18 12, 2018

Goodbye Geo

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For those of you who used to follow my blog in the early days, you might remember I had a dog called Geo. My ex-wife and I got him right after getting married and he was the friendliest, cutest and silliest dog ever. Everyone who met him loved him and he continued to be silly and act puppy-like even though he got older and bigger.

Four months ago we found out Geo had cancer and his condition started deteriorating rapidly ever since. A couple of days ago we sadly had to put him to sleep. He had just turned 13 last month.

For the past two years, Geo’s been living with my ex-wife in Canada where he got to experience snow for the first time, go for long walks in the forest and play fetch in beautiful green parks. I didn’t get to say goodbye, so I guess this post is my way of saying goodbye to him. I miss you stupid dog.

18 09, 2011

Dog tags

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Pet Zone in Al-Rai recently got a dog tag machine. Actually it’s a pet tag machine but I got a tag for my dog. You get to choose a tag from a variety of shapes and colors and then you tell them what you want to print on the front and back. You also get to choose the font you want and then you get to watch your tag being made. It takes around 5 minutes and costs just KD2.

I ended up going with a pink tag for my male dog because they didn’t have this shape in any other color. Once they get a blue or black I’m going to go back and get another one made. If you don’t know where Pet Zone is click [Here]

9 09, 2007

Poor Geo

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I left Geo (my dog) with my parents for one night and this is what my sister did to him! [Link]

Note: This is not the first time… [Link]

16 07, 2007

Geo is fine

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geo belgian shepherd

I have gotten a few emails from a few people who were wondering how Geo (my dog) is doing and how come I haven’t been posting about him.

Well Geo is fine, he is around a year and a half old now. He is still extremely playful and hyper and is still on the BARF diet. The reason I haven’t been posting much about him is because not many people are interested in reading about another persons dog.

I do want another dog though and it would have to be either a Saint Bernard or an Irish Wolfhound. Problem is I need a backyard with a garden which I currently don’t have meaning no second dog for now…

9 05, 2007

MacBook + Dog

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chewed macbook

Nataly came home today to find her Apple MacBook in the hallway being chewed on by Geo, or dog. I don’t know what got into his head today but for some reason he took the laptop from the living room and started chewing it. Luckily it seems he only chewed the case since the screen is still working and so is everything else meaning it shouldn’t be too costly to fix (I hope). I still don’t understand how he managed to pick up the laptop off the table and drag it to the hallway…

chewed macbook

22 04, 2007


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Its been a long time since I last posted about Geo (our dog). Geo is doing ok, he is a year and a half old but still thinks he is a 4 month old puppy who wants to play the whole time none stop. On Friday afternoons we are taking him to this desert like area so he could run around and stretch his legs. If I had a garden I would have definitely gotten another puppy, a mini Geo that way he would have someone to play with the whole time. He is so dopey.

26 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Geo

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geo belgian shepherd

Geo our dog turns one today. We didn’t know what to get him as a gift at first but in the end we settled for honey roasted turkey breast from Sultan Center. My previous dog was easier to shop for, he would like anything to do with cheese. Geo on the other hand is very picky and has no patience so his gift had to be something he doesn’t have too often but wishes he did and something that he could eat quickly. He loved his gift, I think its his favorite treat.

Geo and Friend

Yesterday Geo gave us a bit of a scare. It got really swollen under his left eye and we had to take him to the vet. Luckily it turned out to be an insect bite and nothing major. While there we saw a huge Saint Bernard and when he came towards Geo I thought he was either gonna eat him or step on him. Geo isn’t small but the Saint Bernard is just really big and heavy.

I was also checking out Geo’s breeders website and it turned out 10 days ago new puppies were born. I was really tempted on getting another one but I didn’t, if I had a garden I would probably have ordered another dog but the way things are now, one is all I have room for. Whats cool is Geo got an email from his breeders back in Belgium wishing him a Happy Birthday. Such friendly and caring people. You can check out their site but its not in English. Lots of pictures though. [Link]

9 06, 2006

The Beach

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Dog Beach

Today morning we woke up early to take Geo to the dog beach. There were 5 other dogs there today and Geo was the youngest amongst them and also the smallest size wise. All the other dogs were bigger then Geo and they spent most of the time bullying him around. There was this really cool Great Dane that was just 1 year old but like twice the size of Geo. At one point he was running towards me and it’s just the freakiest thing. I wasn’t worried he was going to attack me or anything; I was just worried he was going to run in to me, it would be like getting hit by a truck. He was really cute and I think he gave Geo the hardest time. Geo swam for the first time today but only for a few seconds. Last week he spent most of the time jumping around in the water but today we went deeper and he managed to paddle a bit before he looked like he was starting to drown which at that point I decided to carry him back to the shallow end. I didn’t get a tan since we only spent an hour at the beach but I think by the end of summer I should get some color.