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MacBook + Dog

chewed macbook

Nataly came home today to find her Apple MacBook in the hallway being chewed on by Geo, or dog. I don’t know what got into his head today but for some reason he took the laptop from the living room and started chewing it. Luckily it seems he only chewed the case since the screen is still working and so is everything else meaning it shouldn’t be too costly to fix (I hope). I still don’t understand how he managed to pick up the laptop off the table and drag it to the hallway…

chewed macbook

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you seriously need to discipline ur dog, Take him to one of those tough training schools , and u have to punish him for doing this NOW !!! , lock in a room for a couple of hours, thats an effective punishment

take off his nails

if it doesn’t work, cut off his fingers

if it doesn’t work, cut off his doghood

if it doesn’t work, shave him with a razor

Here is my analysis to what might happened:

– Geo was curious about the white Apple logo light.

– He came from behind and bites the screen with his right/left side of jaw, since his bites came across the laptop edges with no bits on the screen itself, as you can see his saliva on the upper part of the screen.

– When the screenโ€™s frame got out, he went for the frame itself; you can see his bites on the left and right side plus the upper part.

I am really sorry for Nat and i hope that fixing it won’t need that much money.

my ex dog miki made a similar but smaller mistake.
miki is ex now and he is enjoying life in a farm with no PCs and nothing to chew.

Nothing is wrong with the screen, it’s just drool on it and it came off with some windex. The main thing that was destroyed was the frame of the screen which was chewed off and some dents and scratches on the top cover which i think can be replaced. Im glad that it stopped there and my mac has been working perfectly since yesterday…

Bad Dog!

I’d fucking kill it…Okay I won’t… ๐Ÿ˜›

I’d sell him so I could pay for the repairing ๐Ÿ˜›

Yikes! My cat used to sit right smack in the middle of my books when I was studying in university. He’d chew on the edges too! I guess they know when our attention is focused on something other than them! Smart animals, I tell ya. But your story is def a like wow.

He’s looking for attention. And he probably knows the Mac gets lots of it. Maybe he was just trying to lick some attention off of it ๐Ÿ˜€

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