Kuwait Elections 2012 Photo Stream

Post by Mark

The Ministry of Information launched a photo election stream for the first time a few days back. The ministry is sending photographers to cover different events relating to the upcoming elections and then uploading their photos to their Flickr account. The photos are being uploaded every two days at full resolution and undoctored. They’re also allowing anyone to use their photos as long as you credit the source and not profit from the photos. You can check out the photos so far by visiting their Flickr account [Here]

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  1. aaa says:

    Damn progress :P Pretty cool

  2. Ahmed says:

    Wow the pics look amazing. This is a great initiative for kuwait,finally!!

  3. Slush says:

    whats the use?

    • Mark says:

      they’re press photos… as in the press, magazines, blogs etc.. can use these photos for publication. also it’s a way of staying up to date with pictures.

  4. littlerose says:

    these are amazing photos of Kuwait’s election scenes. Shows how far Kuwait has come in terms of eliciting people’s interest in political activism.

  5. ignite says:

    Yes. It is truly a memorable event for Kuwait history.

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