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Internet prices at InfoConnect

Here are the internet prices for Qualitynet and KEMS from InfoConnect. They’re basically exactly the same except the 1Mbps one year price for Qualitynet is slightly more expensive than KEMS. Also with KEMS you have a setup and router fee with Qualitynet you don’t.

Annual subscribers will be eligible to:
1. Winner of the draw will get four round trip tickets to any destination in the world.
2. A draw on a trip to attend Real Madrid FC vs FC Barcelona match Prize includes two round trip tickets to Madrid, 3 nights hotel accommodation, and two match tickets
3. A draw on a trip to attend Manchester United vs. Chelsea FC matc: Prize includes two round trip tickets to Manchester, 3 nights hotel accommodation, and two match tickets

Every annual subscription is eligible for one scratch and win card:
1. 4 Mbps Annual Subscription
2. Second place: 1Mbps Annual Subscription
3. Third place: 512Kbps Annual Subscription

Scratch and win coupon for the following prizes:
1. 1TB External HD
2. iPads
3. Cash of 100 to 1000KD
4. Money back

If there is a mistake above please tell me about it. Also I don’t have the Fasttelco prices so if someone has them please share them with me.

Update: Here are the Fasttelco prices

Update2: A reader set me the following email

Regarding the ISP prices… I’ve been a Mini-DSL QNet (4 Mbps) last year.. Now its 357 or something like that. I got a call from them today (expiry today), and they gave me an offer I couldn’t resist (258 for 4mbps). I took it.

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Damn it! Its actually more expensive than last year. They dont revise the prices the whole year and this is what we get? Last year I got 2-4Mbps for 235KD if I remember correctly and this year the same amount gets me only 2Mbps.

The fact that their prices tally so closely shows how they are cooperating behind the doors to eliminate the competition we were seeing in previous year or two and trying to monopolize the market.

The ‘monopolizing scheming’ can be utterly ruined if a majority of consumers get together and choose just one ISP of the three.

I paid 209 KD for a 3-4 Mbps connection from Qualitynet, was hoping to get a better deal on a renewal this year but looks like that’s a pipe dream.

Most of the ISP deals come out during the Summer, the InfoConnect prices are always higher than the summer season. I remember last year I upgraded to the 2MBPS at the price of the 1MBPS which was roughly around 149KD I have a few months left until my renewal therefore I will sit these prices out.

With regards to KEMS scratch and win card, what’s the point in giving an annual subscription when your already buying one?????

Was waiting for this day for a long time and now it turns out that the prices went up. No upgrade of speed for me now.

Last year I read in the newspaper that the Parliament or Government was proposing to establish a new internet shareholding company to create more competition between the internet companies. Anyone else heard that?

wait till week end…. coz some close source tld dat they will reduce the price real down… 1 mb gonna b 70kd or something like dat… am widout net for a week now… hope the prices comes down!

I need a dsl connection (1MB) for only one month. My Fastelco one is expering and they offered 59 KD for one month, anyone knows a better deal for one month?

One of the managers at qualitynet flat out told me that the companies had all agreed to raise the prices instead of offering competitive prices. Then he looked at me lately and said ” that is the market here.” They just want our 1000 kd. It is shameful on their part and shameful that our government is too busy squabbling amongst themselves to regulate this.

i guess the ISP’s want a share of the 1000 KD we’re all getting.

Seriously, my friend lives in KSA, and he’s paying a “fraction” of what we’re paying.

el mafrooth the useless “majlis el khamah” pass a resoltion to establish a new ISP company.

BTW, Fastteleco are what i use and are consistently better than

So its a ISP Game am so sorry to see this but if all people looked for another solution its not just a ISP Game, i didn`t for a once think of using 3G but For SURE i will now untill these 1000 eaters companies reduce their prices and go back normal, i pay that much for a DSL and during the day my torrent download only reach 20 KB/sec ???? from a reputable tracker with 1000+ seeder come one really FastTelco Seriously ?

I have been considering swapping ISP at home from VIVA to either Kems or Qnet because the signal at home is too low and I often lose connection, any suggestions as to which one is the lesser evil for DSL?

I used to live in Shaab, and my Qnet was awesome and so was my VIVA. I moved to Hateen and now VIVA is so bad I had to return the device to have it checked out, unfortunately the customer service rep was very unpolite. I am not bashing anyone because I don’t want to get sued or anything like that but I am thinking of canceling VIVA and just using DSL.

My brother had mini dsl from quality net last sept. 4 MB for almost 205 kd. The offers now is much more expensive.

Wish MOC would change the cable in my area al Adan block 2 to fiber 🙁

Maximum speed my house’s cable could handle is 128kbps

Does Qualitynet have a double bandwidth offer for the first three months as they used to have during the last year

Quality net is crappy.
I like KEMS. At least in my case, the customer service is great.
First its the telecom companies (monopoly) and now the ISPs. Enough guys! Just keep your last year prices at least!

hey guys im thinking to buy dsl and i just got info about the highest internet speed in kuwait and guess what ? its from Qnet the one and only isp thats provide you with a 48mbps !!! and its from qnet the baddest and worest and slowest isp from what i heard/read on net so far from 10 mars till now all negative replys to q net dunno why atm im using zain e-go more than sucks for 13.5kd my lil bro got viva router and its has more download cap and more download speed around 4mbps on so im open to all comments advices i mostly play a USA Online Game Called Shaiya its massive pvp need more than e-go if u ask me

isp in kuwait Mada Communications Co. (Formally Arab Tel.)

Gulfnet Communications Co.

Fast Telecommunication Co. W. L. L.

Gulfnet International/Kuwait Electronic Messaging Services (KEMS)

Quality Net Gen. Trade. & Cont. Co. W. L. L.

any advise? well be app united network is mada up there i hard they provide u with satellite connection i want max speed like 48mbps of qnet

and i dunno if my area al-adin covered with that fibre optics. thingy im too lazy to call and check

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