Are We Getting a 7-Eleven?

No idea if this is a legit 7-Eleven or not, but its popping up in Salmiya on Salem Mubarek Street. I’m guessing its the real deal since the logo doesn’t look altered, usually copy shops alter the logo because they think they could escape copyright infringement that way. There is even an instagram account as well called @7eleven_q8 that says coming soon, although there is no way to tell if they’re connected.

Thanks Hussain

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If we can have a Ferrari, Armani and Chanel Laundry, Manchester United and FCBarcelona Saloon and even Instagram and Facebook Cafes, then pretty sure that’s a ‘legit’ 7-Eleven.

+1 Baqala or super market with another name. Go ahead and have a look, I prefer good trolleys, better spectrum to buy from, good veggies. Just anything anyone else wants.

There’s already a fake 7-11 in Mahboula, complete with the logo and everything. It’s attached to Latifa Towers, near Platinum Gym.

Meh no reason to be excited, I’ve been to a few here in the US and they’re not that great , baqalas are much more exciting

Thank you so much for this post I love your blog and seeing my latest project in it made me really happy. Thanks for your comments and I hope that you pass us by very soon
This is our Instagram account to check our latest updates @7elevenkw

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