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I’m in FILE Magazine!

Wooohooo, this was a bit of a shock to me but today I got an email from FILE Magazine telling me one of my photos will be added to their collection. So I go to their website and their it is, my photo of the Kuwait Towers on their website.. as a featured file! Thats such a compliment since the pictures on that site are really beautiful and having one of my pictures up with them in the collection is seriously the best.

Here is a screenshot of their main page
Here is a permanant link to my picture in their file
Here is a link to FILE Magazine

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Hey Mark congratulations..The picture brings pride to any Kuwait’s mind! I check out your site sometimes twice or 3 times a day because I like to be updated on happenings in Kuwait and I love photography. I was pissed off when you stopped updating your Moblogging site and actually thought you gave up! Then I visited it recently and saw the Miskan link..good stuff. Congrats on the wedding as well!

thank you guys for the comments. this picture in the magazine made me realize something i will be discussing in my post for todays picture of the day. Now let me go write it and post it with todays picture.

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