I Need a Mandoub in My Life

Is there a company that offers a mandoub service in Kuwait? Like say I need paperwork at the Ministry done, I could pay this company a fee to do the paperwork for me.

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Mandoob 1 (company) and others individual, but you need to have POA withe their names in order for them to finish your paper work.


That sounds dangerous. Just a couple of weeks there was a story in the newspaper of a mandoub who was able to steal a million KD from the person who granted him POA.

In the POA, you have an option for the mandoob not to know any banking info, its POA from the Ministry of Justice not the bank.

so in arabic its “tawkeel” correct? cuz thats what i had to get done today and i’m gonna post the process on the blog but didnt know the english term for it.

Based on my experience, a mandoub needs to be sponsored by your company/employer in order to represent you. If not, someone can perform a mandoub’s activities, but you need to accompany them half the time.

I’m sure I read somewhere of a start up company where you can hire a mandoob to do your paper work for a fee.
Ista is a good place to start looking

Otherwise some one should open a business like that, would be very helpful.

Certain Gulf Bank customers qualify for a concierge service which includes Mandoub type services as well.

You have to go to the ministry of justice to file your power of attorney (POA)
It is written in Arabic and register with the ministry – if you do not understand Arabic they send you to a translator so you understand
It can be general like between a husband and wife or wife and son giving power to do anything
OR highly specific – such as only these ministries NOT with banks, etc.

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