Explorers Base Now Online

Post by Mark

Explorers Base, the outdoors and survival gear store located in Tilal Complex is now online. It seems there is a surge of local retailers going online and this is one trend I don’t mind. Makes things a lot more convenient. [Link]

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  1. 360Dewan says:

    Suddenly local stores r happy to move to online shopping .. come one! it looks nice though

  2. Phoenix says:

    Kudos for all Kuwaiti businesses taking their stores online.

  3. moe80s says:

    I guess after noticing the online restaurants delivery are booming they decided to go online as well..

  4. aaa says:

    About time. I can get food, groceries, pet care, a haircut, and an iPhone without leaving my house, why should I have to leave my house for outdoor equipment. Can’t wait to pitch my tent in the living room

  5. A reader says:

    its been online for a long time

  6. axed-gamer says:

    Who ever buys that tent, I hope he won’t be run over by SUVs.

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