Is Majlis Dissolved?

Post by Mark

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  1. Wishbone says:

    Hoping the upcoming one ends up being half decent.

    2012, yup the Mayans were right, it got axed.

  2. The real says:

    Hahaha nothing will change. Will have another election in 8 months

  3. ahmed says:

    Yes, the Majlis is dissolved, but what happened to Linda Lu on 99.7? Was she fired or did she finally go back home because she seemed so homesick? I like the two new DJ’s on the radio in the AM, not as professional as Dubai, but at least it is better than than before with that Linda Lu.

    • Gilbert says:

      Bring Dj Roger back!

    • Aziz says:

      The 2 new “Dj’s” suck. They can’t speak proper English and are really annoying. They sound like they just got English courses before going on air, I think Linda is too chatty for a morning show but at least she knows how to speak English. Maybe the 2 “Dj’s” should transfer to Marina FM or 103.7 where they can be more comfortable.

      • TellMeAboutIt says:

        Tell me about it. To be fair, one can still understand what they’re saying and English isn’t their first language (but it doesn’t help their case to go about correcting their own English or each other’s with more wrong ‘English’ *face palm*). I would chalk this off more to the fault of the people who hired them.Its their selection of music and the excessive yapping that’s more annoying.

        I wish someone would help all the “DJs” on FM99.7 (including Linda) realize they’re there more to PLAY MUSIC & less to air their opinions on issues, household activities, tips on raising children (while sharing celebrity related gossip at the same time kids are tuned in) etc. Perhaps they should train under the DJs from VOA station. They come on, play music, provide a little feedback on artists related to said music and they’re out. WAY more music to yap ratio which is how its supposed to be!

        Mark how about a post on what happened over at 99.7RKFM? :)

        • Mark says:

          I don’t listen to 99.7 and neither should you lol

          • From another blogsite says:

            “Right now the rumor is that Linda from 99.7 has left Kuwait permanently which comes as a surprise to all of us. Though she wasn’t a favorite of everyone, she was certainly a part of Kuwait in her own way. She hosted the morning radio show for as long as I can remember. I’m sure not hearing her in the mornings must be a stark reminder of the changes Kuwait is currently experiencing.”

      • abdulA says:

        Give them credit for trying – what do think this is Dubai? I give them credit for trying to create a flow, it is a bit awkward, but maybe with time they will get better. I just don’t want to be lectured like I’m a little child in the morning and I don’t want to listen to someone (Linda Lu) go on and on about stuff I really don’t care about, yes, it should be about playing music and when there is no DJ in Kuwait, there is some good music at the studio. I think Linda played the same music for the last 4 years and she was boring, so at least 99.7 is trying to mix it up a bit, but maybe all the DJ’s left town? In a country like this, is there much work for a good DJ?

        • abdulA says:

          P.S. I notice we’re off the majlis topic – this is going to be the lowest voter turn-out in the history of Kuwait. With 5.2 bn going being spent this summer by Kuwaitis to travel outside the country and 60% of the population leaving, do you really think people are going to fly back to vote? The public is tired of the process, either develop the country and make us proud of our nation or change the process so it works for the nation! We’re tired.

          • Nunya says:

            abdulA, I know voting is hard when there is nobody worth a pinch of salt to vote for, but take it from me, if you don’t vote, don’t complain over who gets in- you had your chance.
            Oh and don’t forget to look at what they’ll be like in the long run, not the candy they say when running for election. They are just a figurehead.

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