Fried Maki

Post by Mark

Yesterday I discovered fried maki at Kei and its great! Why didn’t anyone tell me about it before? I am not a professional sushi eater so I don’t feel comfortable eating raw fish but fried is something I much more agreeable with. I had the Crispy Rolls and Prawn Tempura Maki and they were the best maki I have ever had. I would definitely recommend fried maki to any amateur sushi person.

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  1. TwaiF says:

    you should then try VOLCANO sushi at Maki Resturant its more then great! you should also try with it salmon avocado salad with extra carb on it.

  2. salma says:

    I would like to add to Twayf’s comment that for people who dont eat raw fish please try my favorite and yummy dishes at maki:the amazing fusion, california maki, tempura filo maki, crazy maki, spicy real crab sushi and the cooked dishes!!!! sooooo delicious!!

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