I Am Legend Kuwait

Post by Mark

My life (Spec ad) from Mubarak Almubarak on Vimeo.

The intro with the destroyed Kuwait City landscape kinda reminds me of the movie I Am Legend. Very cool effects by Kuwaiti director Mubarak Almubarak. Check out his other videos [Here]

Thanks The Knight

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  1. Patrick says:

    That’s cool, but all the buildings are empty and he’s still outside in the rain? hehe

  2. Deepak Zachariah says:

    awesome! loved the ending :)

  3. Kuwait says:

    Fantastic. The 2 kids pointing fingers was… ahhh, can relate to that so well :)

  4. Suleiman says:

    I often compare my life in Kuwait to that of the lead character in I Am Legend/The Omega Man.

    I don’t go out in the evening to avoid all the mutant zombie drivers that try to kill me, drive to work ridiculously early to avoid another species of psycho-driver.

  5. neoark25 says:

    I wrote an apocalypse zombie in Kuwait, i thought that was same as mine :p

  6. MACK says:

    pretty interesting

  7. ariston says:

    really cool! wish there’s different ending version… :)

  8. desert sky says:

    What Kuwait will look like after all the expats have left…

  9. Desert Girl says:

    Boyz got skills. :)

  10. 3azeez says:

    Very nice, I like it. Want to see more of his work!

  11. vampire says:

    that was perfected

  12. JH Films says:

    That was actually sweet. Loved the building crumbling in the shot taken from the sea. Lovely work, pretty decent CGI dude good job

  13. Tariq says:

    Here we go again…front page of the Kuwait times…”MPs BLAME EXPATS FOR CAUSING TRAFFIC JAMS”. What’s going on? A bit embarassing I think.

  14. Neo says:

    Mabrook Mubarak Al Mubarak…. Thanks for sharing your work.

    Enjoyed the Videos…

  15. Abdullah says:

    GOOD work, I wonder if they can make a good ads like that, why not creating a movie then ?

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