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  1. Sausama says:

    Kuwait Majlis = Kuwait Cancer…

  2. daily says:

    It’s becoming more like Italy every day……Italy in the past 67 years since world war 2 have had approx FIFTY SEVEN governments…..can we have better pizza too please?

  3. daily says:

    60% of them are addicted to underage girls too…..buongiourno italia…….:)

  4. Nathan says:

    In other news…. millions die of starvation in Africa. World leaders ponder what to get their kids for Christmas.

  5. esz says:

    This is life! You must do anything to survive but not sit and blame others. Try to achieve everything yourself. Never depend on anyone! No one will come and knock your door and say “hey, here is 1 million KD for you, enjoy” ^_^

  6. sooli says:

    everyone envy’s kuwaities

  7. A.N.A.M.S.B. says:

    1 question , esh3rfhoum bil natham?

  8. Superman says:

    politics is a drug like every other drug. when ur hooked on it , u do shit :D

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