Kuwaiti courier led to bin Laden capture?

Post by Mark

There seems to be some kind of miscommunication going around or maybe it’s me that is wrong. All the news sites are reporting the courier that led to the capture of bin Laden was a Kuwaiti.

Aide Who Led to Bin Laden Was Kuwaiti-Born Courier

A diplomatic source told CNN that the courier who was in close contact with Osama bin Laden and who eventually led the United States to him was a Kuwaiti named Abu Ahmad.

Phone call by Kuwaiti courier led to bin Laden

The guy’s nickname was “al Kuwaiti” but from what I’ve read he wasn’t a Kuwaiti but instead a Pakistani national who was born in Kuwait which doesn’t make him a Kuwaiti.

It took years of work before the CIA identified the courier’s real name: Sheikh Abu Ahmed, a Pakistani man born in Kuwait. [Source]

I wonder if the Kuwait PR department will kick in to correct this bit of information since right now its giving Kuwait a bad image.

Update: The main headline right now on CNN.com is “U.S. tracked Kuwaiti courier since 2007

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  1. Azz says:

    Ummm…Owas Osama Bin laden fr real?

  2. Azz says:

    “Oops Was” :P

  3. k says:

    What’s giving Kuwait a bad image?

  4. PedroDashT says:

    its a propaganda i guess they are targeting our lovely Kuwait …


  5. zaydoun says:

    I don’t think it gives a bad image to Kuwait as a country… One bad Kuwaiti and all of Kuwait is tarnished? Thou doth protest too much!

    Also, anyone born in the USA is automatically an American with full citizenship rights including the right to run for president, and win. Americans have yet to understand that this rule does not apply to our lands and that’s why they don’t make the distinction between Kuwaiti and Pakistani born in Kuwait.

    • aaa says:

      One bad muslim won’t tarnish all Muslims right oh wait we get searched in airports thanks to Osama :(

  6. zaydoun says:

    I am more offended and outraged by salafi fundies like Waleed Al-Tabtabai and Nabeel Al-Awadi mourning Bin Laden and calling him a hero! THAT’s what gives Kuwait a bad image!

    • SSD says:

      Wow, they really said that? Don’t they remember who was heading the organization that carried out the killing of Kuwaiti police officers in 2005 and other failed terror plots.

  7. Aga says:

    What does more damage to Kuwait’s reputation is the fact that Khaled Sheikh Mohammed (the c**t that actually planned the 9/11 bombings( is referred to as Kuwaiti on Wikipedia (though I think he was Pakistani, born here). That doesn’t get reported much around these parts.

  8. zaydoun says:

    Aga… Again, I don’t see how one c**t described as Kuwaiti can destroy an entire country’s reputation, even if he’s in Wikipedia. He acted out of his own beliefs and did not represent Kuwait or the Kuwaiti government! Besides, it’s not like we’re a nation of angels!

    • Mark says:

      lets hypothetically replace kuwait with Pepsi. If bin laden was killed as he was drinking pepsi and the headlines said “Bin laden shot dead while drinking pepsi”. Don’t u think that would be bad publicity for pepsi?

      Treat Kuwait like a brand. You’re putting the brand Kuwait in the same sentence with bin laden and terrorism. Even though it’s the action of one person, that one person is being described by the country he comes from in this case Kuwait and that’s not good publicity.

      • zaydoun says:

        More people around the world know Pepsi than can place Kuwait on a map, so your analogy doesn’t quite work…Some people equate the USA with sin and depravity. Did Brand USA suffer?

        In any case, lets not create bad publicity where there is none. Remember the guy led the USA to Bin Laden and that’s a good thing in my opinion. Hell I’d take credit for it if I could!

  9. Dave says:

    I sent an email to CNN, with the information you referenced, hopefully they will change their information or story.

  10. Summer says:

    no waaay!! i really don’t think he would be kuwaiti!!

  11. maryam says:

    he was stripped of his kuwaiti citizenship years ago. just as osama had been stripped of his KSA citizenship years ago. both were stripped of the citizenship due to their involvement in terrorist attacks.

  12. Saoud Zia says:

    People,The White House itself has this evening confirmed that this man was Kuwaiti an he belonged to Rumaithiya.

    The Guy being a Pakistani is just a Hoax being spread out beacause Pakistani names never start with Sheikh.

    Just because Osama was caught in Pakistan does not make Pakistan a terrorist Country,Think about it ,if Osama was caught in Kuwait,would that make Kuwait a terrorist Country.

  13. Dan says:

    They’re now saying the guy is actually a Palestinian born in Kuwait, not a Kuwaiti.


  14. usaq8i says:

    im extremely insulted that he named himself “al-kuwaiti” when he wasnt an actual kuwaiti because now that gives us a bad name and everyone’s going to start linking kuwait to terrorism because of one man naming himself “al-kuwaiti”

  15. Adam says:

    Like the guy who ate Mcdonalds for 30 days (Morgan Spurlock i think his name ) did that make people stop eating Mcdonalds?! Come see the food court in Marina Mall :).. I would even think that would be heck of publicity for Pepsi!! :)

  16. Hellraiser says:

    If you believe the death OBL then we should believe in UFOs, as the lack of visual evidence of Osama bin Laden’s death triggers conspiracy theories claiming that al Qaeda leader is not at all dead.Furthermore On April 19th a poll showed that just 47% of Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance, down from 51% last month, according to a new Washington Post/ABC poll. Obama’s approval rating will likely soar from his latest Gallup approval rating of 47 percent.Chants of “Second term! Second term!” were heard outside the White House last night, where thousands gathered after Obama’s speech.So, that’s obviously it. Who knows what other corpses Obama has stored in a meat locker in the basement of the White House to wheel out the next time his presidential scam is threatened. D.B. Cooper? The Long Island Serial Killer?

    • maud says:

      there is no reason for the US to fake his death .. because its so easy for him to appear and make the US look like a fool. Maybe he was already killed long time ago and they used it now, thats what i can beleive. but him, not dead, its just stupid to assume that

      anyways, rip Osama–> (Rot In Piss)

      • Mr. Pink says:

        and it is also stupid to assume that Osama Bin Laden & the USA are enemies… simple minded people, very simple minds..!

        i agree with you Hellraiser..

        maybe they should go after Santa Clause next…!!

  17. GWB says:

    He is not a Kuwaiti citizen. This idiot was born here. Many idiots were born here. That does not make them Kuwaitis. No Kuwaiti from a proper family would work as a courier for a Yemeni terrorist.

    • F says:

      Yeah it’s not like there’s any saudis from extremely respected families in oh wait bin laden

      • GWB says:

        Bin Laden are from Yemen. They got Saudi citizenship later due to Saudi government contracts in the south. Anyway, they’re not even close to being from Kuwait.

        • zaydoun says:

          don’t be such a naive snob! Every Kuwaiti is originally from somewhere other than Kuwait but we’re all Kuwaiti now.

          Bin Ladens are as Saudi as anyone else whether you like it or not… and here they are, a wealthy family with high connections and their son still managed to become a terrorist…. it could happen to any family!

    • “He is not a Kuwaiti citizen. This idiot was born here. Many idiots were born here. That does not make them Kuwaitis. No Kuwaiti from a proper family would work as a courier for a Yemeni terrorist.”


  18. AmonA says:

    As if I believe there is An Osama bin Ladin from the v beginning!!!

  19. Babble says:

    Funny, I posted about it last nite, the title of The Associated Press’ article was VERY misleading…I had to read four paragraphs before I got to the ‘this man is pakistani born in kuwait’……

  20. Security Adviser says:

    I am with Hell Raiser on this .. the official rumour is that OBL was killed long time ago in Afghanistan… Obama was a lost cause for the American people who if not for his I have a tale to tell Osama is dead story would never have seen a second term.

    As for the courier being a Kuwaiti.. so what?? It should not reflect on this great nation. Lets not forget Al Qaeda was not a nationality or gender based group more like an ideaolgy based group that preached that all those who didnt believe in their way of religous extremeism were the enemy. This includes not only every non muslim on the planet but also every free thinking moderate and open minded muslim down the road.
    Al Qaeda, OBL or his group wouldnt think twice about murdering a fellow muslim as much as a christian or a jew if they felt that the person was against their chain of thought or beliefs.

    Nationality has got nothing do with it and shouldnt reflect on a nation.. look at Gitmo.. Count the many Anmericans and Australians and English nationals there..

    Look at London,Scotland..other nations for that matter the terrorist incidents there were done on their own soil by their own citizens. and I said citizens regardless of what origin.. . So NO you can not say Kuwait will be looked at badly. Hell OBL caused the entire Muslim world to be looked upon as extremists & terrorists when in reality they are not.

    What is bad however and I agree with those who have commented the same on this blog is political leaders.. elected by the people of this nation who are supposed to be pillars of the community ..bashing the US an allie, a friend in the moment of need to this country on the way they handled the situation and buried the the man.And to add insult to injury spit in their faces by publicly mourning him and calling the murderer of over 3000 of their citizens a hero. THAT LADIES & GENTELMEN ON THIS BLOG REFLECTS BADLY ON KUWAIT!!!!….Because it was the citizens of this nation that elected them, gave them a platform to speak and basically covered them with parlimentary immunity to run their mouths for political gain regardless of who they hurt or what the consequences may ne. THAT is what reflects badly on Kuwait. Not the courier being a citizen of Kuwait. He could have been Nepalese for all we know ..the worst case would be people of that nation or his village or his house hold shaking their heads and commenting another one got misguided and went off to the dark side.. SHIT happens.

    My 02 KD on this subject.. cheers.

  21. Security Adviser says:

    Oh yeah one more thing… the story in the press is basically that OBL was unarmed when he was shot dead…Uhh am I the only one who finds this funny ?? He was taken down by the US Navy Seals a group of people whose bare hands we all know are deadly weapons and can skin a monkey with a blunt spoon.. so why kill him?? Why not just zip tie him like they did the others?? Why not bring him into the light of Justice?? Would it not have been real justice to the American people and the world and a guaranteed re-election for Obama to do another Saddam like trial and Hanging.. Do the famalies of those killed in the WTC and every other terroist act on the planet in the last 10 years deserve the pleasure of seeing OBL squirm and hang?? He was buried at sea?? Didnt want to make a shrine out of his grave ?? OK I will give them that… how about this then ?? The US Navy Seals have the most sophisticated technolgy in the world including simple head cam units attached to their helmets to show their commanders in the field as well at the president and his innner circle in the war room live events that happen as they happen and record them. Why not show these tapes to the public / news media as proof that OBL was in and killed in Pakistan??

    Answers to my conspiracy theory questions are simple.. He was never there…..it never happend they way they said it did …it was all an act.. Obama needed an ace to get re-elected ..this was it.

    I had 0.500 fils left over thought I spend that too ;-) PEACE.

    • SSD says:

      Your conspiracy theory would true if the two following things happen:

      1) Osama releases a video showing that he’s alive

      2) AlQaeda denies the death of OBL and doesn’t announce any successor since OBL is still alive and is their leader.

      BUT if the exact opposite of above happens, then he is dead and you just have to admit it and swallow it.

    • Insecurity Ill-adviser says:

      Security Adviser, your musings, poor spelling and bad grammar obviously reveal you to be a stereotypical foreign military contractor living in Kuwait.
      Why can’t you accept the fact that the highly trained U S Navy commandos where following orders and not operating independent of any supervision, command and control? They performed admirably given the circumstances.
      Why put on public display any photos of their covert work?
      The “trophy photos” would only give rise to the “body double” stories as with Saddam. Saddam’s hanging video was not released by the U S, they where leaked by his own countryman.
      So, to answer your conspiracy question, the Pakistani government can easily test the copious amount of forensic evidence left at the scene of the raid. It is difficult to survive the loss of that much brain tissue (which also contains identifiable DNA.)
      Usama bin Laden has twenty or so offspring and the same number of siblings to provide comparative DNA samples.
      I think if this was Obama’s ace to get re-elected, he was dealt a bad hand.
      Also, there is no such thing as .500 fils, I think you meant to say 500 fils or .500 dinar.
      Thanks for allowing me to comment.

    • Babble says:

      LOL …. did you notice the shower hose at the end of the bed? Who was strangled? LOL

  22. MR. PETE says:

    a SNITCH from KUWAIT?!?. Tell me something new

  23. Security Adviser says:

    Gee… Insecurity… No Muffins for the ENGLISH Teacher today?

    To.. “reveal you to be a stereotypical foreign military contractor living in Kuwait”

    Not a foreign military contractor. However you do sound like a typical I believe in everything that the world tells me coz the govt said so kinda guy…

    To… “Why can’t you accept the fact that the highly trained U S Navy commandos where following orders and not operating independent of any supervision, command and control?”

    So what Obama said on live TV about his directive to the CIA cheif about either killing or capturing OBL was all BS?? I guess the actual command was kill the SOB no matter what .. even if he surrenders and comes peacefully, plant one right between the eyes coz I dont want a horse and pony show for the world to see or worse yet a damnn martyr for the muslim world to symphatise with?? Bush would dammn well do it and I dont want come across as a weak democrat. I have an election to win. Maybe that was the real directive not what Obama fed to CNN

    To..”The “trophy photos” would only give rise to the “body double” stories as with Saddam. Saddam’s hanging video was not released by the U S, they where leaked by his own countryman”

    See any pics of Saddam up and about lately ?? or maybe you are one of those who believes in UFO’s or may be that the King is alive and is hiding some where in the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville … Thousands of Iraqi famalies who lost some one or another to Saddam’s regieme slept like babies the night Saddam was hanged.. that nightmare was over.. sure they had to wake up to a whole new nightmare but hey at least that one was put to bed…

    To..”Why put on public display any photos of their covert work?”

    I’ll wait for Wikileaks to do that for me…

    To.. poor spelling and bad grammar

    It was after 04 AM, Not very good at English Prose,Compesation & Grammar, was in 01 of my moods, not enough or too much coffee, didnt bother to write it on MS Word and then copy and paste it like you did… feel free to pick one or all of the above. And you still F- d up on the last one coz last time I checked we talk about the people af a nation in the plural text not like you in the singular text.. this last line is in response to “Saddam’s hanging video was not released by the U S, they where leaked by his own countryman.” ITS countrymen ..PLURAL !! DMBA!!

    To ” the Pakistani government can easily test the copious amount of forensic evidence left at the scene”

    You are right they can test what ever was most likely carried and left on purpose for the Pakistani Forensic Experts to find and Test.. Sorry.. my friend I just love conspiracy theories and like you watch too much CSI. Yes all 03 states and you know they have shown it to possible to do it.

    To “Also, there is no such thing as .500 fils, I think you meant to say 500 fils or .500 dinar”

    You can have that .. my bad .. stunk in math when I was in school. Still made a lot of mullah by knowing colours though.. was taught that in Arts class BTW. Green is 01 of my favourite colours. So is orange. Love how my 2 fav colours either on their own or combined make me happy :-)

  24. Security Adviser says:

    Ooops .. I just know you are going to zero in on this Mr. Teacher “you know they have shown it to possible to do it.”

    I meant to write as you know that they have shown its possible to do.

  25. lolshame says:

    hahaha i knew it was dem pakistani’s dat had OBL !

    Now they protesting over his death lol !!!

    The whole government knew of it and hid it cause they scared as sh*t !

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