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Firemen to the rescue… of a cat

We were at work yesterday when someone came in and told us there were firemen downstairs trying to rescue a cat that was stuck on the second floor of a building. So I took my camera and headed downstairs even though I thought it might be a dumb prank but surprisingly it turned out to be true.

There was one large fire truck and two small ones parked in the middle of the street and wen I got closer I spotted the everyday street cat trapped on a small ledge on the second floor of the building. It was pretty weird seeing the firefighters there planing out the rescue of a regular street cat. I never imagined the firefighters in Kuwait would care about saving pets yet alone a street cat.

Everything was going smoothly and the firefighters on the ground looked like they had figured out a way to bring the cat down safely when suddenly this other firefighter popped his head outside the second floor window and with a large stick started pushing the cat off the side of the ledge. This idiot was trying to push the cat off the ledge and the other firefighters below were yelling at him to stop but he kept on pushing the cat off the ledge.

Finally once the cat got to the far end of the ledge it tried to escape the stick by stretching out and down towards the window below. Then suddenly the firefighter pushed the cat off and the cat landed hard on the windows ledge and fell into the building. The cat was lucky. Once the firefighter came back down he got a yelling at from his superior below for disobeying him and nearly getting the cat killed.

Even though the dumb firefighter ruined what could have been the perfect rescue it was still great to see them answer a call to come rescue a cat. I thought that only happened in movies.

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Mark, you shouldnt be so tough on kuwait.. Not all Kuwaitis are insensitive bastards that dont care about an trapped scared animal.. You shouldn’t generalize and always assume the worst about Kuwait… lol.. it has its flaws.. but so does every other country in the world

nice story.. lol
cat facts,,
cats have 7 or 9 lives,, she could easily have use 1 life to escape,,
the cat could have also jumped 2 floors easily,,
may be she had a ‘plan’ to escape from that ledge
or may be she was there for a reason > catching a bird for dinner!
in any case, street cats would not allow anyone to get close
still, a nice story,,,

Aren’t firefighters supposed to work as a team? Whats that about other fellows yelling and one fellow just acting his mind out? So much for the life-saving team work!

great 😀
i remember once reading in a local newspaper, that a firefighter got back to a burning house after saving all human being to save the family cat… and the guy got minor burns but happy that the cat was ok
(yes this story was in kuwait, kuwaiti firefighter).

I’m just so glad the kitty lived, and it was okay, even though the dumby tried to hurt the poor thing by forcing the obviously scared cat off a second story ledge. This story gives me faith in humanity

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