Fight at a hospital

Post by Mark

This is security footage of a fight that took place at Al Adan Hospital earlier in the month. I can’t believe the guy even punches the old woman, it’s completely messed up. Here is a link to even better quality footage than the one above [Link]

Thanks Hashem

Update: Before people start posting hate comments about Kuwait, here is a bigger fight that took place at a hospital in the States. This isn’t a Kuwait only thing.


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  1. Amy says:

    thank god I left this 3rd world country

    • Mark says:

      It has nothing to do with Kuwait. Here is a bigger one that took place in the States.

      • Shez says:

        This can happen anywhere in the doesnt matter if its USA. or Kuwait…Whats disturbing is the guy punched the lady a couple of times..What a whuss !!

      • 3azeez says:

        We are devoluting from a civilized community to something worse than a lawless ethicless wild.

        Dont compair us to the States. We live in a community where the elders are respected, religion is prioritizrd, and wealth is distributed among all.

        People are losing sense of reality, what is right and what is wrong. We are losjng every thing Kuwaiti, every thing that made this country and the people living in it speciql.

        We are losing ‘it’.. And no ‘one’ seems to be interested in taking action.

        • yousefq8 says:

          “We live in a community where the elders are respected, religion is prioritizrd, and wealth is distributed among all.”

          Is that supposed to be Kuwait? LMFAO!!! Stop living in a dream dude. I have personal experiences, and 1000s of other experiences from friends that prove that sentence wrong. I’d say more than anything that that’s the US you mean not Kuwait.

    • NJ says:

      I’m thankful too =) we needed less cows in the country anyway.

    • aaa says:

      To go back to the US with it’s high unemployment, expensive healthcare, failing schools, failing economy, wait what’s not 3rd world about it again

      • Five Finger says:

        US to be a 3rd world country I don’t think so I bet your country will be the one suffer crisis first before US, In US there are so many ways for them to recover but your country I think if you will be hit by war or economy cris your a gonner and history again.

    • Qster says:

      ro7a bila rada inshallah

    • sami says:

      If you left this place why are you reading this website and posting ?
      dont you have other things to do like posting on craigslist or singles website ?

      No one forced you to come here, you came for the hight salaries, free rent, two tickets a year to your country, and the free medical insurance as long as you work here !!

      And if I may add to avoid your 30 % income tax and your surcharges on your yearly mortgage.

    • 7amood says:

      then why do you keep following whats going on in this ‘3rd world country’?

  2. Moeman says:

    Why do people in Kuwait always want to compare everything/anything to the United States? Their totally different countries and one is very large and one is very small. And yes, size matters! You will be compared against other GCC nations. Show me a hospital fight in Dubai, then we’ll compare scenerios. There are huge problems in the healthcare system here…Huge.

    • Mark says:

      The point I was trying to make is shit like this happens.

    • Abdul-Aziz says:

      yes size matters, but technique is the trick :P
      you can see all of this on the internet coz Kuwait is the most open country in the GCC, more shit happens in the GCC but under the radar only

      • MM says:

        You are? Then why is it that your people drag their feet behind them in Dubai saying,”Why can’t my country be like this?”.
        You are now as oppressed as any Iranian and Saudi that lands in Dubai. You are a very unhappy nation of people and you are not free, none of us are.

        • aaa says:

          Are you saying Dubai is free? Because it’s absolutely not, just clever marketing. In many ways they are a more closed society than Kuwait.

          • MM says:

            When I turn on my phone after I land, my phone is programmed to tell me ‘free at last’. It is a much conservative country then yours, but the difference is they had the ingenuity and leadership to understand how to attract the right people to move the country forward and yes, they do know how to market it. I think ‘Leadership’ was the key word here.

          • MM says:

            Also, aaa, let me ask you one question. Why is it so difficult for your government to pick up the trash all over the country? One of the reasons why I am free is that Dubai is clean and landscaped and I have the priviledge of driving down beautifully paved roads – I am free from all the trash, the potholes, the debree all over the roads which I hit this morning and I am in a civil nation of people where people actually smile at you at the store and people say excuse me. Not liquor aaa is why I am free, it is formative government who cares for it’s nation.

            • Lulz says:

              That’s nice but you still can’t vote.

              • CCC says:

                Whats the whole point of voting, if people keep doing nothing in the parliements, now you see the news about some guy stealing money from the parilimets, give it a rest, you cant cover it up. no matter what you do, the truth hurts.

                • AJA says:

                  the only reason you think dubai is problem free is because, as Abdul-Aziz said, its all under the radar, the thing with kuwait is we have freedom of speech and freedom of press, which means anything that happens and does happen everyone will know about, so yes my friend we do have more freedom in kuwait than dubai. let me see you try to criticise your government, i think you know well enough what the outcome of that would be :)

        • sami says:

          WOW why all this hate ?? What happened to you here in Kuwait ? Did you come to steal money and you failed or got caught with fraud ?

        • miro says:

          oppressed as any iranians and saudi that lands in dubai ? lol iranians n saudis make those countrys all the big bussinesses in those arabic countrys mostly belong to iranians and saudis.. learn then babble ….
          by the way mark hope ya delet this thread its turnin into a politic shit .

      • sami says:

        Like it dose not happen in the most modern countries in the world I could think and list you tens of stories if you read other news then this website, help your self to the internet my friends search the archives and open your eyes it could happen and it did in many places of this green earth and not only in here.

    • sami says:

      In Dubai people fight in the car parkings in the malls for spots and in the gas stations, i have seen it my self.

  3. bask says:

    i agree about the hate comments , people should express their views constructively and politely,

    But Mark lets be pragmatic, in a country with 300 million people coming from a long list of ethnicities, cultures and educational backgrounds it’s quite natural to find altered behavior of people but.. with proportional level.

    But in a population less than a million, high literacy rate and same ethnic backgrounds, the aggression in schools and public places along with its reappearance raises some red flags.

    This is not my opinion, but within many local circles this phenomena is being widely discussed, it’s just no one is doing anything about it and sadly schools where kids are being educated the counselors probably don’t know that education is not about math and biology only.

    So agree no for hated remarks, but having a fight in the state does not justify the aggression around here.

    • Mark says:

      I didn’t mean to post the second video as justification.

    • aaa says:

      “Same Ethnic Backgrounds”
      Absolutely not, to claim so is ignorance. Don’t lump all of Kuwait under “Arab”, they’re all originally from different places and different people and only an outsider would think there is no racism or classism among Kuwaitis themselves.

      All you hear about is Kuwaitis being racist towards foreigners but there is just as much racism/sectarianism/classism among Kuwaitis as well

      • LLL says:

        @aaa, No, some of us do see it and realize that the majority of Kuwaitis are struggling economically today, and they are not the 3% of Kuwaitis who are filthy rich. Unfortunately, the 3% of Kuwaitis that are filthy rich send/spend their money overseas and seem to care less about their country. This is a very racist society, but I also see the racism within Kuwaiti society. You are a welfare society who relys on it’s leaders for direction and guidance, but you are a lost nation with spiralling social problems that are not being addressed by your leaders, because oops,they’re travelling.

  4. Yeni says:

    So ur defence of Kuwait is that blacks in the US also behave the same way? HAHAHAHAHA

    • aaa says:

      Why do you say “Blacks” as if it’s a bad thing? The only people that were ever assholes to me in the US were not “Blacks” or “Mexicans” they were white people.

      • Yeni says:

        Glad to hear that :)

      • Khalid M says:

        White people are pretty nice to me since I moved to the states and so are Mexicans and other cultures :/

      • LizQ8 says:

        I read the same thing you did. He never said black like it’s a bad thing. You seemed to have read it as a bad thing. The guys in the other video were black. BIG DEAL! I hate it when you state the obvious, it means you are against them! This was about 2 fights. One in Kuwait where disgustingly a woman was hit! Both fights are disturbing. But the Kuwaiti fight affects me more as I live here!

  5. Yeni says:

    Also if u read the papers here you’ll realize that this happens a few times a week on a regular basis. How often does this happen in the US with a population of 300 million?

    • MM says:

      And let’s not forget the fight in Parliament last session.

    • Abbas says:

      Well said.

      • khurram says:

        United States, 2009

        Murders : 15241 per year = 41 per day
        Rapes : 89000 = 244 per day
        Assault : 806843 = 2210 per day

        • LizQ8 says:

          You are right about the statistics you quoted in USA. but let’s be honest for such a small country like Kuwait, I’m sure the statistics would be high if Kuwait would report them! We are living under the carpet here along with the other stuff swept under there!

          Who cares about this stuff in the rest of the world. I don’t understand why whenever something STUPID is reported in Kuwait, why even “bigger” stuff is quoted from other parts of the world. I’m understanding from your reasoning that since it happens more in the USA, then 1 poor woman in Kuwait being beaten is ok??

          This video should have told kuwaitis and expats alike, “s**t, this is disgustinging and we should ALL make sure it never happens again to ANY woman in Kuwait!”

          Kuwaitis, reporting unjust behavior in Kuwait doesn’t mean people are against kuwaitis or Kuwait as a country. It’s just a fact. Let’s not sweep more stuff under the carpet! Let’s houseclean and keep the integrity of the people and the country!

    • sami says:

      every weekends in any place near campus or a sports bar

    • Qster says:

      As someone who uses the hospital system in the US frequently (i am a kuwaiti living in the US) I can tell you that i have NEVER been to an ER waiting room in the US WITHOUT there being a cop escorting a bunch drunk guys who have either been fighting or ‘disrupting the peace’ at that waiting room. They even make the drunks or hobos sleep on the floor because they usually don’t have health insurance. And i live in a very nice neighborhood in SW Portland so don’t give me this bullcrap about US being better they ALL HAVE THERE PROBLEMS

  6. Nand says:

    Guys this is what is Slamming & Grilling……….

  7. dj says:

    this happens any place where humans live :))

  8. NJ says:

    What sickens me more is that all those ‘men’ were just wussing around standing there watching, you’d thought that all those guys who gathered around would stop the fight instead only two ir three of them did… and the police officer… I’m not sure if he’s one of those wusses or simply was calling for back up…

  9. vampire says:

    fck them all,, all,, esp the spectators

  10. Edgar says:

    Well that whole 2nd video plan backfired, didn’t it? Oh and it’s my opinion that ANY woman physically fighting with a man is NOT a lady, had she acted in a ladylike manner she might have not gotten roughed up like that.

    • desertsky says:

      Any man should not be fighting with a woman in the first place.Calling the woman’s actions unladylike is sort of justifying the guy’s actions.Maybe it’s this kind of mentality that’s the reason behind such incidents.

      • Edgar says:

        I never said it was ok to hit a woman, I said any woman physically fighting with a man is not a lady. Any adult female can be called a woman, however the way she behaves and carries herself determines whether she’ll be called a lady and that woman in the video was not a lady period!

        By the way I agree that a man should not be fighting with a woman, however if a woman is physically agressive or has a weapon ANY person has a right to defend themselves.

  11. Abdul-Aziz says:

    everyone in the world see his country as the best place to live, i know some times people looks missed up here, but come on we r all humans whatever we was considered a 3rd world country or not. just shit happens anywhere anytime.

  12. Spikes says:

    I agree with most of the bloggers that this happens often in every country. But let me share with you all that this scenario is very common in Kuwait. My aunt had to resign her duty cuz she was beaten the hell out by one of the patient’s family and when the investigation was going on, they said that to cancel the complain cuz he is mentally challenged. The funny thing is that every time anyone complained this was the same situation cuz they can prove that they are ill.
    One of the guyz hit the doctor with his shoes and he resigned with anger and went to the court for justice. Guess what happened– that guy was able to prove that he was mentally challenged
    Third one two arab gangs were injured badly cuz of gang fight and they were brought to hospital and the believe it or not, they continued the fight in the hospital in front of everyone.
    I can actually go on…cuz i get to hear this almost every day.
    The question is where is PR??? where are the Cops??? And Justice??? hmmm…. it always remain as a question

    • Abbas says:

      It doesn’t happen often in every country. It only happens often in backwards countries like Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi, etc… and before anyone tells me to GTFO I’m Kuwaiti.

      As Yeni said, this is a very regular occurance here, whether its a fight in a hospital, an attack on a doctor or a nurse, or a security guard getting his ass whopped. That fight amongst black gangmembers in the US is an oddity, not the norm like here.

      • RoXaS says:

        Remind me again , Why is Kuwait a Backwards country ?

        • Qster says:

          If kuwait is a backward country then when you get sick don’t you dare go to a government hospital.

          • RoXaS says:

            Read my sarcastic post , I am a Kuwaiti . People Call Kuwait Backwards for no valid reasons , i’ve traveled all over this world and been to various countries .

            If you going to say : look at USA / Germany / UK .

            Guys , these places barely have Cellphone reception , a lot of people are homeless , Failing economy , Shitty Service’s , did i mention Ridiculously Expensive health care !?

            In Kuwait you get Free Health care ( for Kuwaiti’s) and if Foreigners want to get Treated for a minor flu , they pay a 1KD fee , they give you Medication that costs over 5 kd if you Payed 1kd.

            Give me a country that Gives you heart surgery for 15Kd if your a Foreigner , they’ll do it for free too if you said you don’t have the money ? NO FUCKING COUNTRY DOES THAT BUT KUWAIT .

            Before you stop and pointing your Fingers and Accuse one of the best Countries in the world , you better get your Damn Facts straight , and if you don’t like kuwait , nothing is stopping you , book your ticket and move to whatever you like , Trust me when you do that , you’ll comeback running to Kuwait

      • badeface says:

        Go back to Iran

      • sami says:

        and where are you from Abbas ?

  13. lolatkuwait says:

    stop trying to justify this as a normal occurrence around the world.

    Kuwait is a joke

  14. PedroDashT says:

    Shit Happens… so life goes on… !!

  15. Patrick says:

    There are over 190 countries in our world, to think that some people believe this kind of thing is only happening in Kuwait is ridiculous.

  16. Mary says:

    Why don’t they post policemen in hospitals in Kuwait? At the government. I guess private hospitals will have to do that themselves.

    • Spikes says:

      @ Mary – They got policemen in government hospitals…

      And for private hospitals, I got few friends working out there and these incidents doesnt happen.

      Its da kinda of ppl going to government hospitals Vs private.

      And everyone is aware of this…. but for some reason no actions…. I can assume the reason… but dont wanna start a discussion on it…cuz never gonne end

  17. waleed says:

    let me get this straight … the only way you can justify that this is not a kuwait only thing is to show a bunch of ghetto black people in god knows what shitty area of the states to compare us to … SIR i congratulate you ! very insightful human being you are ..

  18. MM says:

    @Abbas. You are very rude. Why would he want Kuwaiti citizenship? You should be grateful that anyone likes your country which it seems Mark does and finds pockets of civility in his life here.

  19. lolatkuwait says:

    i guess it will take another invasion to get kuwaitis to focus on whats important..

    Unity and Advancement..

    Oh look new western fast food outlet, OM NOM NOM!

    Consumer society doomed to fail

  20. MoeMoe says:

    wa7sh Markkkk

  21. Anonymous says:

    Then why post this?

  22. ? says:

    Wow, people are sad and miserable. Only issue in Kuwait is that it is politically corrupted. The rest are just normal, but sad, inevitable matters that do need some working on. However a lot of your comments are exaggerated in emotions, and some of you need to get your heads out of your asses.

  23. THEM13 says:

    No matter what happens in kuwait , i cant bring myself to offend it in any way, im a kuwaiti and i lived here all my life, i just love kuwait unconditionally :)

    Shame on you people, trash talking your country.

    • Spikes says:

      I lived my whole life in Kuwait… borna dn brought up and not Kuwaiti… no regrets abt it cuz i have more kuwaiti frends out here…

      Talking abt ur comment its not trash… its getting life civilized…. for ur people and people working around…

      I hope u understand the differnece…

  24. Othman says:

    Adan hospital = 3agad = fights.

    • ~LE~ says:

      “Adan hospital = 3agad = fights.”

      y3nii ana weld ildeera.. -,-”

      Don’t make stupid ass assumptions, cause it makes you look ridiculous.

      • Othman says:

        and how exactly did you deduce from my comment that “I” am “wild el deera”?
        It is you who is making assumptions, wouldn’t you agree?
        More over, wouldn’t you agree that more 3agad fight in Kuwait, regardless of age or reason, than non-3agad?

        • ~LE~ says:

          If you said … “3agad = fights.” I’d be like +1 Agreed!

          But including “Adan hospital = 3agad” to the formula adds a location to where the 3agads are coming from and thats what bothered me.

          People who pass judgment about people who live beyond the sixth ring road really piss me off. =)

          • Othman says:

            So you don’t agree that there are more 3agad in certain hospitals than others?

            Newsflash: I live AFTER the 6th ring road. I hate judgmental people as well =)

  25. Del says:

    Doctors in Kuwait have to hide in closets because family members are angry they couldn’t prevent death by natural causes (ie. old age) (I still don’t understand how doctors can be blamed for old age). That shows the level of idiocy that is prevalent.

  26. 3bood says:

    Why were they fighting, and the police is watching

  27. gnlstryker says:

    I wonder why they construct bridges and more idiotic unorganized roads in kuwait. The traffic in Kuwait seems to get worser and worser each passing day. Are the people in charge of civil works dumb? The ministry could change the time of schools and work, which the only rational solution.
    Kuwait sits on a large pile of money but the reality is the leadership and people making decisions have no common sense while making decisions. Kuwait is the only GCC country which lags behind all other GCC countries in terms of development. Sure we have some tall buildings here and there, but what is the point in building those buildings which are half empty? Why do we have garbage littered all around and the public utilities poorly maintained? Why does this country idiotically discriminate everyone other than arabs or westerners as asians, when they know that clearly middle-east is part of asia and so all arabs are asians as well? Why do you see a whole entourage of maids follow a family of two? Clearly there is something wrong?
    Even the so called new labor is discriminating or allows companies the upper hand. Employers like IKEA which are supposed to be the best workplace, is unfortunately like a sweat shop here in Kuwait. Why? Wasta? People can do whatever they want in Kuwait as long as they have wasta.

    • CCC says:

      My friend, Kuwait has good wealth, but, you know, it just needs, order, and GOOOOOOOOOOOD MANAGMENT! thats all, and LAWS which should be IMPLEMENTED, and RULES AND REGULATIONS, and HARD WORK AND EFFORT, and TEAM WORK!!!
      but sadly we dont see that…..

  28. N19 says:

    Most of the comments on this thread show why humanity refuses to live peacefully. Learn to understand and love.

  29. Spikes says:

    Mark im sorry for what u r going through 2day with all the negative comments, but I want to thank u from my heart for posting this today… cuz for first time I saw my mom happy to see someone finally had to share what she gets to see almost everyday in hospital.

  30. -_- says:

    damn it !! chill poeple .. wooosaaaaa !!!!

  31. SG says:

    As always, trying to fuel hatred and criticism from foreigners who are/were in Kuwait by posting shit that people immediately judge based on what they see or read. The shallowness is deep within this part of the web. Nowadays, your blog entries are the definition of a hate-mongering hypocrite. Rarely do I see anything positive posted about Kuwait itself. All you’re thankful for is apparently the food chains which are in or are coming to Kuwait. You knew that a shitstorm would brew from a video with content like that, yet you still posted it.

    What’s next, videos of Kuwaitis being racist? Kuwaitis harassing people on the streets? Kuwaitis driving recklessly? Yes because all of the above happen only in Kuwait, right? Oh and one more thing, I know this comment won’t be seen by others but at least you got to read it.

    • Edgar says:

      Well I read your comment and I disagree with the fact that you said he only posts negative things about Kuwait or posts things about restaurants, I think it has more to do with the fact that YOU are only picking up on those posts. Take the time to go thru his blog objectively and find the other positive things he has blogged on, and besides what would you have write about? He mostly blogs about things happening in Kuwait and Lebanon, which is where he lives and is from respectively. Want him to write about everyday things in China, Indonesia, Brazil, or maybe Belgium?

      I personally do not like people critiquing the United States but I learn to let go because some people will say things in anger, frustration and ignorance. Perhaps you can let go too and besides if you don’t like the blog, then don’t read it, or perhaps have some constructive criticism instead of just bashing.

      • SG says:

        Truth be told, I used to follow his posts daily and was actually informed on a couple of things that were unknown to me before. However, what he (Mark) should have learned from previous sensitive issues is that they are always met with an influx of hatred and bashing. This is one of those cases. He’s blogging about Kuwait, yes, but why is he bringing Adan into his blog when he barely mentions any city outside of Kuwait City? It’s like he purposely negates any possibility of ever mentioning anything positive about cities within or around the 6th ring road. Furthermore, it’s a negative entry and he knew that shit will be spouted from both sides. I say that because in one way or another, he was trying to justify the video by posting a similar video with similar events only in a different location. Otherwise he wouldn’t have posted that video. He clearly knew what was coming.

        You know, I don’t really care what you or anyone else think of Kuwait. Frankly, I’m critiquing Mark’s ability to distinguish between a good and a bad topic to blog about. This one proved to be a bad topic.

  32. Qster says:

    Biggest problem in Kuwait is unfortunately cops don’t wanna enforce the laws in this country. Our police force is under educated (u don’t need a HS degree to become a cop) and over-paid. They don’t wanna do their job and they let crap like this stupid fight happen, instead of taking them immediately to the station.
    I am kuwaiti i like to constructively criticize my country, NO country is perfect I say this as i am living in the USA enjoying wonderful cool weather. Anyone who sends hateful comments against Kuwait yet is living in Kuwait is extremely ungrateful and rude. I don’t openly swear against the United States neither on the Internet nor openly.

  33. sami says:

    Thank you Qster for making this point

  34. Caffeinated says:

    Are you guys for real?! It’s just as Mark said, shit happens, it’s not an indication of anything or anyone!

    Besides, some people like it here, some people don’t, it’s as simple as that, I know people who came back to live here after being for so long abroad and some others who left because things here just don’t fit their life style… It’s called “Personal Preferences”, look it up :S

    Anyways… the fight in the second video cracked me up… it doesn’t look anything like we see in the movies :D

    Just lighten up guys, Some like it here “in K-Town”, some don’t, we don’t have to be uncivilized about it :)


  35. engine man says:

    engine man for king 2013 vote now :D I give free cookies <3

  36. Kuwait says:

    1. I think the 2nd video with its caption has created more of a fuss.
    2. LMAO at the guys just air-fisting in that video for the first 30 seconds while the ladies already had hair pulled and upper-cuts going.
    3. WTF must’ve happened in the first video? Is the Doc involved too? Why did the fight start – were they denied Panadol?

  37. Phoenix says:

    The difference between the videos is that in the 2nd, people probably got arrested and held accountable for what they did while I doubt this happened in the 1st.

  38. mm hmm says:

    Hood fight, Mark… come on.

  39. DarkWolf80s says:

    People calm down. They’re in a hospital. If someone throws a deadly fist punch and bleeds he can easily be patched up to continue the next round. XD LOL!

    *AHEM* But seriously, leaving jokes aside.

    This is nothing new. I’ve seen things like this before and even much more worse. These kind of silly fights happen all over the world. So just like the rest of the readers who have viewed this post, don’t judge Kuwait and throw negative comments. Shame on you for talking trash on your own country.

  40. Molotov says:

    The usual Kuwaiti defense: It happens (sometimes) in other countries therefore Kuwait is always blameless and anybody who criticises Kuwait is racist, blah blah blah. You might fool some of the people some of the time but people who have lived in Kuwait know the real score.

  41. Kuwait92 says:

    Kuwait is Kuwait, it was built by the people.. and it took care of all.. yes we have our issues, but we will overcome them.. like we overcame dozens of things.. and with all my respect to the other countries surrounding us.. I’d rather live in a “3rd world” but at lease I know that I can legislate my own law.. and not build an economy that is derived on foreign investments without even securing jobs for the people of that country..

  42. instantcravings says:

    Can we just get a decent English FM station… anyone?

    • Gilbert says:

      I Agree!

      • MM says:

        Yeh..I second that. I thought they were going to privatize 99.7? Have you heard the DJ’s in Dubai? Fab, why can’t we have DJ’s like that instead of a woman in the morning who wants to lecture us. You need a station to get you going in the morning, more upbeat! I don’t want to listen to her whine in the morning.

  43. Shez says:

    Does anyone know the reason for this free-for-all slugfest ??

  44. sami says:

    Anyone knows why did the fight broke up?
    Any reasons ?
    Real reasons? not the usual assumptions !!

  45. 7amood says:

    you know what is sad? there are many foreigners in kuwait that simply hate the country. If you do not like it then you are more than welcome to leave.

    if you do not want to leave because of your tax free pay cheques than shut the hell up and respect the country you are in.

    i do not know mark personally but he reminds me a lot of many of my expat friends who see kuwait as their own country, and not their 2nd home.

    ya ghareeb kon adeeb.

  46. TweeZ says:

    They have warning signs posted in most hospitals stating that if someone were to attack an employee of the hospital during work hours they will face a severe punishment.

    • Qster says:

      actually the sign says if you attack and verbally abuse staff then you’ll get punishment, a poor attempt by the lazy government hospital staff to cover their behinds.

  47. Molotov says:

    “you know what is sad? there are many foreigners in kuwait that simply hate the country. If you do not like it then you are more than welcome to leave.”

    But then who will run & manage your country for you, while you’re out cruising on Gulf Road in your new GMC truck and relaxing at Starbucks 24/7, dearie?


  48. PFunk says:

    SO back to the original video, if this is common here and occurs in every country not just kuwait, then why post it? (besides needless controversy?) what’s so special about this fight that’s not in the other thousands of fights here and outside of kuwait??? It’s all for the clicks lol

  49. Z says:

    Wow shkthr comments but still noone knows what the reason behind all this is !
    Yes shit happens and worse happens all over the world and we have our own issues so foreigners unhappy about Kuwait calm down! This isn’t exactly a come trash Kuwait post :s I honestly thought this got leaked because whoever it involved wanted people to know, alot of those incidents noone knows about. It’s sad and I hope serious action gets taken it’s been going for a while in some hospitals.
    Kuwait is beautiful country which has and still is doing alot for other countries, we struggle with our own issues like any other place. This is not a who’s better post people.

    Thank yOu for posting this mark, people should see, until the proper action Is taken

  50. Sandy says:

    WOW You People I swear !!!!
    I live in the states I am married to a Kuwaiti and struggling here because of the economy and I rather stay here then move there because of all the fighting that I see on this blog ..It gives me a glimpse into the real Kuwait
    Bitter foreigners and Kuwaitis in Denial ..I think that sums it up!!!
    Mark You are a Good man even though you always block my posts ,,,,Keep up the good Work.
    Kuwaitis Go back to your roots and treat people like human beings, Foreigners Realize that Kuwait is not your country and stop comparing!

  51. Chaw chaw says:

    check sec 31:00 there is policeman,,, he was watching with the crowd -.-

  52. ENIGMA says:

    well….lets all remember..without the COALITION FORCE that freed THIS COUNTRY CALLED KUWAIT…THIS COUNTRY WILL BE STILL UNDER IRAQI RULE…tsk tsk tsk..keep that in mind!!! oh btw..w/o the expats working here…WHAT WOULD YOU THINK will happened to KUWAIT…lolz

    • aaa says:

      And without the French the US would have never won the revolutionary war and would still be part of the UK but they don’t feel the need to brag.

      Oh and without Kuwaiti oil gas prices would be even higher there dont pretend they did it for humanitarian reasons

      • ENIGMA says:

        Check your history “aaa” US & French was a close ally during that time…so its possible for them to aid with each other =)

        BTW…w/o the americans and british who discovered the oil in kuwait and for them to teach the kuwaitis :”HOW TO USE IT” this country still a prmitve country =)

        The point is, nobody is bragging on somethin’. Its just a reminder to the LOCALS IN KUWAIT, so that they would know where they came from before they got the richness of oil.


  53. Sub-80 says:

    The start of the comments for this post start abit rough, everyone has the right to state their opinion. [people are really less tolerant on the net]

    Good thing, the majority of comments are trying to point of the good things about the country so people reliaze the good left there (majority being benefits of a rich country).
    But still, people have low morals (post 2000) in this country and its only getting worse.

  54. Haitham Murad says:

    THis Fight which broke out among youths in a ‘sacred’ public place, a hospital, is an indication of the following:
    1. Poor upbringing in indigent population
    2. Lack of respect for other people
    3. Lack of social outreach/ education programs
    4. Lack of fear from law enforcement

    The government and authorities can only effect #3 and 4,enforcement of existing laws, Protection of citizens and their rights and providing programs as a an outlet for the energy of our youth.

    This is a small symptom of a huge systemic problem. This is a blatant example which has good shock value on video. There are ‘respected’and powerful people and groups who commit much worse violations on grander scales, but not caught on video and more subtle.

    So before we jump onto the cases of some kids acting like hooligans, look at some bigger hooligans turning this country and surrounding into a their backyard playgrounds.

    • Sub-80 says:

      “Lack of FEAR from law enforcement” there shouldn’t be fear of law enforcement. There should be a RESPECT to the LAW.

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