Problems with iOS 5 in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I updated my iPhone to iOS 5 and noticed a really annoying problem. I have the majority of my numbers stored with the country code +965 in front of them. But, I noticed a problem today which seems to be a common problem other people are facing as well. If you have a phone number saved with +965 in the front and that person is on your same mobile network, when they call you their number will appear without the +965 in front of it and iOS 5 won’t connect that number with the number you have saved. For example:

My iPhone has a Viva line. When Nat calls me from her Viva number I only see 55XXXXXX on my screen and not her name. When she calls me from her Zain line I see her name.

If anyone knows a solution to this problem please post it below. From the little information I was able to find online it seems either the mobile operators will have to send us a carrier update or it’s a fix which Apple will have to release.

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  1. Th.haba says:

    I updated mine too but didn’t face this problem, everything looks fine so far…

  2. Throy says:

    I updated mine too, didn’t have this problem at all -.-

  3. Ali Shamsah says:

    i have the same problem with numbers saved in international format ..
    i had it since iOS 5.0 beta 1 ..
    i waited thinking it might be fixed in later versions but was still the same ..
    all my numbers are in international format ..
    some shows names and some numbers ..
    on all mixed carriers ..
    in the iOS 5.0 GM update i also had the same problem ..
    so i reported this bug to apple ..
    so please if you know any iPhone developers ..
    ask them to submit this bug so it could be fixed asap ..
    maybe with a new 5.0.1 update ..
    since we can update OTA it will be an easy fix ..

    • Rakan says:

      I’m on Wataniya, same issue, but only from Wataniya numbers.

      My friend is on the same carrier but he gets my caller ID even though he has my number with +965

      Bug report submitted to Apple.

      For now all you can do it as the same number without +965 in the same contact till a fix comes out.

      Did you get a bug update?

  4. Kal says:

    Could it be iMessage doing that? See, when you go to Settings then Messages then try to add a new email in the Received At, when you reach a place to choose your region for local numbers recognition, Kuwait isn’t there, could that be the problem?

  5. Majed664 says:

    I have the same problem :(
    Anyone can help

  6. Tareq says:

    Might be a carrier thing I’m on Wataniya and I just changed all my contacts and added +965 everything works fine now

  7. Da Keeem says:

    That’s an old issue that I always faced coz the iPhone doesn’t really recognize the last 7 or 8 digits like other brands… have to make sure that the contact is saved the same way that appears on your screen when the person calls you or when you dial the number….Jailbreak had a fix for it

  8. Eli says:

    I have the same problem and I have a viva line. Hope they’ll fixe it soon.

  9. Eli says:

    Actually Mark I am having another problem. I cannot back up with iCloud! It’s telling me there is a problem backing up now come back later! I have Been trying to back up since afternoon still nothing yet. Anyone having the same prob? Thx for this post

  10. Ahmed Hassan says:

    It’s only can be fixed by cydia .
    You have to install CALLER ID-Format Fix from Cydia
    I test it and its working.

  11. fawaz says:

    man i went crazy all day searching for an answer! thought i was alone!

    please let us know what u find out

  12. cajie says:

    I am on Zain and almost all numbers are with +965 prefix. My wife (also on Zain) called me and it shows her name correctly.
    It may be a Viva thing?

  13. Q8Path says:

    I got the same problem with VIVA. I think it’s from VIVA.
    There are still couple of bugs. Also some of the settings don’t include Kuwait as a region.

  14. Mo says:

    viva wataniya & zain, all having same probs. all my contacts have +965 as prefix. i have my contacts syncd with gmail using google sync. worked like charm with iOS4. now i called myself from home & it shows (Home). My line is zain, i called myself from my wife’s phone (zain too) & it didn’t show her name. so i figured that either with google sync, or with blackberry since they’ve been having probs. i called myself again from my work’s mobile (wataniya) & it showed the full caller ID. randomly i checked, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. there’s an option under settings > phone > international assist. i tried on/off same results. fair to say it’s a bug.

  15. meh says:

    Android is the solution.

  16. Jotkat says:

    No issues here, both me and my wife are on zain, she calls and my updated iphone shows her name just fine, I do have a +965 prefix on her number..

    I think it is a viva problem, most replies from zain users here say its fine

    • Mark says:

      On my twitter I’m the only one on viva facing this issue, the rest are with zain and Wataniya so it’s a global issue and not a carrier one

  17. Jacqui says:

    Had this issue since Beta 1 it’s weird not sure what the solution would be there is however an option in Settings – Phone – International Assist I have mine on maybe that’s the problem?

    • Mark says:

      nope tried that and everything else, nothing would fix it. For now i only have this issue with one number so i just removed the +965 from it, easiest fix right now.

      • Mo says:

        removing the +965 would cause SMS to not work properly & iMsg. Syncing contacts with iCloud also didn’t fix the prob. I’ve heard & been reading that it’s global problem, a fix on the way via iTunes.

        • essdee says:

          Correct – when you take off the +965 fixes the call issue, but then it affects sms to that number and there’s no way you know whether the sms has been received or not. we only discovered it when friends were comparing the ios5 functions. Very irritating. These geeks can never get it right the first time…what happened to user testing this stuff first!!

  18. Rommel says:

    This will be fixed once you update that you need to store the numbers in ‘Kuwait’ format. This can be done in the settings of contacts.

    Hope it helps!!!

  19. Ali Shamsah says:

    Apple emailed me back with instructions to follow ..
    i have to download some APP and run it while iPhone is connected ..
    it will gather some information from the iPhone and save is as a file ..
    and they will look into it ..

    hope it helps and get fixed in 5.0.1 update ..

  20. aMo says:

    I have the same prob. Its def the iOS issue and not carrier. Last year I remember using a software or an app that modifies your nos by adding or removing the country codes and updating your contact list. Have to search it out again if there is something for the iOS5. Or do it one by one.

  21. Keith says:

    Yup! Have the same issue with my iPhone too. Hope there is a fix soon.

  22. ABF says:

    Try to change from 0095 to +965 OR vice versa.
    Thats all.

  23. q8n says:

    Settings > General > International >
    Region Format : Australia

    Save all numbers with +965 first

  24. Bader says:

    Same problem here .. Reported this bug to apple dev. At beta 3 and they replay thay noted this bug and they will fix it in original release .. They did not. There is a fix in cydia OR save your contacts in 2 format int. and local .. Realy this sucks.

  25. Marzouq says:

    Ah… Android! lol

  26. 7amood says:

    btw, have you heard of this ‘find my friends’ app? just heard of it yesterday.. i think its creepy.

  27. 3zizAlW says:

    This is not a problem.
    Delete the contact and add the new contact with the same number with +965.

  28. noxy says:

    I believe this problem is with Viva line only ,, im facing it on my phone while others on other carriers didnt face , something related with Viva caller ID relation with ios 5 .. it is very annoying . also it is not happenning to all contacts on my list .. the only temp solution now is to dupplicate all the infected numbers one with +965 and the other without +965 ,, i believe also turning numbers to 00965 will never fix the problem as it will cause both messages and call not to work properly .. i heard that some carriers in other countries are suffering the same problem , this will help because apple will include the fix in the upcoming ios ,, numbering format in the contacts also sucks .. and no way to change it now .. kuwait region is not included in any of the new features such as i-messages and others .. icloud needs lots of fixes for not duplicating the contacts when toggle off – on .. overall ios 5 looks promising but needs a lot of solid enhacements .. good luck to all bros

  29. QABAQ says:

    Same issue here with Wataniya. This sucks. Am glad iPhone is my second phone. Go Blackberry :p

  30. Tahhan says:

    Same problem with me iPhone4 + iOS5, Zain Kuwait user. 
    All my contacts are with international code prefix. 
    I tried to identify the problem:
    – zain #s have no issue. 
    – dialing Wataniya or Viva, names will not appear (as caller ID or while dialing).  
    – landlines like Salmiya are working, but Kuwait city are not. 
    – commercial #s like 18XXXXX are not working too.  

    During my googling I found a post talks about updating “the carrier setting”, I did that for zain.ipcc but also no success. 
    I don’t think it is carrier issue, I strongly think it’s iOS issue. .

  31. ! says:

    Me and my wife have got the same exact problem. I hope Apple come up with a solution asap.

  32. ma7 says:

    same problem here since iOS5 beta1, my line is Zain.
    One question to the pple facing the same issue, are you using google sync (gmail) to sync your contacts?

  33. Mubi says:

    Hi! Though i dont face the prob mentioned above, but when i find a contact and try to send text msg in the msgs it doesn’t show the name of the person but only her num.

    • YousefQ25 says:

      Thats cause you did not save that persons number with a +965 for Kuwait or any other code! If you did save it as 00965 or didn’t save at all you’ll get that problem

  34. Ahmad says:

    Same problem here. Got fed up and downgraded to 4.3.5.

  35. 3zizAlW says:

    Sorry about earlier post..
    What to do? Just save the +965 number and normal number, everything will be ok.
    I havr the same problem ;p

  36. madman says:

    Overall how is it?

  37. BAJS says:

    Working fine here, on wataniya but I don’t have any of my numbers with +965 infront of them.

  38. Abeer says:

    since it has been two days .. take it easy it will be solved ..
    for the time being try playing with the following options:

    1.changing your international region option

    2.go to Settings -> Phone
    Is your International Assist set to ON?
    It needs to be OFF..

    3. if still doesn’t work ..OR in some mobiles you don’t have international assist … then your carrier does not support. we still didn’t figure our with carries fault is it Yet

    4. last but not least if all the above don’t work then the old ration way is the best way .. back you your phone..reset all setting that should fix the problem … i have friend who had the same issue with 4 when is came out .. this step solved it.

    if your interested in what apple solution for the problem is visit this link ..

    which at the end says it is a carrier problem if all issues fail specifically in their caller ID option.

    hope this helps

    • noxy says:

      Niether of all your suggetions will work Abeer .. even a full system restore will not work .. i did eveything with my phone .. seems to be a carriers problem with ios 5 ,, moreover kuwait region is not included to be bundled with apple id in any new service .. this may may describe why did this conflict happen

  39. État d'Or says:

    Try going to Settings -> General -> About and wait a few seconds. A carrier update notification bubble will show up. Accept the terms and you’re good to go. (You might need to kill the Phone & Messages apps though).

  40. Khaled says:

    I’m on Wataniya, and my wife is on Wataniya. My wife has me saved with +965 and called me from her iphone and it showed caller ID. My friend with Wataniya called me from a Nokia without +965 and it didn’t show up on caller ID but called me from his iPhone with Zain and +965 and it did show up on caller ID. Is it possible it has to do with the non-iphones without +965?

  41. saud says:

    I am from Oman; and updated 2 days ago and also facing same problem. Some contact numbers appear and some don’t. i tried all the tips mentioned above but nothing worked.

    Hope someone gets us a solution

    • abubasim says:

      Same problem here. I’m also in Oman. All my contacts are stored with the +968 prefix. Incoming calls from other mobile phones are shown correctly with name if I have the number stored, but incoming calls from landline numbers always show up as a number. I can get the contact name displayed if I remove the +968 prefix from the contact entries but I rather wait for Apple to release a fix for this, or SWITCH TO ANOTHER PHONE!

  42. Saleh Marafi says:

    The issue is not only +965 – this could be solved with removing the +965 from the numbers that you have a problem with until apple find a solution,

    my issue is that if you have the number without +965 and you get a msg from this number, you won’t see the name, so for me some numbers i need to choose either to see their names when calling and not seeing the name when they text me. or the opposite.

    it is really strange.

  43. État d'Or says:

    Well, in the time being you can add the number with international code (+965) AND the same number without the international code (+965) to the same contact.

    This will make both phone and messages show ID until we figure out how to solve the problem.

  44. Eli says:

    All incoming numbers from Zain are showing the caller id but whenever it’s from Wataniya or viva numbers it’s not working

  45. Q80-Devil says:

    Change region to Virgin Islands :P

  46. Kai H. says:


    I am living in Maldives and face the same problem. Tried everything, switched off iCloud, sync done over iTunes etc…..not working
    Country code here is +960 …..
    All text messages are recognized but calls are only shown without the country code….

    Hope it will be solved soon.

  47. Ahmed says:

    I’m facing the same problem, for me, my wife and all of my friends having iphone upgraded to ios 5, and it is not just for a specific mobile numbers for a specific operator, it is among all operators. For example, some of my friends with Viva operator numbers are shown as numbers when they call me, and others on Viva operator also are shown by their contact names when they call me. The same applies for my other contacts on the other operators. It is not an issue with the mobile operators, I think will require an immediate update from Apple to the ios 5.

    I’m facing also many other

  48. Ahmed says:

    I’m facing the same problem, for me, my wife and all of my friends having iphone upgraded to ios 5, and it is not just for a specific mobile numbers for a specific operator, it is among all operators. For example, some of my friends with Viva operator numbers are shown as numbers when they call me, and others on Viva operator also are shown by their contact names when they call me. The same applies for my other contacts on the other operators. It is not an issue with the mobile operators, I think will require an immediate update from Apple to the ios 5.

    I’m (and my friends also) are facing many other Problems, such as loss of photos and media after the upgrade, personal hotspot issues, apps on the cloud, and others, but the one above for the incoming calls is the most important and annoying one for all of us.

  49. Fatma says:

    My iOS5 is on for 3 days now and Am on Wataniya and it’s working just fine.. E7em so far 😁

  50. NK says:

    I started to feel that the IOS 5 issue is hitting only ZAIN customers!

    I am a ZAIN customer and always used international format to save contact in address book by using (+965) as country code before the number. Now when I get a call from someone who is on ZAIN network and I have saved the number as ” +965 99999999″ The name of the contact is displayed but if someone from other networks call I get only the number though the number is saved in the same format “+965 66666666” and the issue is same with the land line numbers too.

    Seems that ZAIN adds “+965” prefix when routing calls between their local network but do not adds the prefix when the calls are routed In or Out from other network and landline is considered a separate network.

    I did the same exercise using the wataniya network and found that all the calls are displaying names on wataniya network and even on the calls those are routed In or Out of Wataniya network.

    Can someone on VIVA confirm this theory?

    • Firas says:

      NK: I’m on Wataniya. When I receive calls from a Zain contact, Caller ID works properly. However, when I receive calls from another Wataniya contact, Caller ID doesn’t work. In both cases the contacts have +965. If I remove the prefix from the Wataniya contact they’re identified correctly by Caller ID.

      Everyone please submit a bug report here so that hopefully Apple will release a quick patch for this:

  51. Wael says:

    I am on Zain no contact name is showing. all numbers are internationally formatted

  52. Linoy says:

    I updated mine.. same problem for me also. I’m from Oman

  53. aaa says:

    This is why I never update to a new iOS until people beta test it for me :P

  54. Avay says:

    I have the exact same Problem
    I am using ZAIN….
    This is annoying :@

  55. JOJO says:

    Hi i had the same problem the way to fix this is to go to general >>International>> > select arabic let it chage the format then go back and select US again. this will fix the problem,,,,,


  56. Rahman says:

    me too have the same problem,,, i m tired of ios 5, i wish to downgrade my phone to old version….

  57. Pinot says:

    I’m with Zain. This problem started on June when Apple released the iOS 5b. Fixed in beta 5 & 6. Then reappeared in 7. I was hoping the GM or the final release will fix the problem, but unfortunately the problem still exist.

    Already sent the problem to
    Hope they will fix it ASAP through the official operator update (Zain & Viva).

  58. S says:

    please let me know if there is a solution!

  59. Guccilious says:

    hi dear mark this is picture link :
    how : setting,phone,International Assist (ON) and you number +965 not 00965 also Contact should be set as +965 xxxxxxxx hope that well solve your problem and Others have a good day .

  60. Guccilious says:

    Notice: I have just tried to put al wataniya sim card in the same iphone imessage is not working from the operator or myebe needed new sim card,but is working with me with other operator Zain and Viva.
    thank you

    • Firas says:

      iMessage working fine for me with my Wataniya SIM. Only tested it with one person who’s using a Zain phone though.

      • Guccilious says:

        Mr firas good for you , but still I’m trying to figure out what is going on or what is missing thank you writing back, for other to have the benefit .

    • Mark says:

      iMessage works only from iOS 5 to iOS 5. Make sure the number u r sending to has +965

      • Q8-Banker says:

        There seems to be a problem with Apple ID working with iMessage, my account is linked to USA and so far my friends with Kuwait linked Apple ID can’t seem to get iMessage to link with the Phone #.

        It’s really weird but Apple’s bug forum is full of people complaining they can’t link iMessage with their Phone #.

  61. Ferrari 1st says:

    Same here ..

    Any update ??

  62. Kai H. says:

    It is not a provider issue, people facing the same problem in any different countries…..

  63. ITunesq8 says:

    It’s not a carrier problem, already emailed apple and it will be fixed in two- three weeks in a new update..

    • Zoran says:

      I am in Botswana and tested on two networks (Mascom and Orange) within 2 minutes without changing any settings. It works on Orange and does not work on Mascom!

      We can say that it is carrier based, but the issue was not there with iOS4. So there is something Apple did in iOS5 that broke this.

      It is Apple’s move now…

  64. M. Matrouk says:

    A lot of us have the same problem where Contacts can’t recognize the number without its area code, however; the new iMessages will require numbers with their area code to place a free SMS across ios 5 users. I was wondering if someone has already reported this problem to Apple!


  65. D says:

    Kuwait is a region
    Settings > General > International > Region Format > Arabic > Kuwait.

    But the issue with this is tht everything flips to arabic instead of english.

  66. Mirtos says:

    Regards from Cyprus, same problems here, definitively not a carrier issue but apples bug instead … awaiting the resolutions where in the meantime I am adding all not recognized contacts both in the +357 99XXXXXX and 99XXXXXX …

  67. Talal says:

    here is the solution
    restart your iphone!!.
    worked for me!!.

  68. sulaiman says:

    talal its either you work for cain or quality net

    they are the 2 companyes who invented the restart your computer or mobile

    and guess what it just didn’t work

  69. Mukesh says:

    If yr phone is jailbroken, there is an app named ‘ caller ID format fix’ in cydia. Install it. It worked for me.

  70. Mujaini(Oman) says:

    If you are on a jailbreak download this from cydia:

    Caller ID Fix Format 4.x

    From this source (add it to cydia):

    Then reboot device
    Re-jailbreak again (by doing reboot now in redsnow)

    And try it

    It has worked for me

    Please inform if it works for you

  71. diwakarp says:

    I have iPhone 4 (factory unlocked) with ios 5 and i tried your process but its not worth doing it.. Actually the problem is I bought this iphone from Kuwait and i am using at Nepal on Nepal Telecom (NTC). When i bought it doesn’t have facetime.. i activate FT with repo, And with all the process i did as you described as it is wildcard activated.. But i didn’t get the results. Please help me and there is another problem i am facing is caller ID problem. As i have save my contacts number as this 9841353535, when this number calls it shows the name of it and when i get sms from this number i just see the number with my country code +977-9841353535.. i do not see his name just number… Please help me Xsellize i know you guys and i have following since long.. and i hope to get reply from you soon.. with some soulutions…. Thank you for the software that you have provided coz in Nepal we do not apps store neither we can buy from any means.. Thank you so much ………………………… :)

  72. Tahhan says:

    Buying the iPhone from Kuwait and using it in Nepal is not an issue at all. I bought my iPhone from UK (factory unlocked) and i’m using it in Kuwait as Zain user, the FT is working perfect since day 1.
    And I’m suffering from the caller ID issue.

  73. F says:

    I woke up this morning to find missed calls from contacts previously appearing as numbers only and now with name/identity! I really haven’t done anything I read all the posts but didn’t apply anything anyone said.. So I have no idea how it worked! Just thought its strange and I’d share it with u!

  74. Mujaini(Oman) says:

    Has anybody tried my solution?
    I did it on many iphone 4 and it worked perfect in Oman.

    Good luck to all

  75. Eng Mehanna says:

    well i got the same issue,
    the problem is if the fone is without +965 Whatsapp doesnt read the names, but the fone does. and also vice versa. so in my case, for the numbers im in constant contact with i saved 2 numbers, 1 with +965 and 1 without, and that preety much solved it for me…

  76. Shehab says:

    Some people who are using Verizon in Europe said that they fixed the problem by doing the following:

    – Delete the iCloud account from the iPhone without deleting contacts stored on the device.
    – Backup the iPhone
    – Reset the iPhone to factory settings.
    – Restoring the backup
    iCloud tried to come back but they deleted it again.
    The contacts and previous phone number begin to work

    Verizon Support informed the users that it seems as a known issue with iCloud

    I Didn’t try it yet, but people confirmed that it’s fixing the problem.

  77. TechFreak says:

    Like many, i have had and still do have that problem with the Called ID, and contacts. I have updated all my devices to IOS 5 (Ipad 2, 3GS, and Iphone 4). I am a Zain user, and my wife is a Watania user. All our devices have the same problem(s)listed here but that didn’t bother me as much until i bought my new iphone 4S. I bought the phone strictly for Siri, and now Siri is unable to make outgoing calls in Kuwait, and that just drove me crazy! Whether you add or remove the Kuwait’s country code prefix (+965), whether you have international assist on or off, Siri keeps saying sorry, “I can’t call” i tried all my contacts, i tried every number, then i gave up, Siri just won’t call any number in Kuwait and that is a SHAME! The other day however, i tried calling a friend in Lebanon, and shockingly, Siri called that number without a problem?! So i guess this issue goes back to the contacts, because Lebanon’s prefix is (+961) and usually numbers that has a (1) before the number are us numbers and Siri does recognize that.

    I reported this issue using the link in this forum. I encourage those with the same problem to report the bug, or tell us if there’s a solution (NOT A JAILBREAK SOLUTION!).

  78. TechFreak says:

    Imessage Problems,

    To send an Imessage to someone you must include the country code prefix +965 for example in your contacts (free between Apple users). if you don’t do that you will be sending a normal SMS message at normal carrier charges.

    Try sending a message to your one of your contacts with and without, you will notice the difference (read the fine print and you will notice that it displays Imessage when you add the country code, and it will diplay message when you don’t include the country code).

    Hope this helps.

  79. sephong says:


  80. Abeer says:

    its been ages since my last post on iPhone … and i haven’t been following whats being said … mashalaha many replays and feedback on the matter ..

    anyways .. to make the long story short….. I FIXED IT …..

    I am in my trial period now … the solution has to do with iCloud and your apple ID … they have to be mirror image of each other apart from the +965 (with is need to activate iMessage) the solution is in your iCloud account ..

    i have 3 iPhones and i use all three (3gs..4 and 4s) i played around with syncing options and fixed it… in my case i have to have one phone that has i cloud right because i have a double trouble.. apart from having an iTunes id .. i have an iCloud id and i alos have a mobil me old account which i can’t seem to have in sync with the cloud and i tunes Ids… so until apple figures out a way to merge User IDs am gone have to back up and synch three different account and thats where the number problem starts and that where you get to see people emails showing in sms instead of numbers swell….

    will update on easier solution which i don’t think exists …

  81. ALFRAHI says:

    Install CallerID-Format Fix iOS 5.x from Cydia and it will fix this problem.

  82. Eli says:

    Any1 having problems with the mic during phone calls only?
    I am able to record with a sound but only during calls ppl cannot hear me ! I started having this issue yesterday. Thx

  83. Nathan says:

    For those hoping this is fixed in 5.0.1……nope

  84. Yousef says:

    My GOD apple, i can’t BELIEVE how much of a SHITTY job these guys are doing after the old man passing away..!!?

    seriously, its a SIMPLY prefix issue and they didn’t seem to bother with it since the first iOS 5 beta ONE!!?

    and now iOS 5.0.1 AND STILL THE PROBLEM EXSIST :(

  85. Blaise Braganza says:

    I updated my phone to iOS 5.0.1 last night and
    I have a new problem my phone always goes
    On edge which was not happening before
    And the old problem is not solved as yet so
    I have ended with two problems now

  86. Ahmad says:

    I just restored the iPhone with the iOS 5.01 downloaded from the following site ( and the caller id issue was resolved. Just set it up as a new phone and your good to go.

    • Ahmad says:

      Just upgraded my iPhone 4 using the same method and the bug is still there. so it seems they solved it on the 3GS but not the iPhone 4

    • YousefQ25 says:

      i just used that method on my iPhone 4. As soon as the restore procedure is done, i checked this issue and it looked as though it was restored..! i was excited at first but the minute i used iCloud to restore my contacts, the problem came back again :(.

  87. Arvee917 says:

    5.1 didnt fix the problem.. Maybe its the carriers that has the problem?

  88. Ahmad says:

    iOS 5.0.1 contact bug

    at least american customers are complaining now. May be apple will do something about it. I am so sick of the situation even contemplating getting an android.

  89. Lola says:

    I wanna ask Wataniya customers, are u facing any network issues or getting an issue from iTunes when you connect your iPhone for an update saying an error called 1630 and that iTunes could not update carrier settings? after I updated to 5 and 5.01 I cannot seem to use my pone with anyone and the network is so bad that i cannot have any voice calls. and iTunes won’t update my carrier settings. Please help. Thank you.

  90. Saleem says:

    just Upgraded to 5.0.1 , still have the same problem :(

  91. Saleh says:

    I have the same problem, on Wataniya, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference from which operator I get the call as long as the caller is stored with the +965 prefix!

    Really A pitty, it’s a phone, was the coolest phone, and now it’s becoming an irritating one, I mean this is the number 1, no! the number 0 function that a phone must do…. “to get calls right”
    what kind of a “smart” phone can’t recognize callers with a prefix that was set half a century ago!!!!??? I hate to see this happening

    What makes this worse is that jailbreakers are able to solve it somehow!

  92. Rakan says:

    Good news all! I can confirm that iOS 5.1 beta fixes this issue.

  93. Ruzsb says:

    How are you able to confirm? Do you have access to 5.1?

  94. Ahmad says:

    I can confirm that 5.1 resolves the caller ID issues. Everything is back to normal in terms of contacts recognition with or without country code.

    It is just a matter of time of time for the final release to go public

  95. Ahmed says:

    I can confirm that 5.1 beta 2 still resolves the caller ID issues. Everything is back to normal in terms of contacts recognition with or without country code.

  96. Tuan says:

    did u solve this problem?

  97. Foxi says:

    i had very nice internet befor the update for broadcast gaming on twitch after the update…..can’t boradcast theres a problem and every time i call them i find a dumb guy and every time i call to find a guy know about this i find more stupied…help :(

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