iOS 5.1 fixes annoying phone number problem

Post by Mark

If you didn’t know already, Apple last night released an update to iOS 5. Among other things the update fixes the issue where sometimes the phone wouldn’t recognize the caller. So upgrade your phone to the latest version to fix that problem.

Update: With the 5.1 update Siri now can make phonecalls!

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  1. NO.22 says:

    Mark can you please provide a detailed post on how to get the reminders on leaving and arriving home to work. I tried what you posted earlier but couldn’t seem to get it to work.

  2. Ahmed G says:

    Done :)

  3. AJ says:

    Also, you can now delete pics from the photostream…. :-) randomly checked for updates last night and luckily it was available..i’m so glad to have the phone no. problem fixed :-)

  4. wt says:

    You should mention that there is no jailbreak for 5.1 for A5 devices and the current jailbreak for non-A5 devices on 5.1 is a tethered one so people shouldn’t upgrade unless they’re ok with losing all their jb stuff or being tethered if on a non-A5 device.

    • Mark says:

      who would be cheap enough to jailbreak an iphone or ipad to avoid buying 99cents apps?

      • BB says:

        +1 to that Mark!

      • Ab7ag says:

        -1 so ur back to +1

      • wt says:

        I didn’t think you were one of the ignorant people.
        Jailbreaking doesn’t mean stealing apps. Cydia doesn’t have any cracked apps. Installous does. The developers behind the various jailbreakinfg tools are against installous and getting cracked apps. I don’t have installous on my device and I still buy apps from the App store and also buy apps and tweaks from Cydia that you can’t find on the App store.

        • AFB says:

          It’s okay wt,
          don’t waste your breath trying to justify jailbreaking. If some people think it’s “cheap” to jailbreak, then they just don’t have the mental capacity to fully understand its purpose.

          It’s 2012 people. Know your facts. Don’t make assumptions.

        • Ferrari 1st says:

          Finaly they solved the problem.
          BTW mark, the first iPhone didn’t have app store and when developers jailbroke it and made some apps apple copied the idea and this is where app store started.
          I don’t jailbreak my iPhone/iPad but it doesn’t mean getting free apps. It meant u can utilize ur device to the max and you jeopardize your device safety

      • Mark says:

        I take my comment back. I figured people jail broke to install pirated apps.

        • wt says:

          A lot of people do use it primarily for that so you’re not completely wrong.

        • BAJS says:

          Jailbreaking allows you to do a lot of stuff you can’t normally do. We had notification centers before Apple made them for iOS 5.0, we had tethering before Apple officially made it, we even had multitasking before Apple implemented it.

          But now I see less of a need to jailbreak in comparison to the days of iOS 3.0 lol.

          • wt says:

            True, Apple have implemented a lot of ideas from the jailbreak community but I still jailbreak. IntelliScreenX alone is worth it! (others might prefer LockInfo)

        • desert sky says:

          Why are some people against downloading pirated apps yet they have no problem downloading torrents. Hypocritical much?

  5. Blushberry says:

    Also siri problem when u ask them to call someone is fixed

  6. Ab7ag says:

    اوكي مارك انت الفهلوي..ثانكس الوت مارك

  7. iTango says:

    thanks much / lovely..

  8. Joe says:

    How is iOS5 on iphone 4 and ipad2? Any issues on iphone 4, like slowdown or other downsides?

    • wt says:

      Upgrade. You won’t regret it!

      • wt says:

        I’ve tried it myself on an iPhone 4 and it wasn’t slow or anything. You get some nice new features. I’m sure the iPad 2 will handle it even better because it has an A5 chip while the iPhone 4 has an A4 chip

  9. Kliffy77 says:

    The battery life on the 4S is miserable some say 5.1 fixis this issue I guess it remains to be seen.

  10. Joe says:

    How about on 3GS?

  11. Fady says:

    Did anyone feel any battery improvement?

  12. Yo says:

    I want to upgrade my I need to sync my apps 1st? I only have all my apps dl on my phone…or will all my apps b there after the upgrade?

  13. C says:

    Got my Iphone 4S on friday. I personally feel siri isnt great and isnt of much assitance. I am not an American and cant fake my accent for it to understand. It totally makes my wife’s name something else and the battery life is HORRIBLE! Let me know if any of you come up with a fix to the battery issues.


  14. C says:

    ohh forgot to mention.. The only good thing about the Iphone 4s i purchased was the price.. I got it for a goood deal. KWD 155 on with a one year software warranty.

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