6 05, 2013

Co-education ban to be canceled?

2013-05-06T16:32:43+03:00May 6, 2013|47 Comments

I just read on Zawya that the parliament might soon scrap the coeducation ban. That would mean both genders will continue to attend school and university together but I am also guessing this means the walls that currently divide the guys and girls in some university classes will also be removed. This is one proposal I’m hoping will get passed. [Link]

5 11, 2012

How I ended up right in the middle of the demonstrations last night

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Last night I was on my way to the Harvey Nichols launch event when I somehow ended up getting stuck in my car right in the middle of the demonstrations. I was with a friend and we decided to take the 6th Ring Road since we figured it would be quieter than the 5th but suddenly traffic started slowing down to a standstill and people started parking their cars on the side of the road and walking towards a pedestrian bridge.

Suddenly there were cops all over the place, people shouting and demonstrating and we were just sitting there bewildered to how we ended up being stuck right in the middle of the demonstrations that were supposed to be held miles away on the Gulf Road.

Then all of a sudden the riot police started firing flashbang’s and tear gas all over the place with a few canisters landing on cars ahead of us. It was crazy and that shit is strong! I opened the window for a bit to take pictures and the tear gas just overwhelmed my eyes and nose like nothing I had ever experienced before. Finally traffic started moving again after being at a standstill for at least 30 minutes and we got off the 6th and headed towards Avenues. A completely random night.

Note: I am closing the comments on this post since I don’t want to turn it political, this is just a post about my experience.

21 05, 2012

National Youth Project website in English

2012-05-21T11:26:31+03:00May 21, 2012|2 Comments

The National Youth Project website has been updated and it’s now available in English. Most importantly what this means is that if your Arabic isn’t that great you can now submit your own initiative idea in English via their website. Check out their English website [Here]

The National Youth Project have also uploaded their new commercial to their YouTube page which you could watch below.


22 01, 2012

Kuwait Elections 2012 Photo Stream

2012-01-22T10:14:52+03:00Jan 22, 2012|6 Comments

The Ministry of Information launched a photo election stream for the first time a few days back. The ministry is sending photographers to cover different events relating to the upcoming elections and then uploading their photos to their Flickr account. The photos are being uploaded every two days at full resolution and undoctored. They’re also allowing anyone to use their photos as long as you credit the source and not profit from the photos. You can check out the photos so far by visiting their Flickr account [Here]

16 12, 2011

Kuwait Calls Lebanon Ties ‘Historic’; Bans Visa Processing

2011-12-16T10:02:03+03:00Dec 16, 2011|59 Comments

Dec 5: Kuwaiti-Lebanese relations are “deep-seated and historic,” Kuwait’s Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Borders Security Affairs Major General Sheikh Mohammad Al-Youssef said Thursday. [Source]


It actually gets funnier because:

Dec 15: The Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Wael Abou Faour hailed the Kuwaiti support offered to his country over decades in various fields. [Source]

I’m never gonna understand politics.

Post shamelessly copied from Lebanon News: Under Rug Swept