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Post by Mark

iphone zain

Just a heads up to everyone who is thinking of purchasing an iPhone to use in Kuwait. Although you can unlock the iPhone now for free, it’s currently not working properly with the Zain network. You can send make but you can’t receive calls on your iPhone. K.theKuwaiti is currently trying to find a solution for this and once he does he will publish it online. Everything else works including sending and receiving SMS’s and GPRS.

Update: According to a reader the iPhone will work with the Zain network if you have a new 128K sized sim card. Does anyone know how one goes around to getting a 128K sim card from Zain?

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  1. Latifa says:

    Thanks Mark for the info.
    BTW, do u have Zain written as your network provider on your phone? It’s still MTC-Vodafone with me! My dad told me last night that they are facing some problems with “Wizarat Al Tijara” couse in Bahrain they already have Zain written on their mobiles!

  2. mushroom says:

    logo’s nice in the iphone..

  3. Husayn says:

    Any idea about HTC TOUCH. is it out ere in Kuwait? they r promoting it crazy in Dubai ..

  4. G-Child says:

    When did this issue happened ? was it fully working with MTC’s network before they’ve switched to zain ? does that mean newly issued SIM cards with zain are the only ones affected by this ? please explain more

  5. Mark says:

    No i dont have zain written as my network

  6. G-Child says:

    There has been a confirmation that the iPhone works with mtc . Check the following engadget link:


  7. Mark says:

    G-Child: No it wasn’t working on MTC before they changed to Zain. And the generation of sim card you have doesn’t seem to matter.

  8. Mark says:

    G-Child yes I saw that but that list is not accurate.

  9. G-Child says:

    Mark : Some people assured that everything was working . what happened ?

  10. TwaiF says:

    where can i find the Free iphone unlock?

  11. MYK says:

    “You can send but you can’t receive calls on your iPhone.”

    What do you mean, you can send calls? Do you mean sms or was that a typo?

  12. MYK says:

    Oh, and HTC touch is available in Kuwait and is selling for 195KD.

  13. M.u.D.1./.2 says:

    Mark i heard from some one that if you changed your Zain sim card to 128K it will work perfectly ((currently it is 64K)) thats why the iPhone work with wataniya because wataniya sim r 128K which is called 3G sim card. So all you have is to go to Zain branch and replace the old sim with the new one and inshalla it will works.

  14. Mark says:

    MYK it was a typo, fixed it

    MUD: how do I get the 128k card?

  15. M.u.D.1./.2 says:

    Mark: u req. from them “thats what i heard”

  16. Latifa says:

    I think that MUD is true, couse once i was walking by Fono in Souq Sharq and they asked me if I want to replace my sim card for 5 K.D I think!

  17. M.u.D.1./.2 says:

    i Hope So :)

  18. Me says:

    Help, Guys Where Can i Get a Iphone From (Kuwait) ? Mac n More? And How Much is it ?
    Thanks alot :)

  19. Moey says:

    So the problem is the sim card?

  20. Husayn says:

    Thanks MYK.. i went ahead n got the Sony Ericsson P1… no complaints yet :)

  21. loved it says:

    Have any of you guys used even used an iPhone? It’s shit!!!….

    Another thing, has anyone thought of the consequences of a software update from Apple?

    They potentially could a) relock the system with a new code…..b) worse: brick your phone

    If I was Apple, I would add a really cool feature (which is only available via update), get everyone to sync their phones with iTunes and brick all those illegally opened iPhones.

    Apple love to pump hackers.

  22. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    For those following the Zain/iPhone issue:

    The issue *might* be related to the sim card .. I figured that along with the turbosim, that it might be at fault. However, after the software unlock and a couple new sim cards later .. the issue still stands.

    I have tested with three new MTC sim cards (replaced in September) .. still can’t receive calls. (They might still be distributing the 64k simcards; its almost impossible to differentiate.)

    As soon as I find a working solution .. I will be posting it. I can confirm that the issue is not related to EDGE or Data services.

  23. K.TheKuwaiti says:


    The iPhone works with the Wataniya 64k PKI SIM (from Setec/GemPlus).. I don’t believe they have rolled out the 128k sim cards.

  24. loved it says:

    K.The Kuwaiti, I thought you’ve been using the iPhone for the last couple of months? Or have you been…errrr……exaggerating?

    You can do everything with it EXCEPT receive calls?

  25. STING says:

    i dont know why pepole like i phone
    it is stuiped phone there is NO HSDPA on this phone !!!

  26. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    loved it:
    The iPhone I have has been unlocked using the Hardware/TurboSim method .. It wasn’t until the software unlock that we confirmed the issue lied within MTC and not the unlock method.

  27. Wer3Y says:

    Thanks mark for the information ;)

  28. Latifa says:

    A guy from Zain told me that iPhone will work with Zain by 2008 8-)
    And they have no idea about the 128, 64 K issue!

  29. mohammed says:

    whether it is out or not..is it been sold in kuwait? i checked appel store and they said they wont have it till next year am wonderin where else can i purchase it from?

  30. Cawabeer says:

    I have a regular Wataniya line (the sim card being red, not the extremely old one). It seems that everyone is saying there’s problems with iphone and zain, but is there ANY problems with wataniya, or do all types of wataniya lines work with this?

  31. mushroom says:

    iphone makes my nose bleed

  32. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Wataniya works fine with the iphone .. calls and sms

  33. souliman says:

    is there any place (shop or…) who can hack the iphone in q8?

  34. momo says:

    How can I buy an iPhone, apple.com isn’t working with me !!

  35. Mughrabi says:

    regarding the sim card issue.. i might be able to help.. please tell me who is working to unlock the iphone so i can contact him..

  36. Dana says:

    I bought my iphone back in early July, but it’s still locked. I sent iphonesimfree an email more than a month ago, and they took my IMEI number and everything. I don’t know how to unlock it. I have to install some files, and let’s just say I’m not an expert when it comes to computers. The method is very confusing. Is there someone in Kuwait who can unlock them? I mean the software is free now, yet I’ll still pay someone for unlocking it.

  37. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Email me .. I can get you sorted out.

    • Khurram says:

      Hi, I have a iPhone 3GS with AT&T network in USA.

      I contacted Apple and they told me that only a few iPhone carriers can unlock the iPhone and Zain in one of them.

      Since I am in USA, can you help me out how to get it unlocked from Zain.


  38. garga says:

    I just unlocked mine using iphonesimfree check my post here http://alerzalla.com/?p=8

  39. Ziza says:

    momo i have some unlocked ones..i can hock u up

    220 for the 8GB and 160 for the 4GB

  40. Ziza says:

    And if you have the iPhone i can unlocked for KD 50

  41. Dana says:


    I’m emailing you as we speak.


    Can I pay you to unlock mine?


    Ziza… 50 kd? A 4gb iPhone costs 82 kd, lol. The iphone software is for free, and the iphonesimfree software is for 13 kd. Also, it only takes 2 minutes.

  42. Aziz says:

    okay i feel like i want an iPhone sooooooo bad right now. order one or wait?

  43. souliman says:

    the 4gig iphone is discontinued… and the price of the 8 gig went from $600 to $400 which is around 112kd… talk about 100% profit ;)

  44. Ziza says:

    Dana, since its that easy why haven’t you unlocked yours since July?

  45. Mark says:

    Ziza its very easy to unlock the iphone and the software is for free. Also someone else posted earlier they would help people unlock their phones for KD15 which really makes your price a rip off.

  46. souliman says:

    mark do you have any idea if i can use my mtc line?? cuz i dont want to switch to wataniya :S

  47. Mark says:

    They are working on a hack/fix to get it working with MTC/Zain, just give them some time.

  48. souliman says:

    aha… nice knowing :) kepp us posted ;P

  49. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Just to show you how ridiculous your price is .. I offer to unlock iphones for free.

    Anybody who wants to unlock their phones for free .. email me.

  50. Bo Bader says:

    AT&T spent more than $5 billion updating their network to be iPhone ready. Did you guys think that it will work with any other network without any problems?! My suggestion is buy an iPod Touch for now and wait for iPhone official release in Middle East. Good luck everyone.

  51. souliman says:

    you unlock only for wataniya? or is it like universal?

  52. Damon Dash says:

    offtopic mark but
    did you have anything to do with that new zain commercial showing now days on tv , and what was the commercial you did in London the one you edited in a studio/mansion isn’t it showing now in any station?

  53. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Bo Bader:
    The Iphone runs on 2.5G (EDGE) .. hardly an update or new technology. The issue is with the SIM card registration .. not the network.

  54. Ziza says:

    Mark its easier said than done, you’ll know what am talking about when you get your iPhone, and once you start the unlocking process you’ll find out why am asking that much.

    Am not using the free unlock software, and the full unlocking only works with Wataniya.

    A full FUNCTIONAL\UNLOCKED iPhone costs…i’ll send you one -i have 10 on the way- next week to test it, or invite for a coffee in the evening and you can test the one am using.

    And for those who commented that the iPhone is shitty -post 22- please digg deep and you’ll find out that it can be a replacement for you laptop.

    i have been using it for the past 2 weeks and i the amount of third-party software available is amazing, a stock iPhone is for the normal user how just wants the basic functions, but if you are a Mac addict and knows your way around Mac’s, you will never use any other cell phone once you start using the iPhone.

    I never thought i would replace my Palm Treo 680 smart phone with any other cell phone, but i did and “Am Loving it”.

  55. Ziza says:


    What do you think is a fair price for an unlocked iPhone:

    8GB price ????

    4GB price ????

  56. nasser says:

    No real fair price .. price is set by supply and demand.
    apple doesnt ship overseas. so the only way to get it is through ebay or an international buying and selling company in the US.
    I was in the states just got back I was selling the iphone for $799 locked + $140 for international shipping via fedex. that was for a phone that cost me $710 including shipping.
    I had one of the better prices and deals on ebay selling ~20 iphones every 3 days.
    that said I was informed the local price in Kuwait is 270 KD in stores if you can find one and those are hardware unlocked so if anything happens you cant take it back to apple for repairs. the software unlock is now released again so there are no problems with waranty issues.

  57. Ziza says:


    Will am offering the 8GB for KD220 and 4GB for 160 , and they say its too much…!
    lets start a bid on an unlocked 4GB
    KD 100 to start

  58. nasser says:

    Ziza I already have 2; one i am keeping the other i am in the process of selling (for 220), but i included a case (cost $35) and the iphonesimfree software (this cost $55)

    To my knowledge they were selling it for 5000 riyal 6000 riyal in KSA and like i said in kuwait for 270 unlocked and 250 locked.

  59. Khaled says:

    Why not create an iphone-Kuwait.wordpress.com and advertise iphones for sale and state your price, and let the customers decide if it is too much or too little?

    I got one for my bro in law when it first came out and paid a lot for it. I already have customers (his co-workers) asking for more.

    I think unlocked iphone for 250-275K.D Retail is a damn good prices CnF Kuwait.


  60. Ziza says:

    this a test post from my iPhone

  61. KtheKuwaiti says:

    You can charge whatever you want for a iphone .. but charging 50kd for an unlock is ridiculous. If you feel that it justifies your price .. fine.

    I am offering to show people how to unlock their iphones for free .. If they still don’t know how to, I have no issues doing it myself.

  62. SWOS says:

    Ziza if u have an unlocked iphone i want to buy it today i prefer the 4GB version , please email me sensiblesoftware@gmail.com or PM me on the fourms.



  63. souliman says:

    your selling a brand new 4 gig iphone for 100kd locked or unlocked?
    cuz i would buy one..

  64. Q8BREWMASTER says:

    I just unlocked my iphone last night and confirm that everything works except receiving calls on MTC. I guess I will have to switch to Wataniya or try to get a new sim…. THIS SUCKS!

  65. SWOS says:

    or if any1 has a 4GB or willing to sell an 8GB for a decent price let them email me on the same email above or PM me.


  66. busynow says:

    My Iphone delivered to my usws address :)

  67. Marzouq says:

    and the wave begins!

    I think the iPhone is cool, but its features are targeted towards US users more then international users.

  68. Bo Bader says:

    The problem is that MTC are not updating their technology. Did you look at the possibility that the phone is not recieving call because it is connected to Edge at the same time when you recieve a call? In the US when I make a call from my iphone while loading a web page I get a message saying that EDGE cannot be used while making a phone call. Maybe because the iPhone is always connected to EDGE (unless you are connected to a wifi) you canno recieve a call! thats only a suggestion you guys may know more than me about electorics.

  69. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Bo Bader:
    Email me and I can keep you in the loop with what we are testing out.

    I suspected edge was the issue when we recieved a missed call (during a phone call). I disabled edge (from the provider and removing the prefrence from: /var/root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist)

    Still no dice…

    The issue lies somewhere between the simcard type and the celltower.

  70. Ziza says:


    Please don’t press the restore button on the iTunes when you hock up the iPhone, as this will lock the iPhone again.

    Just do a normal sync

  71. Ziza says:


    SWOS just took the last 4GB iPhone, if you am getting some next week.

    let me know if you want any, check post 39

  72. anas says:

    i agree with marzoug, its just as cool as the ipod touch .. or any new technology out there .. it’s not targeted to be used here in Kuwait, for one: we dont have enough Wi-Fi Hot spots ..
    people like Mark; a blooger (with Wi-Fi at home and at the office) would find it useful, just as an Audrey or any internet mobile device,, but for most international apple customers, with-out the visual voice mail (who uses voice mail here in kuwait anyway) or the google maps .. its just another small had held device .. im a bit old fashioned, i like a big screen when browsing or watching videos .. and my mp3 player should be as small and light as possible.. like the shuffle . i then have my mobile which i want to be as smart as possible yet still small and light .. i dont like seeing all thsoe buttons that i wont be able to use !! like the MAPS button .. o the bluetooth that i can use if im hooking up my iphone to a headset .. and i wont be able to recieve arabic msgs .. and so on ..

    and Ziza, if you want people to buy your stuff, atleast give them a form of contact to contact you ..

    K.TheKuwaiti, your just amazing buddy .. so nice of you to help all those people out :)

  73. Mark says:

    For people who are looking for an iPod that makes phone calls and has a large screen to watch movies on plus a great browser to surf the web while at the airport, nothing beats the iPhone.

    I personally wouldn’t replace it as my everyday phone because I need a phone with more features (MMS at least) but for non hardcore users the iPhone is perfect.

  74. M.u.D.1./.2 says:

    but it is useless if it doesnt work with Zain

  75. Ziza says:

    Mark you are totally wrong, the iPhone is hardcore, just wait until you get yours, its running OS X, did you know that you can host your website on it..
    yes you can have your website hosted on it..you can maintain your blog form it -upload photos videos..etc-
    did you know that you can use it as a unix machine..in short you can do what ever you can do on a MAC -apart from running Adobe creative suite-.

    Leave your mac at home connected to the net and access it form any place in the world..the list goes on

    the iPhone will fool you with its basic features and the lack of some basic features that you get on any KD 15 cell phone, but if your into OS X and a hard core user you will be amazed and i really mean AMAZED.

    i have been using Macs for the past 12 years and owned almost all the models Apple introduced..but this device is a leap to the future which scares me.

  76. Ziza says:

    Anas you iPhone is on the way and it will be free, if your cell number starts with 9018, but sadly you have to switch to Wataniya if you want to use it.

    I can’t stand Watainya….try calling their 121 and speaking to a customer service agent ..but the iPhone will me make switch if i can’t make it work with MTC.

    I have been try hard for the past week but can’t get it to accept calls..the call comes but you can’t answer it .. meaning if you have an active call and someone calls you you hear the incoming second call tone but you can’t answer it as it gets disconnected..i hope i’ll fiend a fix soon

  77. Holla says:

    how can u get a 128k card from MTC? is this even possible? this is the most important thing.

  78. SWOS says:

    I just got a 4GB iPhone from Ziza, best deal ever , really friendly guy and will do business again with him in the future i even called him like 9278298 times to help me out and he was more than helpful and gave me all the info i need regarding the iPhone, thanks Ziza.

  79. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Nope .. and even if you manage to do so, it seems that the issue lies a bit deeper than the sim card.

  80. anas says:

    ziza , how much did you sell SWOS the 4GB i know a few friends who are looking for Iphones in kuwait and dont want to risk ordering it and not being able to unlock it ..
    what’s your e-mail ?

  81. Daddyz Girl says:

    i was wondering if u can still hook me up with iphone ? if yes plz contact me daddyz_girl79@hotmail.com, thanx

  82. Q8Musicana says:

    hi all,

    i just find out why zain cant have incoming calls .

    its all about the network not the sim card , there is conflict in edge and the incoming calls .

    the edge in zain use nom2 and the incoming calls in the iphone use nom1 ,you can check just do this :

    *3001#12345#* and pressing Call

    check this line :

    Tap GPRS Information.

    you’ll find zain use nom2 ,and wataniya use nom1 (what iphone use) .

    so zain should change the system from GPRS network to 3G network ,if we wanna use the iphone in zain .

  83. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    If they can order it .. they can unlock it.. It take 20 minutes from box to unlock.

  84. Q8Musicana says:

    hi all,

    iphone + zain = no hope

    why ?

    cuz iphone use nom1 and zain nom2
    you can check it by : *3001#12345#*
    and check Tap GPRS info you’ll find it nom2 , while wataniya use nom1 .

    nom1 3G networks
    nom2 GPRS networks

    so if we want to the iphone on zain they should change the system network from GPRS to 3G.

  85. garaga says:


    Is the “miss u” service (getting a sms with all the missed calls when the phone is off) working on wataniya. its not working with me ?

  86. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    I haven’t been in the telecomm field for a while now; but I remember than NOM (Network Operation Mode) refers to the GPRS Capabilities.

    NOM1: Mobile phones can have multiple packet/circuit connection; which allows the phone to recieve calls while using EDGE/GPRS.
    NOM2: Mobile phones can be ‘attached’ to the gprs network; but it can’t recieve data and voice simultaneosly.
    NOM3: Mobile Phones can not have both services connected; it must be either data (packet) or voice (circuit).

    Applying the NOM theory to the logic of the iPhone not operating on the MTC network: if we completely disable edge (or just stop using it), it should work. However, that isn’t the case .. as the phone still won’t recieve calls. This is also supported by the inability to recieve calls while having another line (its rings once then the call fails); since the initial calls holds the data on a nom2 network; the second call should be to come through.

    I haven’t really tried .. However, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

  87. loved it says:

    Bow down to the new King of Kuwaiti Technology……Q8Musicana

    Good work man.

    That settles it then, anyone who is on Zain – congrats, you just bought a brick for $600.

    Expect another bombshell when Apple release a reverse fix to wipe out all those Soft-unlocks.

  88. Mark says:

    the iphone costs 299$ for the 4GB and 399$ for the 8GB. Worst case its an ipod thats better than the ipod touch.

  89. loved it says:

    Mark, the 4gig (is) (getting) discontinued. I’ve used the phone extensively, and as Marzouq says, it’s just not worth it.

    I would prefer the ipod touch with a fat 100 gig of storage. 4-8 gigs can barely hold a couple of TV shows and Albums!

  90. Mark says:

    Yeah but 8GB can hold more than enough tv shows and music for a flight from Kuwait to London.


  91. loved it says:

    Lol…how many long haul flights do you take? And don’t you like the in-flight entertainment?

  92. Ziza says:


    post ur email and i’ll contact you.

  93. loved it says:

    Ziza, don’t you think it’s your duty to warn people upfront that they are potentially buying a brick?

    If Q8Musicana’s facts turn out to be correct, you’re going to have a lot of pissed off clients.

  94. Ziza says:

    as Mark said “Worst case its an ipod thats better than the ipod touch”

    And i say it can be your tiniest web server, or hacking tool.

  95. Ziza says:

    Dear all,

    The iPhones i have still do not accept incoming calls on MTC lines, they work perfectly with Wataniya.

    Am working on a fix for that and will keep you posted.

  96. Ziza says:

    loved it

    how about that?

  97. Mark says:

    Loved it, the point I was trying to make is that its more practical to have an iPhone when travelling instead of a regular ipod because you can watch shows on a larger screen and browse the web while at the airport. in flight entertainment sucks.

    also you are misleading people by saying the iphone is a brick if it doesnt work with Zain. When a device gets bricked it means the device stopped working completely. Thats not the case here, the iPhone works perfectly without a phoneline and for now works perfectly with wataniya so that hardly means its bricked.

  98. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    loved it:
    Q8Musicana brings up a important point about the usage of gprs while recieving calls. However, since AT&T uses NOM2 on some of their towers .. it isn’t the issue here.

    The issue was taken out of context from here:

  99. loved it says:

    Hehe…Mark, i get your point. Just saying, why the hell dont you guys just wait for the official release instead of playing poker?

    And as far as bricking, I was more referring to the Patch which Apple will likely release.


    1) I can’t see how AT&T will just sit back and accept this.

    2) Apple are currently negotiating exclusivity rights in Europe. Any carrier would be utterly insane to agree – if they see first hand, that they don’t protect AT&T who spent a fortune on the rights.

  100. loved it says:

    Ziza: much better. :)

  101. Ziza says:

    The issue @ http://blogs.zdnet.com/Apple/?p=740 is true, it always happens to me on my Sonyericsson and my Palm Treo, when i use GPRS.

    But the problem with the iPhone is that you get the busy tone even if your are not using the EDGE or the GPRS.

  102. lfc-q8 says:

    its an easy fix guys just throw ur zain lines and get wataniya … its a better network :)

  103. nasser says:

    I actually charge 15 KD for the unlock :)
    but in any case, MTC or Zain will not work with iPhone this is the case with 5 countries so far, and it is not related to the sim card being 64 or 128.
    also in regards to G3 and GPRS the phone only has GRPS no G3 (but it is very fast).
    As for the software unlock it works and it is what I used on 3 phones so far, taking 5 minutes to apply and it will stay unless the user update the phone to a newer firmware. but that is an option that they dont have to take.

  104. Mark says:

    Love it: Just don’t install the patch when it comes out until its cracked, its not that difficult. Its the same with the PSP, they cracked it back on version 1.5 and they are now on version 3.7 and they still are cracking it.

    Why wait till next year to get an iphone when you can use it today?

  105. Equalizer says:

    I just activated an iPhone using a program called iNdependence for free. This however only activates the phone, not unlock it, in which case you would have to pay. The iPhone looks like a great gadget, I couldn’t say the same for a phone. I heard rumors of an iPhone nano, now that would be a great phone!!

  106. Mark says:

    Equalizer, unlock can be done for free

  107. SWOS says:

    everyone is making this sound so negative, look @ the bright side its working 100% with Wataniya and is nearly working 100% on MTC (except it doesn’t accept calls), sooner or latter its going to be cracked and u can use it on both networks if not then screw MTC :P

  108. Mark says:

    loved it: As i said it doesnt make a difference if they upgrade firmware or not. PSP gets a new firmware like every month and it still gets hacked. Also keep in mind its not a mandatory upgrade, you can not upgrade the firmware if you dont want to.

    Are you just pissed you can’t get a hold of an iPhone or something?

  109. holla says:

    LOL loved it wants an iphone bad.

  110. Mohammed says:


    How can you unlock mine? Do you have a number or email?

  111. tshawa says:

    Ziza, can you contact me if you have any 8GB iphones available?


  112. asnan says:

    hi all for the mtc-zain all you can do for now is to forward or divert the call for another number any one zain or wataniya by **21*number#send or call to cancel ##002# send or call

    so that’s all

  113. si3dy says:

    I have 4 8gb iphones which i sold .. all of them working PERFECTLY with mtc on the old sim .. and from what i read from the comments you people are using the old manual unlock and on a windows machine .. u can restore/rest do what ever u want it wont effect anything .. if i dont know any better u guys are just doing the unlock, the wrong way .. the only things thats not working is the voicemail feature and i actually here theres a way to make it work .. i have one more phone if anyone is interested 8gb unlocked contact me if anyone is interested s3oodk {at} gmail

  114. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Zain works with the iphone .. almost.

    We have confirmed that Zain will work fine with the iphone if you are roaming! Which leaves the issue between the local cell towers and NOT the sim card.. Zain have been notified, along with the cell-tower providers.

  115. Mais says:

    si3dy, how can i contact you?

  116. SWOS says:

    i called Zain today , they told me that they think its from the iPhone but i told the guy that its working 100% with a Wataniya line so he said that it might be coz its a new technology n crap..so for now screw MTC AKA Zain..

  117. si3dy says:

    mais my email is s3oodk (at) gmail.com .. (/start shameless plug) iam getting a new shipment next sunday for reasonable prices i only have one left now .. (/end shameless plug)

  118. souliman says:

    si3dy soo from what your saying is, the iphones that you have work perfectly with mtc/zain?? accepts and recieves calls?? if yes then how much are you selling the 8 gig?

  119. SWOS says:

    Just a tip guys , although its a great phone but it doesn’t accept files via bluetooth (since the bluetooth in it is only used for pairing with headsets and some computers) moreover it doesn’t have MMS , it doesn’t of course have a cam in the front of the phone…also it doesn’t support Arabic (unless u try to do a method found online to make it support Arabic) ..etc so if u think that ur getting a phone with more specs n features than a K850 or something like the E61i ur wrong. know what u get before purchasing one.

    PS: its still the best phone i’ve ever used due to its simplicity.

  120. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Just to clarify a couple of things:

    1. The iPhone does not work properly with Zain/MTC due to a hardware issue with the majority cell towers.
    2. The iPhone *might* work in certain areas with different celltowers (South Surra)
    3. Zain/MTC is aware of this issue .. and they are most likely going to do nothing to fix it.

    A new simcard will probably not fix this problem; a different unlock method will probably not fix this problem..

    It will only work if either MTC changes their towers, or Apple releases a patch for the iPhone.

  121. SWOS says:

    K.Kuwaiti thx for the info but today when i called customer service of Zain/MTC the guy that i spoke to didn’t even know what’s an iPhone .. that’s promising…also i don’t think that apple or some nerdy mac guy is going to do a patch just for Zain/MTC and of course Zain/MTC aren’t going to change like their celltowers just for the iPhone maybe in the future but not this year for sure..

  122. nasser says:

    Correction they probably will change their Towers and also learn to beg :)
    AT&T has generated $45 million due to new contracts with the iphone. They agreed to give Apple approx 35 for every iphone sold and activated with at&T they also agreed to pay apple $4 a month (if you were an old AT&T customer that just got an iphone and $6 i think if you are a new customer they just switched to at&T for the iphone).
    Simply put the generated income from the iphone is alot, and the phone is addictive, I have een using it in the states for approx 2 months and I dont knwo how i lived without it, the internet and email access that I have is what sets it appart from the rest of the phones, the only thing that compairs is the blackberry but with the iphone you have access to all types of emails with constant updates and refresh.

    Problem is MTC has to invest in the process in Kuwait but in doing so they will be able to bid and negotiate with apple to offer the phone in countries that is supplies.
    In England it is rumored to be given to O2 and in Germay T-mobile … again apple will take a % of revenues in all those countries.

    but personaly I think Watania will get it because (a) it is compatible with their current network. (b) they already have unlimited internet which is an apple requirements (mtc has it capped at 5 Gigs).
    (c) Watania has very fast EDGE/GPRS network, MTC has 3G which is not and will not be supported by iphone due to poor battery life :)

  123. souliman says:

    just spoke to the tech. dep. for mtc/zain. they are like sorry the iphone will not work with mtc/zain. when i told her it works but doesnt recieve calls local but roaming is fine shes like i know but it wont work with mtc/zain… btetter switch to wataniya ppl ;P

  124. hokkianu says:

    In Malaysia telco MAXIS also having the receive call problem after unlocked the iphone :(
    Other telco in Malaysia also working fine, except for the Maxis = Zain
    any expert here can help?

  125. Damon Dash says:

    so in the end if you were ever dreaming of using an iphone in Kuwait you better switch to wataniya now or die in hell forever… “hell=zain”

  126. SWOS says:

    i switched to Wataniya after having my MTC line for 8 years and i’ve never been happier, its just a crappy number.

    Nasser AT&T is in the states , your talking from Kuwait.

  127. Q8Musicana says:


    thats for sure its the towers cuz i just test wataniya its nom2 just like zain nom2 , 100% its the towers it cant handle the switch in networks if EDGE working to reseve calls .

  128. steve_leb says:

    heard that Zain will be updating the towers this coming weekend.. and that we might face some network problem due to that.. and that starting next week it will be iphone compatible.. cant confirm anything.. thats just what i heard from inside the house..

  129. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    The solution is with updating the towers .. and seeing the costs involved; i doubt that will happen anytime soon.

  130. AQ says:

    check out this customizing website, they customize iphones, ipods, laptops along with side arrays of electronics gadgets. personaly, if i ended up buying an iphone i’d have it customized there


    p.s: i’m n no way associated with this website :p i just happend to stumble upon it while browsing and thought some ppl’d be instrested (sharing is caring right?

  131. Q8musicana says:


    lets hope that will be soon ,cuz what i know the update will be at the end of this year or at the 1st next year ….so i hope what you heard its true ……

  132. Ziza says:

    JUST IN..
    Apple should be releasing Firmware update in the coming 3 to 4 days, the update will be addressing issues’ like what we are experiencing with MTC.

    hopefully it will finally work and we don’t need to shift to Wataniya

  133. Hamad says:

    Having 128k SIM card have nothing to do with it, if the GPRS and SMS are working in the mobile, so the SIM card is working fine.
    The only purpose of using 128k rather than 64k is because of software saved in the SIM, for ex. Wataneya are saving their W-menu in the SIM, keeping in mind that they are using both 64k and 128k.
    And the reason of not being able in receiving calls in the phone (busy signal) is that the mobile is making the line sending heartbeats to Zain server by edge all the time. When you are connected by edge and somebody calls you, the caller will get a busy signal which the case will be totally different if it was connected by 3g or HSDPA.
    Btw the Zain ppl are working on to fix it keeping in mind that the unlock was not made from apple them selves.

  134. Hamad says:

    guys if u wana c it with working with zain.
    check this out


  135. Hamad says:

    one more thing.
    the logo will change by monday.
    the delay was because of customers that have old devices and cant get the new logo

  136. Ziza says:

    nothing new …how about some incoming calls?

  137. Hamad says:

    it works fine if u desaible the edge

  138. Mark says:

    According to Zain users even if you disable edge it still won’t work.

  139. Hamad says:

    then they are doing it wrong
    what are they, post or pre?

  140. twaif says:

    hamad r u working at zain

  141. hokkianu says:

    Ziza, glad to heard the good news from u .
    when the new firmware was out, pls buzz here

  142. SWOS says:

    Hamad is for sure working for Zain LOL , its a crappy company and am sorry but its true, i have been their customer for like the last 10 years and i switched to Wataniya just for the iPhone.

    will neveeer go back to MTC/Zain.

  143. Rumbitutoe says:


    True the phone does not have bluetooth. BUT there are other measures you can take in sending pictures or media. Bluetooth is just a convince/luxury that has become a standard. The highlight of this phone, is there are numerous free support apps. And two of which I can name allow you to send pics/media to your email or server respectively (SendPics v.01 and iShare v.1.03). Also you can use Unix or Irc tools to connect your computer and iPhone, you do not need bluetooth unless its for a bluetooth headset. Putty and WinSCP connect via wireless network to your iPhone. iBrickr and iTunes connects via data cable.

    Presently the iPhone does not have video capabilities. But with the right software its doable. Squidge is a video conference application that allows you to see who are talking to. Of course there is a trick to it since you dont have camera on the front of the iPhone. But you can order third party mirror developed for the iPhone that fits right on to iPhone, allowing you to video conference. Currently there people working modifying the refresh rate of the camera so it can be video capable without the blurriness.

    I personally and know many others that are developing Arabic support for iPhone. All of us are at the same stage, which is figuring out how to connect the Arabic letters. This is not a huge task, well certainly not as big as the Zain issue. This shows you how revolutionary this phone is – the techsavy or the average joe can jump on this phone and fully customize it with out any limits. To all those who have negative opinions towards iPhone, name a phone that has an equal or greater number of modifications allowable.

    From a business stance, I believe Zain will adapt the iPhone. Dont forget Zain is MTC Vodafone, powerhouse compared to Wataynia. They are already laying down the groundwork in your European market for the iPhone (talks with apple not physical groundwork). All thats left is for them to tweek to the middle eastern market.

    All in all I love bluetooth and wish they did have it, EDGE/GPRS are getting outdated by 3G and disappointing that iPhone is not 3G ready, its not the end of the world or mobile industry if iPhone does not work for Zain. Im pretty sure Apple raised the bar for all phones, and just a matter of time before Nokia blows them out of the water…for now I am happy with my iPhone.

  144. Rumbitutoe says:


    EDIT: The phone does HAVE bluetooth so dont mind what I said regarding alternative measures. I was spaced out.

  145. SWOS says:

    3adi 3adi a`alaft 3al sare3 :P

  146. Hamad says:

    give me few hours and i will post at youtube showing all you guys that it works with zain.
    SWOS wede ashof radat fe3lek/ch after you c this

  147. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    MTC fixed the issue .. Zain will be working tonight.

  148. Zain says:

    iPhone patch has been applied to Zain Network.

    Enjoy Your iPhone with Zain.

  149. Q8lovera says:

    my iphone is working perfect now with both wataniya and mtc

  150. Hamad says:

    check this out
    and Live The Zain Life

  151. Zain4life says:

    So after all that talking about Zain, changing the card to 128k and problems with network. All it was needed was a patch hehe we were complaining here for days and all they did is solve it less than 24 hours, cuz a guy works in Zain came here and read your comments and posted a video. wow
    The question is, would Wataniya would have done the same effort? Go to all that trouble? I leave that for you guys to answer.
    Thank you all for your great attention and enjoy your iphone with Zain, I know that I will :P

  152. FaceLessQ8 says:

    Good notes, talk and chat, thanks all. But please no rumors (flan gal o 3alan yegol) its either you have seen it or tried it thx.

    zain issue is over on the 20th (yesterday), Vodafone is going out and new upgrades r on the way (this is the 1st one – I hope), now I have my iphone working with zain, calls in-out, SMS in-out, no Arabic display in anyways (browsing or SMS – most important).

    Q:Does anyone knows how to set-up zain EDGE on the iphone?
    Path: settings/general/ network

    By the way, if u r not into IT work, the hack is available in hawaly for 25 KD.

  153. FaceLessQ8 says:

    oh i forgot to mention, my sim is a 2001 production, so i thing its old enough to be 64 (not an expert in this)
    cheers & Happy Gerge3an :)

  154. Remaza says:

    Any idea if Zain fixed the problem in Bahrain (there new base). As we tried Zain on iPhone just yesterday and it had the same problem “CALLs OUT (OK) RECEIVING CALLs (NO)…” When we called the support on: 107 – they said: oh what is “iPhone”???

  155. Hamad says:

    Regarding setting up the EDGE. All you have to do is first subscribe to one of Zain GPRS subscription, then go to settings  general  EDGE  the apn should be pps the user name is pps and the password is pps.
    Thank you.

  156. Zain BH, have fixed the problem:
    – Reciving Calls Works
    along with everything else, cheers,

  157. DuDeLY says:

    hey guys, where can i get an iphone from that dont cost 400 kd as in Eurika or 270 kd as for the ones sold online privatly…want one with a reasonable price since its for $400 in the states !

  158. tony says:

    does anyone knows how to set gprs to iphone ,,,zain jordan sim???

  159. Mohammed A. Fadil says:

    Hi every one,
    My iPhone is working properly without any problems on Zain Sudan, I think the problem with your iPhone jailbreaking (i.e. iPhone crack)

  160. nishad says:

    Bahrain, zain nd batelco working smoothly in ma 2G..

    last week i was connect Zain GPRS simply buy enter

    APN – internet other things r blank ……..

  161. John says:

    I just put a Zain card in my jailbroke iPhone and can not get it to work. One bar of reception, if at all, and I have no audible indicators at any time. I put the card in another phone (not iPhone) and it worked. I put a working sim card from an established line in my iPhone and it did not work. Under phone settings it doesn’t even recognize the phone number. It says, “Number Unknown”.

    Grr. Anyone have any suggestions? Zain has “fixed” the problem three times now to no avail.

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