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Did anyone go to the gay party this weekend called Discock? I heard it was dedicated to Madonna or something…

Update: Someone already posted about it [Link]

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they need to make a kuwaiti paedo party in a tent in like chabd or some other criminals area. couples only, featuring DJ KG. dedicated to gary glitter.
i think it would be really sucessful in kuwait and saudi especially.

I was at the party, held at one of the Hotel Resorts, before i give you a more accurate summary of events let me first say that equating a gay party (that straight people attended as well) to paedophilia (sp?) is ridiculously undeducated and homophobic, perhaps you werent equating the two, but you still deem both to be perverted acts, as funny as your comment is, sometimes it just ain’t cool. Even more homophobic is regarding two men kissing as disgusting, just because you dont like to do it, I hardly doubt you will throw up if you see it, in fact some say most homophobes are in reality slightly turned on by the idea and are scared of that part of them, it doesnt make you gay if you are curious by the way, and im not saying you are curious, just that you sound homophobic, which in reality your perogartive as well, but ain’t really cool

that being said, for those who would like to be a little more educated about what really does go on at such an event (even though i have only been to one, so this is hardly an accurate survey, but i cant imagine them being any different) the party was rather “blah” by any standards, gay or straight, with high points only under the influence of heavy alcohol or drugs.

There was a rather bad Madonna drag show that true drag queens would cackle out loud to, which i have to admit was rather cute in my drunken haze, but that may of just been the backup dancers, my memory is foggy…there was also an amateurly choreographed dance routine to Jessica Simpson’s rendition of “These boots are made for walkin'”…

The crowd at these events im assuming is the same as this one, as this was my first time witnessing such an event in Kuwait, mostly gay, some straight guys and their girlfriends, some fag hags, hailing from all parts of the world. Sure some people did kiss but nothing too hot and heavy, or maybe they did and i didnt see it. who knows?

okay, i think ive blabbed on enough about this and I rarely read blogs, but my cousin keeps emailing me links to this one and today this posting and I had told her about attending the party and decided to educate the masses (all 5 of you)

a Joke:
Q:What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Acne(pimples)?
A:One doesn’t come on your face until you’re 13….

thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week

weee! blogging looks like fun, kinda

didn’t go to this one as I no longer live in Kuwait (thank goodness!) however been to a few of them when I did. You’r comments are quite bigoted (look it up in the dictionary buddy) and just like you have the right to make out with your women, so does another guy with his guys.
Having said that, coming from a gay man…I assure you, most of the straight guys in Kuwait are more than happy to switch over so long as the lights go off. Grow up and get over your deragatory self. Oh yes, and have a nice day.

thank you cum again, i wasn’t equating gays to paedophiles, rather i was suggesting an excellent idea for a true arabian party that can be thrown anywhere, baar, bahar, hamaam etc.

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