask Kuwaitis them selves they will tell you NO.

    2. it seems Kuwait didn’t realize yet that once the benefit of Kuwait is done, a Yankee bye bye will be said to Kuwait, moving to another country of benefit ( if the US survived till that time..)

    3. Iraqi and Kuwaiti has pedigree; a true fact that if you go back 100 years ago, you’ll see that big portions of Kuwaiti families came from Iraq/Iran/KSA, believe it or not, after the Kuwait Liberation, there were situations where Palestinians in Kuwaiti prisons got a harder torture than Iraqi people, (if the iraqi is not my cousin, he would be the cousin of my cousin).

    * Am Jordanian/Palestinian, My roots before 400 Years was from KSA.
    قبيلة بني مخرزوم

    4. 90% of Jordanian people in Kuwait are Palestinians, if not more..

    5. universities in Jordan who gives passes to gulf richy students are private ones, not the government controlled ones, and the Kuwaiti MOHE will not recognize a certificate from those (specific) universities as a valid one.

    6. We ” Arab ” should remove all the hatred and rancor in order to BE. this is an Islamic rule of Thumb that we don’t apply.

    7. Kuwait should look forward to restruct/enhance the infrastructure of this country,(concentrating on it own citizen’s education specially) putting strategies to attract businesses; once the oil is depleted or has no value anymore.., else all of sudden the will be doomed alone…

    *All said above with no Offense to ANYONE;
    **Sorry if the Speech above did hurt anyone’s feelings.

    • George says:

      I have no idea if you thoughts or remarks are accurate in regards to Kuwait, Iraq and Palestine and Jordan. What i can tell you Americans have never benefited from anyone’s oil. To date no one in my immediate or distant family has benefited from oil. I personally along with many other Americans do not care for our presence in this region. So why are we still in Afghanistan? Not the so called uranium mountains you claim. Here is why our government is still in Afghanistan:

      Has the War on Terror helped USA’s economy? USA is in debt. Not just a little, trillions of dollars of debt. Why isn’t US government spending the money it spends on war to improve its economy and the living standard of its people?

      Look at a map. North of Afghanistan are countries with rich oil fields – specifically Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. South (sort of) of Afghanistan is Pakistan, and then the Arabian Sea. Many oil companies, most prominently BP, want to build an oil pipeline that runs through Afghanistan (and then Pakistan) to the sea, but are unwilling to do so because they believe that the pipeline would be constantly attacked, especially by the Taliban. The terminus of the pipeline would be a facility where oil tanker ships would fill up. Oil is still driving this ship, not the minerals of Afghanistan.

      Afghanistan has been invaded many times, and each time, the result has been a disastrous defeat for the invaders. I expect that this time will be no different. The people of Afghanistan have been at war for many years and know how to repel invaders, and the terrain is a nightmare for those who are not familiar with it.

      The Afghan forces kicked the Russians out of their county, and they will do the same to us. From the invader’s perspective, there is no such thing as “winning” once you invade, since the only real way to win is to not play.

      If it was up to us (Americans) we would let these counties continue their tradition of fighting among each other like they have for centuries.

      I spent 4 combat tours in Afghanistan and can tell you we are not welcomed in that country, I spent 4 combat tour in Iraq my first in (Desert Storm) and can also tell you we are not welcomed in that country as well. I have no distaste or ill will towards the people of those countries. Their point of view and perspective of Americans and the war is different. I didn’t experience lose of loved ones, homes, and infrastructure.

      If the US was not present in Kuwait many believe that ISIS would have been in Kuwait before occupying Iraq. You stated Americans are benefiting from oil? The United States has many resources that it depends on not just oil. Tourism is one of those resources. Are we really benefiting from Kuwait’s oil (under $50 a barrel) nope. in fact Kuwait is currently struggling with the low oil prices and considering alternatives directed towards expats which is common knowledge:

      I agree Kuwait must look at alternatives to supplement oil such as tourism. They need to take a page from UAE and Bahrain to attract tourism. People visit a country to relax and have a good time Kuwait needs to open bars (liquor), although I don’t drink it would attract tourism to Kuwait.

      Liquor is a two fold process, one you tax it and reap the profits, two you cut out the middle man. Will crime follow liquor? It probably will, but you have to mitigate the problem. Initially restrict the sale of liquor to Hotels or bars and only during directed hours.

      Otherwise what’s there to do Kuwait? Why do you think Kuwait produces so many good body builders? Theirs nothing to do here except hit the gym.

  10. TweeZ says:


    man, cut us all some slack please. Pictures do not lie. You supported the guy, you fucked up. It’s all history now and forever.

    And please, do not blame Kuwait for brining in foreign powers in the region. If the Arabs were strong and true to the “Arabism” cause, then the backstabbing wouldn’t have happened and we will all be united.

    If America did not intervene, then we would all be having Iraqi passports, and 24AM would not exist because Mark would not be the Mayor of Salmiya……maybe Sulaimaniya?!

  11. Jordanian says:

    Dear TweeZ;

    Don’t you think it’s Unfair to Include “you” if you mean by it “you all”;
    as some of the “You” served in the Kuwaiti Army; (if you don’t believe it ask your grandpa) some of the “You”Covered Kuwaitis families during the war..

    While i mentioned the inappropriate behavior the “You” did, it seems its so hard from some people to admit the favors the “You” did and nothing good is in the “You’s” history anymore;

    You Can’t call it a back stab, it’s been clear that such a thing might happen, specially when Kuwait as a country dropped the prices of the oil, forcing a neighbor relative brother like country who previously defended the region (and Kuwait as a county) to beg;

    And you can’t call it a back stab also, because Iraq requested to reclaim Kuwait as part of Iraqi when Kuwait declared independent in 1961; so Kuwait should consider that in first place;

    You can call it a back stab if no Arab country participated in the war; while there were 7 or 8 Arab countries who did as i recall -even the most far one-; while only 0 did in order to free the “You’s” Land which is for all Muslims not only Arabs.

    If you read my reply well, you’ll find that it was possible to solve
    (& free) the Kuwait issue without a foreign intervene; the US didn’t came here just to ‘free’ the Kuwaiti nation, aw la sawad 3yoon el kuwait, they had goals.. and they achieved what is more than they planned for. (Talking about Elites & Governments not citizens or personnel), it was a matter of greed, pride and who is the strongest, it was a muscle show..

    It’s really funny how we (Arab meant here) cannot accept to have an
    Arabic nationality rather than having a foreign (specially western) one;
    Having a Jordanian passport doesn’t mean am Jordanian if i don’t
    love Jordan regardless of what it gives me, i have the roots of the “You”; my ancestors were Saudis lol

    Wow Mark you are the Mayor of Salmeyyah ? i thought such sensitive
    positions are not giving to non Kuwaitis unless you got a Kuwaiti

    How humanistic it is that a small note book can change someone’s
    life; It’s the most country in the world where the salary levels
    depends on what passport you have. (This is 95% Applicable in

    Talking about this war can be thousands of pages, from causes to war
    to results.

    Just try to think out of the box; Interest changes, so will the
    goals and allies, Saddam was a US Agent against Iran, he Fall for
    into a US trap The US didn’t comment when he showed his intention
    of invading Kuwait to the US.

    They could kill him back in 1990, but they thought he might come in

    You want to know who were the biggest Loser in the war ?
    The “You”; fairly and unfairly..

    No Offense or Bad Words to Anyone;
    No Intention to Harm or Hurt Anyone’s Feelings. (Sorry if i did)

  12. TweeZ says:


    Always keep your answers short and sweet; one who justifies too much is always defensive and therefore guilty, one who has a short answer is confident and therefore not guilty.

    Either way, Typical of Kuwaiti character we forgive but we do not forget, for those whom Kuwait has provided jobs and homes and the opportunity to health care and security, you are most welcome :) for those who have not been raised right and choose to forget all that Kuwait has offered you and your families, you have not been forced to stay here.:)

    And Kuwait is not for Muslims only, Kuwait is proud of having Jewish and christian Kuwaitis as well as Baha’eyeen.

    So instead of wasting our time writing without knowledge go do some research.

    and last but not least history is documented.

  13. Jordanian says:

    Justifying ? Hmm

    How about Facts that the media doesnt want you to know ?

    I would rather consider too who were the doctors in those hospitals who provided health care :) ? Who were the Architects who designed those homes :) ?

    Were those jobs and positions and oppurtunities given just like that ? Or did they deserve it with the skills they had ?

    Were they just refugees or were they more productive than others who truley screwed up the country ?

    Did i say that kuwait is only for muslims can you qoute that ?

    Documented History is mainupulated;

    Its your point of view that i write without knowledge :), my point of view is you think within a box :).

    Have a greate evening ;)

  14. TweeZ says:

    Documented history is manipulated?! Tell that to your king, not me.

    on a side note:
    you said:
    “the “You’s” Land which is for all Muslims not only Arabs.”

    The fact that you said it, and I proved that you did shows how people like you manipulate histroty. Just like the picture was proof enough…now that cannot be manipulated. But I do give you credit for trying in your essays above.


  15. Jordanian says:

    Tell ma king what ? what’s been in discovery channel about 1973 war :) ? i already know that, and i at least admit it, that Greater Arab Revolt 1916 , oh don’t tell me about it :P i already know facts :)

    Pictures ?

    i came quickly through those flickr pictures, what i majorly saw ?

    People Smiling, hmm US soldiers taking pictures, hmm some destructed vehicles and tanks, desert, and i saw monkeys too !

    Quoting my self “while only 0 did in order to free the “You’s” Land which is for all Muslims not only Arabs.”

    has what i said anything to do with “Kuwait is only for Arabs or Muslims” ?

    Oh, you mean Kuwait is for everyone, Even US , UK, France and Canada People, i wonder why they don’t need a Visa to come here (and others mostly western) while others do..

    I Meant by what i said is that 0 Countries Participated in a war to free a country “The You’s Land” that should be in a double attention for Arabs (Muslims, Christians, & Arab Jews if you want) Because its “should be” Considered one of the Arab Countries (as it’s surrounded by Arab Countries), and because of the Sacred Places that have been occupied & desecrated since 1948 till this moment on a daily basis.

    do you know now why i have to explain a lot and write long essays :) ?

    save your credit dude, you might need it later.. ;)
    have a wonderful day :)

  16. TweeZ says:

    …….what on earth are you trying to say?!

  17. TweeZ says:


    you said:

    “i came quickly through those flickr pictures”

    which picture made you come?!lol

  18. Jordanian says:

    كلّ إناءٍ بما فيه ينضح

    you made my point by your last 2 comments ;)

    CheErZ !

  19. TweeZ says:

    really? There was a point to what you were saying?!

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