Friday at Salhia

Post by Mark

Friday at Salhia from Moayad Hassan

I love that area of Kuwait City even though most of it is falling apart. Lots of life.

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  1. Bader says:

    I spotted my driver!! LOL thats a cool coincidence.

  2. Patrick says:

    Interesting video, but six minutes is way too long.

  3. BuYousef says:

    Love the volunteer traffic warden. Nice video, Moayad.

  4. Nathan says:

    Pretty cool!

    For a moment I thought that metal fence read Indian hoes and bags.

    I have a special place in hell reserved for me.

  5. Adam says:

    nice vid..i just wonder what camera was he using?

  6. Fahad says:

    they should start renovating that area, its old and tacky

    • Kulsum says:

      I guess its differs from person to person how they feel about a place but I think a place which has life and character is not just about riches and show. Kuwait city is home to a lot of low income expats and they probably won’t be able to afford to stay in brand new buildings if they demolished all those old ones.

      • Gijo says:

        I agree. Kuwait is a very interesting example of multi-layered urbanism. The layers being those of ethnicity, economics, nationality, linguistics and perception. The other day i was walking around in the city and realized there are not many places where these layers converge. If you trace the the movement of the different ethnic groups in Kuwait, you can see patterns emerging which confirm a high degree of segregation. Each group experiences its own private Kuwait. I am not commenting if this is good or bad. But in Kuwait this has invariably led to the creation of ghettos and some of them are right across the street to the very fashionable areas. Every society has these layers but in successful examples they borrow from each other and interact to form a very dense and rich urban experience. I hope in the future more effort will be put into breaking away from this one-dimensional phenomenon and towards cultivating a much more fuller and fulfilling urban feel..

  7. PFunk says:

    This video makes me sad. Kuwait is just so awkward and unnatural at everything, even when it tries to forcefully play the human angle.

  8. Q8Path says:

    It’s cool :) Lovely architectural.
    The Asian call this place “Maliya” :)

  9. Sheikh the Shag says:

    Don’t we just love the smell of Salhia complex and Plaza. There’s something else about the coffee they brew over at the International mill there. It’s vaguely aphrodisiac and Viagara-esque; if you please. Still remember how completely bowled over with Salhiya complex were the King and Queen of Spain on their maiden trip to Kuwait in 1980.
    On the super rich co-habitating with the super poor cheek by jowl no place on earth could bring that out more vividly than the juxtaposition of the uber fancy Palladium Mall and Shangri La Hotel in SoBo with the surrounding ghettos populated by mill workers and their families.

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