Fat Burger in Kuwait City

Post by Mark

My friend (who’s involved with Fat Burger) told me earlier today they’re opening a new branch soon in Kuwait City at Burj Jassem. I for one hated driving all the way to Mangaf Mahboula just to have a burger so the fact they’re opening next to my work place is cool. Sadly I’m still on a diet and can only have burgers once a week.

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  1. mick says:

    Fat Burger rocks

  2. Mathai says:

    oh that’s perfect! I’m trying to lose weight and they open a branch right in our office building.

  3. Pip says:

    What ever happened to your review about their burger? ( Did getting buddy-buddy with the owner stop you from saying what was on your mind?)

  4. DeQor8 says:

    imho worth the drive to mangaf, y is everybody pissed if they have to drive more than 15 min around kuwait?

    • Mehmeh says:

      Waaaaste of time that’s why.. Easier to go walking.. Difficult to get into the mood to get into the car and then drive allll the way and then be back… Sounds hectic to my mind

      • DeQor8 says:

        so u don’t go sit in Avenues or 360, Salmiya, Hawally traffic on wknds? that is a waaaaste of time :)

        and not many places you can actually walk to in Kuwait … you have to have a car where I’m from and in Kuwait … guess I’m the only one who thinks it is normal??

  5. Miss Farah says:

    I was never able to diet in Kuwait!!! every since i came back to Lebanon i’ve been trying to lose weight and I’m finally back in shape after a year of hard work!

  6. shikabala says:

    its pretty average to be honest. greasier than most burgers. best fast food chain burger is 5 guys. even that is meh.

  7. Aziz says:

    One of the worst burgers Ive had. Wimpy is better… in my opinion.

  8. mimi says:

    Where is Burj Jassem ?

  9. Amar says:

    In Mangaf? You mean in Mahboula… Anyway its hard to diet when you live right across the street from Fat Burger (in Mahboula)…that place is so good!

  10. Fahad says:

    Fat Burger KICKS ASS!!!!! Post made my DAY! Driving all the way to Mangaf and finding out the entire population of Kuwait is dining at FatBurger can be a bitch.

  11. Spartan says:

    dude after benihana i’d watch waht i say about any restaurant…one law suit at a time please :P

  12. Davis says:

    dear mark,

    that one burger may be worth the week of dieting…. thts wht i would tell myself…. kekeke!!!

    go on mate… give a review…

    benihana was an odd ball….

    • Mark says:

      hehe well because I only have 1 cheat day a week I try to make the most of it. Currently the burger I am enjoying the most is the cheese and mushroom burger at Gaucho Grill. Nice thick and juicy patty. YUM!

  13. Kuwait says:

    I was only there ONCE, I think on the 2nd day of opening. Was quite excited on its opening after following it for months but was thoroughly disappointed – expected FAT burgers but they were anything but. A Big Mac is probably bigger.

    Wish something’s changed :(

  14. hamad says:

    I had a turkey burger last week and 3 bites into the burger I felt something was wrong. 2 hours later, I had food poisoning. Never again

  15. Najib says:

    I still can’t stop laughing on the fact that there’s actually a region called Mahboula lool

  16. vimal says:

    make atop 5 list of best burgers in kuwait …. and their locations

  17. Rnk says:

    Oooooo loooking gooood!!! Me likey!!

  18. Jacob says:

    Hey what kind of lens did you take this with, the bokeh is amazing!,

  19. Basboosa says:

    Please EAT , Kuwait….

    …because I find bigger, well-nourished men very hot !…

  20. Ahmed says:

    Mark, you should try riding a vespa to Mahboula :)

  21. funky says:

    there is no fatburger at borj jasim .. MARK

    from where did you get that info ? went there and they told me no fatburger

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