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FIFA suspends Kuwait Football Federation

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FIFA has suspended Kuwait from all international matches and activities because of the government interference in the affairs of the football federation.

Contrary to the road map established by FIFA and the AFC, the Kuwaiti Public Authority for Youth and Sport has continued to interfere. Elections were held on 9 October in direct violation of the FIFA Executive Committee’s May 2007 decision to the contrary. As a consequence, the committee recommend to the FIFA Executive Committee that the Kuwait Football Association be suspended. [Link]

Kuwait’s federation were to have held their general assembly in September but delayed it for Ramadan but after no meeting took place Blatter said the Kuwaitis had been “definitively suspended” from international matches. [Link]

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This is now the second time FIFA has banned Kuwait.
the interference of goveremt on Kuwait football and its management I’d a unarguable reflection of kuwait’s politics and the govt’s mismanagement of kuwait as a whole.

Its 100% the fault of the kuwaiti officials they look like they dont care about anything,they gave them alot of time to fix things but they didnt they even told them to elect only 5 people to be in charge instead of 14 people in any country and they didnt do so ! and no one even card to explain anything they are just silent !

@ Herolike : lol 😉

But serious, it’s a real pity for soccer in Kuwait. So many opportunity’s and talents (watch link – docu about Sayed Abdullah) are in danger by these measures of the FIFA. Sanctions which easily could have been avoid.

Wat the hell is goin to happen with the Sheikh Jaber Stadium now,
are we gonna use it to grow weed?!?

it’s not like we’re going to last in any international tournament for too long

Part of me is like… so what else is new?

The other like…


how lovely, oh well kuwait is behind in developing anyways.

let them do it by Wasta.

Thats the only thing they are good at



It can be funny for some, but its too bad also, that Kuwait’s team wont be playing in GCC tourney … am really sad …

where are the players of 1982 … where is the spirit of the game?
Why cant anyone do something about it .. its SAD really SAD!

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