Eureka selling iPhone for KD400 and stealing other peoples artwork

Post by Mark

Eureka iPhone

Moey took a picture of a Eureka ad in the newspaper for Eureka in which they are selling the 8GB iPhone for KD400! Thats over KD250 more expensive then if you bought it yourself off the Internet. If that wasn’t bad enough Moey also pointed out that the visual of their press ad was copied off a Deviant Art user! The picture above is of the Eureka advert side by side with the original artwork which can be found [Here]

Thanks Moey

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  1. Moey says:

    Thanks for posting it mark, I’d be pissed if someone stole my artwork. the original designer contacted me and I’m helping him get through eureka.

  2. Zorbon says:

    They better cough up some dough for him…Man I hate Eureka…

  3. Don Veto says:

    Maybe they can offer the deviant artist an overpriced iPhone.

  4. Maya says:

    They better offer him a few!

    I mean blah, what’s with these morons? Haven’t they heard of intellectual property rights and stuff? Sometimes I wish Kuwait = USA. You can sue anyone for just about anything with ease there. Its time someone sues Eureka’s nasty hind. Would love to take the law in my hands though. He’d better pucker up and pray for daylight cos it’ll just be him and moi. Oh boy, I’ll show him good! Let me have him! *busts a move or two in the air*

    In all seriousness, I’m really interested in how things will unfold.

    ♥ Maya

  5. xcarlos says:

    am selling the iphone for 200 and feeling so gulity :( and they are selling for 400 with a stolen ad …
    ambe am the one who is unlocking there iphone coz some one send me more than 17 iphone’s to unlock in 2 days !!!

  6. N. says:

    Is that image in the ad modified? Cause it seems like in the background on the right, behind all the buildings are the kuwait towers! Is that what is it, or am I just imagining things here!?

    looks like the kuwait towers have been moved to mexico folks lol!

  7. Soul says:

    Copying is the best way to learn, but, Marketing has different rules.

    No creativity, no ideas, no vision, no common sense = NO MONEY + BAD REPUTATION (Marketing)

    ~ Soul

  8. holla says:

    who the fuck is even dumb enough to actually shop at eureka?
    it’s like a fake ghanim electronics or something, exactly the same only empty.

  9. Mark says:

    N you are right, here is the larger picture of the ad, they photoshoped the kuwait towers into it lol

  10. Zorbon says:

    By the way, it seems Apple is starting to be tough on unlocking the iPhone. They are stating that unlocking and 3rd part softwar could lead to problems with the phone, and thus void the warranty!

  11. Zorbon says:

    I just thought of something…and beleieve me, I am not defending them, but I am sure Mark, and many of you will see my point…

    This could all be the doing of their marketing agency…So they could know nothing about it…What do you think?

  12. Moey says:

    they do not have an agency, inhouse.

  13. Moey says:

    xcarlos, I’m also selling the 8gb for 250 and feeling kinda guilty.. now eureka makes me feel better :D

  14. bb says:

    very very very interesting.

  15. Marzouq says:

    As usual they will try to get away with it, and act as if they can take it. Its not as if the company doesn’t have money to do some marketing!

  16. DiabloQ80 says:

    guys, check this story posted on the New York Times about un-locking ur Iphone

  17. STING says:

    Eureka sucks
    i`d rather ali al ghanim elect in shuwaikh

  18. SWOS says:

    Eureka sucksssssssssssssssss big time, they can’t come up with anything , their items are overpriced….. can anyone spell RIP-OFF?

  19. Karim AK says:

    LOL…Like anything well come of this….HAHAHAHA….It’s just like that sad goon of an artist who tried to sue Bazaar for their restaurant rip. Bazaar just laughed and told him to piss off.

    This is Kuwait habibi. LOL

  20. Sal says:


    A quick professional ethics question. Would you post this had Eureka been one of the advertisers on your blog? Please be honest.

  21. Aziz says:

    its funny how everyone is blaming it on Eureka, while the truth is, and Mark should know better than anyone else that all what the people at Eureka did was approve the ad. Its not their fault that their advertising company is a theif and they rip work off the net.

  22. SWOS says:

    Aziz, its still their fault, they should of double checked before going public…

    Anyways like 110% of other places do the same..

  23. Moey says:

    Apple should know about that.

  24. Nonaw says:

    woah moey.. HYPERZZZz!

  25. MpJs says:

    This is nothing new. What happened with cajie was also bad, and the worst part is that they didn’t even reply back!

    Let’s see what does eureka reply back!

  26. Mark says:

    Sal Eureka wouldn’t be a sponsor on my blog. Sponsorship isn’t open to everyone. If fasttelco or showtime for example wanted to advertise here I wouldn’t agree to them either. I can’t have fasttelco as my sponsor since I wouldn’t have anything good to say about them you know lol

  27. What’s the big deal and why the ranting? Eureka commissioned an ad gency to do the ad for them, they paid money and get what they paid for, if there is an issue with the ad, why would anybody sue the company that requested the ad? It’s the agency which broke the law and didn’t bother with the copyright issue.. Not Eureka?
    Is it because of the overpriced Iphone ? They wouldn’t sell it with this price without Apple’s approval, by the way!!
    Last year, there was an issue between Adope and the UK market. The price of the adope photoshop was 2 times the same photoshop in the states and adope responded to the angry UK consumers that they price their products according to geographical location, and the lifestyle quality of that specific location, hence the overpriced product.
    I think the issue is similar with this one, there is no universal price for every single product in the market, some are over-priced, others are fixed.
    If you hve a problem,buy from another retailer ,esay ???

  28. Aziz says:

    SWOS and by double checking u mean Eureka must request receipt of each font, stock image, and each photoshop work done for one of the ads? are you serious? I’m not eureka fan or anything… i really dont have any feelings towards them. unlike ppl here who seem to have some feelings (negative though!). but its kinda naive to blame it on eureka when the truth is it should be blamed on the advertising company it self.

  29. Sal says:


    I appreciate your honesty, please keep it up.


  30. Mark says:

    Aziz you are absolutely right, the ad agency should be held responsible for this ad BUT Eureka also has to be held responsible. Eureka chose to work with this ad agency so they are responsible for making a bad decision. If they had chosen a proper agency they wouldn’t be in this mess.

  31. Mark says:

    Chroma: They don’t have Apple’s approval. They are selling it illegally. Not even the Apple stores in Kuwait are allowed to sell it. They are currently only being sold in the US officially and soon UK and Germany.

  32. SWOS says:

    Aziz yup, double checking is always a good least to make it 100% legal… on the other hand the price makes me laugh LOL

  33. SWOS says:

    i tried to contact Apple about this issue but sadly they don’t have an email on their website..just phone numbers…hmmm

  34. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    I think someone needs to print out the true cost of a apple iphone and unlock and pass it out randomly at Eureka stores .. then call the marketing/sales manager and ask them to explain themselves.

  35. Karim AK says:

    SWOS, you’re a class A dork dude. Do you really think Apple give 2 shits about a Kuwaiti retailer using a copied piece of art?


    I can just see it now…..Jobs will jump onto his private jet especially to bust Kuwait’s Eureka, not only for plagiarism but for illegally selling iPhones. He’ll then order the Ministry of Commerce to revoke their retail license and convisgate their 15 iPhones that they are illegally selling for 400 Kd a pop.


  36. Holla says:

    there is no way eureka is selling the UNLOCKED iphone legally bc it’s an AT&T exclusive and LOCKED to that network and not even supposed to be available outside the US. also eureka APPROVED the ad so they are just as much to blame as the agency that did it.

    are ppl here really that stupid or just arguing for the sake of arguing?
    let’s clarify things: eureka is advertising an ILLEGAL product at an EXORBITANT price (even by local standards) using blatantly PALEGERISED and lame materials. it doesn’t get more “typical shitty local advertising” than this.

  37. SWOS says:

    Karim whats your F problem? stupid kid.

  38. Karim AK says:

    SWOS, you sound like one of those sad fanboys who bought their iPhone especially so they could sit in Starbux and wave their new toy around to impress the chicks.

    Sadly for you, and thanks to Eureka, the agad will soon be brandishing them on every street corner. Lol.

  39. SWOS says:

    Karim, hope everyone gets an iPhone, its not like ”i got it first” thingy.. sooner or latter every1 will have it or at least have one in their house its going to be like the iPod.

    And i mostly use mine either @ home or work, other than that i don’t like to connect wirelessly.

  40. Bo Bader says:

    Check this out:

    Mark Content posted on Flickr and DeviantART are allowed to be used by others as per the terms and conditions. However, credit should be given to the owner. Unfortunatly, in the Middl East it is a mess. I am wondering how did Eureka got that many iPhone in stock though!

  41. cajie says:

    Bo Bader,
    You should read up on “Creative Commons” licence.
    Just because a photo is posted on Flickr or DeviantArt does not automatically make it fair use for commercial purpose. Most of the pictures posted to Flickr are “All rights reserved”, which means they CANNOT be used without proper authorization.
    Even if a photo is posted uner “Creative Commons licence”, it has many restrictions.

  42. Moey says:

    Bo Bader, you are allowed if the user allows you to do so. with the image tag, plus for the last time


  43. someone says:

    I’m just wondering, don’t we have an authorized Apple dealer in Kuwait?

  44. Bo Bader says:

    Moey and Cajie. Thats what I was saying “as per terms and conditions”. well, Kuwaiti newspapers did copy other people work before and they still do. The problem is not with Eureka or the people who copy those copy protected images, the problem is with Kuwait justice system. When it comes to journalists and people who express their opinion all hell breaks.
    I don’t think that Eureka actually hired someone to do it! I looks like they just copy and paste it.

  45. fatfukka says:

    when Kuwait’s such a commercial shit-hole (hear you all saying “not only commercial…”) why expect anything less than blatant rip-offs? this isn’t a real country with ethics and values, you know.

  46. Nour says:

    Wow its been along time Huh
    Guys let me tell u the real story of stealing Artwork from somebody else by eureka,i have one of my best friends in eureka the one who told me this “Eureka dont deal with any agency and the one who is doing all kind of artworks and marketing stuff is just one person his name Ahmed Muneer and he is a very creative guy who doesnt need to steal other People artworks,BUT when i told him that i saw by myself the image, he said yes this was not his work !!! i said ok who did this, he answer it was suggested by the iPhone dealer who gave eureka the iPhone quz he use it already in his country and eureka management also Ahmed Muneer got this artwork from this guy and he mentioned the artwork coming from his agency company, haha everybody in kuwait was a victim HUH, any way i met Ahmed Muneer by passing eureka and i told him about what the people saying and he just shocked !!!!! it was his first time to know this, but he said if i can do any thing to the real artist quz am also a “creative director” who understand the feeling to be ripped by some one else and he give me his email address to contact the artist to see what he can do for him
    thats all ,hope you artist guy send him back

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