My iPhone 4S is shipping!

Post by Mark

For those of you who aren’t aware, you can order the new iPhone 4S from the UK Apple Store online. I didn’t post about this earlier since I wanted to make sure it would actually work but I just checked the status of my order and it’s getting ready to ship so it’s working. That’s how I ordered my iPhone last year as well, the cost is decent around KD227 for the 16GB and you just have it ship to your Aramex Shop and Ship UK address. The phone is also factory unlocked so you can use it as soon as it gets here. [UK Apple Store]

Note: If you want a UK forwarding mailbox you can get one by signing up with Aramex [Here]

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  1. Mohammed says:

    USA site is cheaper 649$ and will be factory unlocked by November (175kd )
    For those who r in rush… U can use Canada site (which is cheaper) 173 kd

  2. khurram says:

    And the customs will charge at their own will, so this may end up costing you something around 250kd.

  3. FnQueen says:

    What card did you use to pay for it? Coz I heard we can’t use our Kuwaiti cards :s

  4. A.N.A.M.S.B says:

    Hey mark the uk shipment when is the arrival date?

  5. شاي سنقيم says:

    Thanks for the info Mark.

    Have you tried to order somthing from Apple online store in UAE ?

  6. Mad says:

    Mark, did you have that 1-2 weeks delay at first? i ordered mine on the 7th of Oct but mine is being pushed back to 21st of Oct

  7. Sabre says:


    What should I enter in the billing address? Kuwait isn’t an option and I intend to use VISA from Kuwait. Also, they mentioned delivery between Oct 21 – Oct 28, so how long does it take to deliver to Aramex Kuwait.


    • Mon says:

      I used my Aramex shopping address, I’ll tell u if I end up successful…so far waiting for Apple to process my order

      • Sabre says:

        Thanks a ton Mon. Do let me know if it works out for u. Thanks again

        • Mon says:

          Yes Sabre, it works!!

          I literally added my Aramex address. I just got a confirmation email a few hours ago. Took them around 22 hours to send my confirmation email…even though they charged my credit card right away.

          Hopefully shipping wont take too long :D delivery estimate was between 1-2 weeks :(

  8. Jacqui says:

    Mine just shipped! :D Arrival date tomorrow!

  9. Rommel says:

    Well… I am told (unconfirmed) from sources in one Mobile operator that iPhone 4S will be available in early December with both VIVA and Zain. The phone will be KD 165 or around it and it will be free with the existing 30KD package.

    BTW, the price of iPhone4 has just been reduced to 87KD by VIVA from KD159.

  10. bokhaddah says:

    Did you have to provide some documents after the payment like passport copy and a bank statement? They told me they will process the order as long as I provide them with that info?

    • Mark says:

      Nope they didn’t ask for anything

      • bokhaddah says:

        That’s weird! here is the email, what do you think:
        We perform security checks on our customers orders due to the nature of
        our business, as the cardholder is not present to sign for such
        transactions. Such checks are done to protect your security.

        Apple Online Stores Terms and Conditions state that Apple reserves the
        right to verify the identity of the genuine credit card holder by
        requesting appropriate documentation.

        Please scan a copy of the following documentation to us in jpeg format
        and email to as soon as possible (Please
        quote your Web Order Reference number when sending):

        A copy of
        1) Card holders Drivers license or National Identity Card or Passport
        2) Recent Credit Card / Bank Statement showing card holder name, address
        and card number. Please feel free to black-out any other
        non-relevant information.

  11. zaren says:

    Hi Mark,

    It’s little irrelevant here, but I think you might be the person to give the info. I would like to know it takes how many days to deliver a shipment from us through USPS first class mail.

    Do they deliver to physical address or PO Box.

    Please if you can

    Thnx in advance.

    • bokhaddah says:

      It takes 1 to 2 weeks usually and they deliver to PO box. I personally felt way better when I used shop and ship service through Aramex.

      Hope that helps as this was my personal experience anyway

  12. iph says:

    is it better to ship the iphone from canada or uk? which is more reliable and this is the 1st time im doin this.

    so i give the address of aramex uk to apple and then the address of aramex uk to aramex kuwait?

    i can do this all online or i hav to visit their office? they will help me out?

    4s is a rip off in kuwait
    16gb= 350kd

  13. Aziz says:

    Those considering the purchase from Canada don’t forget TAXs when calculating price.

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