Fatma Mosque Being Built in 1972

Post by Mark

The photo above was taken by Ahmad Alnusif’s father and shows the Fatma Mosque being built back in 1972. I found the shot below taken by Cajie also on Flickr showing the mosque today.

I think these two shots work really well as a before and after since the angles match up pretty closely. I’ve actually cropped into Ahmad’s photo above so that it matches todays photo (I hope he doesn’t mind) but you can see the full image in high resolution on his Flickr page [Here]

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  1. Nixon says:

    Very nice.
    BTW does anyone know how big the mosque is? diameter of the base or something.

  2. brownsuger says:

    Waw nice really nice!

  3. Hish says:

    Notice how no one commented on how much greener it is now. A hundred people always comment when it’s the other way around :/

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