Fahaheel Expressway Flooded

Post by Mark

A friend forwarded me the video above of the Fahaheel Expressway near Mangaf completely flooded. As you can see in the video a lot of cars drowned sank and many people were stranded. I have a friend who lives in Mangaf as well where their whole neighborhood flooded and all the underground parking lots filled up drowning their cars as well. Pretty messed up.

Thanks Ghadeer

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  1. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    Oh My Goodness!!

  2. James says:

    The Malls are flooded, cars are under water, people can’t go home, they are wet stuck in areas with no way, water mixed with sewers, diseases and infection, not to mention the damages, as well those who can’t go home, or to work.

  3. James says:

    They knew this was coming the days back. Why were there no fire engine around with pumps at the malls. Sad day for such a rich country.

    • Yousef says:

      Yes and no, regarding pumps at the malls for a rich country. This is clearly flash flooding and even the best municipalities in the USA cannot prepare for nor have equipment ready for this type of flooding. The amount of water coming in just seconds, there is NO mechanical pump equivalent– at least not even something that would fit on a fire trucks. Outfitting even a single apartment building with such flash pump would be exorberant in cost. Now I know why most apartment buildings don’t even use their parking garages though!

      • Non of Ya Buhzznehzz says:

        Typical Kuwaiti cop out.. Every time the something happens in Kuwait that could have totally been prevented, you guys say “but this happens ‘insert you pet western locale-“.
        Most flash floods happen in areas where there is little population and development like in middle of the Sonoran desert. Infrastructure the deals with flash floods exist everywhere in the world. I am linking this page from Singapore for your personal education.

        Mangaf just as Hawally and other urban areas in Kuwait have been neglected by the government who hands building projects to their buddies without even looking at the sound engineering feasibility of said projects. That’s why in Fahaheel there isn’t any system of drains and channels to deal with water disposal and these types of floods. The same reason why in that area there aren’t fiber optic cables for communications. The list of issues like this is as extensive as the amount of excuses and denial that we hear from the nationals and the authorities.
        And yes the criticism is valid when the Emirate of Kuwait has on the highest per capital incomes in the world and foreign reserves higher than Belgium or the Netherlands.
        But we all know the reason why things like this happen: most people in Kuwait (workers) are foreigners.

        • Yousef says:

          Haha– my dear friend, I won’t argue one bit that there hasn’t been neglect, especially in Mahboula, Mangaf, and fahaheel. We are eye to eye, side by side.

      • James says:


        They were ‘ prepared’ two years back. And please don’t bring countries like the US in. Kuwait is the size of a small town but had the gdp of large nations. This is just the lack of planning, Infrastructure development and maybe even apathy – ‘It’ll drain out by night fall and anyway no major stakeholders are affected’ attitude.

      • M says:

        You cant even compare, US to Kuwait. Stop making a joke of yourself, thanks. :)

    • James says:

      I figured they didn’t expect to receive I ever such heavy rainfall sheesh.

  4. Sam says:

    What? Did it really rain that much yesterday?

  5. Burhan says:

    Just a small point – people drown, animals drown – cars submerge or sink.

  6. Daniel says:

    It really didnt rain as much as it would drown the entire area. I myself was stuck in traffic on my way to mangaf for more than 3 hours

  7. Jumanji Esc says:

    The same contractor that was contracted to build this interchange, is now the local contractor on the massive $2.6bn SHEIKH JABER BRIDGE. I wonder what that will be like in the middle of a flood/heavy rainfall. That project has so many failed concrete pours it is no longer funny

    • Sulaiman-COOKIEE says:

      Bullshit Hyundai industries are building the bridge and the local firm is mainly for consulting.

      • Jumanji says:

        Hyundai Industries are the International Contractor, joint ventured with CGC (Combined Group Contractors) to build this bridge. I should know, I worked on the bridge. You should not be calling BULLSHIT if you dont know your facts. CGC is contracted to work on the on shore construction, which is the area that would be affected the most by rainfall. The consultants are Dar Alhandasa. Check your facts before calling bullshit bro

        • Sulaiman-COOKIEE says:

          You stated and I quote “The same contractor that was contracted to build this interchange, is now the local contractor on the massive $2.6bn SHEIKH JABER BRIDGE”. You stated literally said nothing about any other contractor let alone one that owns a majority share. I called bullshit on your point about the construction and you know it, and I stand by it.

          • Jumanji says:

            Yes i said “is now the LOCAL contractor” and I said nothing wrong in that sentence. True Hyundai leads the joint venture, but Hyundai has no input and in no way affects the way CGC does it’s work. You cant call bullshit and say that I know it when i tell you i WORKED on that project.. bro i am telling you i was responsible for supervising the CGC construction work. I have documents proving the work was done by CGC, with signatures and photos and proof. What do you mean “bullshit and I know it” dont give me articles that skim the surface from websites that get their info from newspapers. I am telling you i was there, and saw the pours myself, eshfeek int? I’d be more than happy to show you what documents i am talking about.

            Hyundai is holding the construction of the majority of the bridge, true, the parts that are OFF SHORE, meaning from Shuwaikh shore line to Subiya Shore line. Construction of ON SHORE bridge, from Kuwait university, to the shore line, was done by Combined Group Contractors

  8. liz says:

    Two of my cars (new models) , parked in the basement in Managaf seaside were completely submerged in water that filled the basement from the flooding in the roads on the 24th March rain. We realized the situation only on the morning the next day .It took two days for the building to pump out the water and another two days to drag the cars out . Just wanted to enquire if it is worthwhile to consult a lawyer and pursue case to seek damages as thgis was reported in some Arabic papers . Both cars were fully insured but the insurance companies say natural disasters not covered

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