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Hello GF1!

My new camera arrived in the mail today, the Panasonic GF1 (pictured above next to my Konica rangefinder). It’s a micro four-thirds camera which mostly means it has a larger sensor than point and shoot cameras and also has interchangeable lenses. I ordered my GF1 with the bright 20mm f1.7 prime lens and I think this will be the only lens I will be using with the camera.

The reason I got this camera is because I was looking for one that would help inspire me to take more pictures. I don’t feel comfortable carrying my D90 around everywhere and the Canon G11 picture quality was lacking compared to my D90. I think the GF1 lies somewhere in between the two.

First thing I did when I picked up my camera was pass by this place next to my house and take pictures. One of my favorite features in the camera is that it allows me to take pictures in the square format. Below are some of the pictures I took earlier today.

I purchased the Panasonic GF1 from Amazon, here is the [Link]

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it is, the GF1 isn’t a point & shoot 😉

btw i think this is going to be my first camera where i actually read the manual. the panasonic menu system is completely different from the nikon and canon ones.

I never use flash but yeah I think i am going to get the view finder. I haven’t heard a lot of positive things about the view finder but I think it just feels right framing pictures with a view finder than the rear screen.


Was planning to buy a D 90, but as you said quite bulky to carry around. This one sounds great! Which zoom lens do you recommend for this camera.

Don’t take this the wrong way but, I used to shoot for NAGE, (switching careers).. you’re photographs are not even close to good. Find a semi, nikon or leica and try to comprehend the right way to use available “light” in photons. you don’t need a fancy camera to get great pictures you need to visualize great pictures without a camera.

Picture walking down the street and you stop— kneel down— and spot a skid mark on the pavement, that picture is what we call “alive” with a story !… get it…!

Mabrook, Mark.

I’ve been thinking about a tiny DSLR (for travel), but I was leaning toward the Sony with 16mm f/2.8 (or maybe the 18-55 if the quality is good).

Save me the bother, why is this option better?

livewire: I wouldn’t recommend a zoom lens since once you add a zoom lens to the GF1 it becomes bulky and you might as well be carrying the D90 around instead. If you are getting a GF1 I would just stick with the 20mm.

T: You don’t need a fancy camera to get great pictures and I never suggested that you did yet you’re recommending I get a Leica to take better pictures? Isn’t that contradictory to what you just said? Also as a photographer you should know it’s always polite to offer constructive criticism and not just say something sucks without an explanation. If you have tips to improving my photography then please pass them to me so I can improve.

brownsuger: I am curious to what camera you are suggesting since Canon and Nikon don’t have micro four thirds cameras. They just have DSLR’s and Point & Shoots and I have a DSLR from Nikon and a P&S from Canon.

That’s very useful indeed. Thank you, Mark (and all the others). I’m more confused – so will decide after I watch the posted video reviews and search flickr for example photos.

Mark, congrats on your new GF1! 🙂
I like the square format and the color contrast of the images, kinda lomo effects.

… and thought, you color-correct them on photoshop. =)

Nice… I like a few words with the images – though I know you’ve just started it. I remember your scrap yard shots. They were fantastic, start with adding some of them 🙂

I actually want no words at all with my images, not even titles. I think it’s because I spend so much time with words on this blog I want it to be word free over there. I think I’ve had enough of words lol

btw with the scrap yard shots, I went over them recently and I didn’t like any of the shots I had taken. I actually went through my whole miskan project and didn’t like anything i saw there as well. not sure I like any of my pictures any more since so far I just like the pictures i have on stonedversion. I might need to relook things.

@Mark, I think criticism is best served COLD!.. no way to massage it!.. I mean fancy as in fully digitally packed, a semi-A leica is easier to use as a full manual also where you’re picture comes out right only if the attributes are balanced manually!..Light light light is the best advice I can give you…understand that no object has color…if you see a red apple , its actually not red, in fact, its colorless but has a hue that reflects the red spectrum, and for obvious reasons, our eyes / lens pick it up!

That can only happen if there is the right “shade” of light – warm, neutral and cool light..


T: I am really not getting you since you aren’t making any sense. First you tell me I should stop using fancy panasonic cameras and instead use Leica which is a major contradiction. Secondly you tell me a camera doesn’t make a good photographer but again you said if I want to take good photos I need to get a Leica. Then you’re tell us that we suck at taking pictures because we are using digital cameras and not film.

Could you share with us some of your photos btw?

tom: yeah actually, it was the first one i checked. practically every review i read praised the gf1 over the ep, actually don’t think i read any review that didn’t recommend the gf1 over the ep.

T sounds like a poser.
If you want criticize someones work T, you need to go into details. What didn’t you like about the photos? And, everyone is entitled to an opinion, what entitles you to superiority?

The photos Mark posted are pretty good, except for the second one (I don’t really like how its framed), but for the rest of the photos, Mark has a good eye and an interesting way of framing his photos and his post processing makes them even better.

And how about sharing some of your photos?

Same story here. Maybe we’re growing old or something but I also dont like to lug around my SLR anymore. I’m looking for a small capable replacement. Anything else I should be looking at apart from the GF1 and G11?

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