Halo 2 Frag Fest Round 2 Results

Post by Mark

Round 2 was a disaster, last week my team (Blue Team) lost but today we were pulverized.

Blue Team
Mark, Nibaq and Keltanen

Red Team
Ozy, Ripping Fabric and Ramsey

First Game
Red Team 50 Kills
Blue Team 9 Kills

Second Game
Red Team 50 Kills
Blue Team 8 Kills

Red Team Win

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4 comments, add your own...

  1. Shot says:

    lol mark you always lose
    Hard Luck ^.^

    and Good luck in next time

  2. fadibou says:

    mannnnnnn, at least we did 19 when we played together, now you’re telling me 3 of you got to 9 max!!!!!

  3. m says:

    hey what the–you cut off at the point where we started, well, not exactly handing you your respective asses, but at least fighting back! we got over 20 on the next one :P

  4. Patrick says:

    Yeah, that was a good match =]

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