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For Sale?

Nearly every time I take Geo for a walk, someone asks me if Geo is for sale. Yesterday night we went to Marina Crescent (it was packed like Venice Beach btw) and their were tons of people who asked me if he was for sale. Not only that one guy asked me if Geo could mate with his female German Shepherd! I was like dude, Geo is just 10 weeks old, he is a puppy, he doesn’t have balls even. Do a lot of people sell their dogs here? I mean its such a weird question to ask a dog owner, why would I sell a member of my family? I doubt other dog owners would sell their dog either, unless their dog just got puppies and they are selling the puppies. Its really strange.

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They do always ask! mark make sure you keep Geo under your watchful eye! Cuz in kuwait if you dont sell em to him then they will try to kidnap the dog.. and that is the situation in kuwait.

And i think the reason people ask is because they dont know where to get dogs from, and most of them dont know how to take care of a dog!

Most here think of people with dogs as breeders not owners. That’s why they ask you about selling your dog. Another thing is people here don’t know how to take care of a dog they just get it for the winter and walk around with it trying to attract girls. Come the summer its up for sale in birds market or let loose in the streets to be hit by a car.

I wouldn’t be asking you to sell me your dog.No way and please get rid of the code thingy.whenever i type a message i have to enter a code.

my friends dog max was kidnapped last week πŸ™ hasnt been heard of since!

and didnt i tell you… you should pimp geo out once he has balls lol i can imagine him having millions of babies from different baby mamas πŸ˜›

I will be sleeping tonight, or so I think. I have exhausted the dog with running, playing, hitting, slamming, wrestling and ball catchin. my report will be out either 5 AM πŸ™ or 12:00 if God and Miki love me.

I have a tiny white Pomeranian and she’s so cute. I go walking with her sometimes around the block and many people ask if she’s for sale. One rude woman who was with her daughters in an old small car, who were all wearing ABBAYAs, asked me if I bought the dog, because she had one exactly like mine and she was stolen! Can you believe that woman! I was so insulted, and she said it out loud in public outside the supermarket. Wierdo!

Mark, how can you take Geo to Marina Crescent? I thought dogs were not allowed! I saw a sign that said no bikes, no dogs.. !

There was this guy in Jabriya, who used to walk the streets next to te co-op trying to sell his LAMA! Yes, a LAMA in Kuwait! So I am not surprised about people wanting to buy Geo. It seems it is a big business here…


We have the same problem with our saluki here in Dubai. We have been offered dh8000 which I was quite impressed with. However the minute we tell them that she was adopted from the k9 rescue they loose intrest. The bit that I find most fascinating grown men throw themselves out of their car windows to bark at her. Just don’t get it. love the lama for sale. wonder where i can get one and if it will fit in the flat. ha ha

i was walking my dog in jabriya and some seriously primitive guy decided to offer me 2kd for my beagle, he wanted it for his farm. its such an odd question

People offer me also for my dog πŸ˜€
Just today someone offered me 1000 kd :S:S
i was like i bought him for 300 kd?!
he told me he is ready to give me 1000kd πŸ˜€
(because he sees me everyday walking my day 3 times πŸ˜€ )
i told him if anyone of his family member was for sale and he got angry :D:D:D:D:D
they think of dogs(teenagers mostly)is a tool to get girls …they have no heart:)
one of my friends says that my dog is a loooooooooooot more well behaved than kuwaiti children (he’s a kuwaiti also πŸ˜€ )

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