Huge Hot Wheels Collection in Kuwait

Post by Mark

A guy in Kuwait posted a video up of his room with the walls covered in Hot Wheels cars. The guy has a huge ass collection and even a life size Corvette rear end sticking out of his wall. I used to have a huge collection of Matchbox cars (and a few Hot Wheels color shifters) but had to leave them all behind during the invasion back in 1990. Sucks. [YouTube]

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  1. A.Albaz says:

    Wow, I wish I can see that room!

  2. nYx says:

    Bad ass to the core! Damn.. super Jealous…

  3. B says:

    That room is sick!

  4. Q80BOY says:

    That’s a devoted collector! Come on Mark get an interview!!

  5. Ely says:

    Very nice! I love it

  6. Hamad says:

    How bizarre!

  7. NATNOT says:

    Ohh .. This is my cousin’s room !!

  8. Haniwheels says:

    thank you Mark for posting my video on your blog , you can see more on YouTube, go to haniwheels

  9. Ronman says:

    Are all these cars onthe wall in their original package? that is sweet, i got my a small collection but this is something else.

    if youw ant to see an even sicker collection, Head to Billi Karam’s museum or show room in zouk mosbeh next time you are in Lebanon, he’s got the record for most model cars, 22,222 cars…there’s more, but he asked the people to stop counting at 22,222 as he likes nice numbers…

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