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Post by Mark

The National Youth Project website has been updated and it’s now available in English. Most importantly what this means is that if your Arabic isn’t that great you can now submit your own initiative idea in English via their website. Check out their English website [Here]

The National Youth Project have also uploaded their new commercial to their YouTube page which you could watch below.


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  1. JT says:

    I remember the first time Mark posted about this new organisation, people said it was a joke and worthless. Personally I happen to agree, but here is my Criticism (hopfully constructive):

    1. I find that Kuwaitis are great at taking pictures and posing in them, which is heavley used to show evidance that they did something. This is also highlighted in their website. I find this to be a huge mistake, as people in the west tend to take pictures only after there has been an outcome and not before.

    2. Kuwait is great at creating Committees, as you find one for litterally everything. The organisation chart in their website shows how many they have. And one of the many problems with committees is the amount of redtape, and time it increaces to get things done. So they shot them selves in the foot there right from the beginning.

    3. The only way for someone or something to improve it self, is to first achknowdge ones weaknesses. As such this group praises Kuwaits leaders instead of criticizing them. To do so, is to ignore ones problems, and you cant move forward without first taking a step or 2 back and fix old issues.

    4. The group also outlines speeches given by ofcourse “doctors”. And again people here are great at speaking, but no action. Action speaks louder than words. Fix that problem first before anything else.

    Appreciate everyones feed back.

  2. Thek5 says:

    i agree somewhat,

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