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say no to aramex

The other day I mentioned there was a competitor for Aramex, I just got the details now by email so here it is:

Dear Valued Customer,

IEC forwarding services eliminate the difficulties encountered when purchasing from US retailers. In particular:

– Many US retailers will not ship overseas.

– The US retailers that do ship internationally charge very high shipping rates.

With an account at IEC, these problems are solved!

IEC provides you with a genuine US street address that is unique to you. This is not a Post Office Box! This is your own street address that US retailers will accept as a valid shipping destination.

Account holders at IEC also enjoy very low international shipping rates, much less than rates from US retailers. Save up to 70% on international shipping!

There are other ways IEC saves you money when you shop at US retailers. We will consolidate multiple purchases into a single package, saving you more money on shipping. You will also save on import duties and taxes with our commercial invoice service.

With IEC you will enjoy the same merchandise selection, pricing, and discounts as US residents without the difficulties associated with international shipping. Shop on the Internet with ease!

Mail Forwarding

IEC forwarding services eliminate the difficulties encountered receiving US letters (statements, checks, etc), magazines and trade journals not available internationally.

Save on Shipping

* Consolidation
We consolidate all your purchases and other mail into one sturdy shipment. This saves you the international shipping costs of having each package sent individually.

* Declared Value
By declaring the wholesale value of your purchases, you will save significant amounts in duty and taxes when importing your items through IEC By law, we are only required to declare the wholesale value of your purchases. The wholesale value is a “reasonable cost to manufacture the product” and is usually 50-60% below the retail value (the amount you paid for the merchandise).

* Low International Shipping Rates
IEC saves you up to 70% on international shipping rates.

Subscription Fees:

IEC Spend N Send offers you a physical address in the USA for a one time setup fee of KD 10.000/-

Shipping Rates:

Shipping rates vary from one country to another; please note that shipping charges are calculated on the total weight of the shipped mailbox contents regardless of the number of packages:

First Half Kilo in KD2.500
Additional Half Kilo in KD1.750

Other Services

* Personal Shopper

You don’t have a US credit card? We’ve got you covered! We will purchase from US retailers on your behalf with our company credit card, cheque or PayPal account.

Personal Shopper Fees

Credit Card /PayPal (Auction Items) / Pay Pal Non – Auction Items / Money Order

This service is introduced due to many requests by members who were having difficulty paying for merchandise from U.S. companies with their international credit card or check. As we are always willing to “go the extra mile” for our members, we have come up with a way to solve this problem.

Upon request, IEC will pay for merchandise that our members wish to purchase by using our Credit Card, PayPal account or Money Order.

Orders below 100 US$ will pay only the Personal Shopper fees of 15 US$.

Orders above 100 US$ – 500 US$ there will be a charge of 8% of the total merchandise purchase plus the $15 Personal Shopper fees.

Orders above 500 US$ there will be a charge of 6% of the total merchandise purchase plus the $15 Personal Shopper fees.

Air-Freight and Ocean Freight Services:

Air-Freight and Ocean-Freight service is available for items weighing over 100 Kg and 200 Kg respectively. Air shipments may be sent to the airport or to your business and Ocean shipments may be sent to any major port.

If you need any further assistance you may contact me on 2639921/ 7000472 or visit us at the following Address :

Hawally, Tunis Street, Brown Building, Above Dhakheel Jassar Electricals, Flr 2,Office number 6.

Thanks and regards,

Sarita D’souza
Sales Manager

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Just Called Sarita, shes cool , but the only problem with this new Mailbox&Paypal the only problem is that THEY DO NOT SHIP TO THE UK !!! the last 3 times i got stuff online were from the UK (and they were not available in the US) So i am not sure what i could do…

so u can only ship from ur US mailbox (to someones aramex UK box) then ship it 2 Q8 but that would be stupid (coz u would have to pay shipping twice!!)

What about shipping frequency, as in how many times a week do they check the mailbox? And How long would a package arrive?

I agree that the one selling point to me at the moment is the paypay feature, since it’s been bugging me for a long time now :/ But oh well.

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