Kuwait Calls Lebanon Ties ‘Historic’; Bans Visa Processing

Post by Mark

Dec 5: Kuwaiti-Lebanese relations are “deep-seated and historic,” Kuwait’s Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Borders Security Affairs Major General Sheikh Mohammad Al-Youssef said Thursday. [Source]


It actually gets funnier because:

Dec 15: The Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Wael Abou Faour hailed the Kuwaiti support offered to his country over decades in various fields. [Source]

I’m never gonna understand politics.

Post shamelessly copied from Lebanon News: Under Rug Swept

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  1. J says:

    I thought politics was just retarded here in the U.S… looks like the epidemic has spread worldwide

  2. Khan says:

    The scan is from Alghanim’s internal Govt. Services.

    And though it seems harmless, whoever leaked this should’ve considered professional confidentiality.

    • Hussain says:

      Confirmed. That picture is taken from an email sent in Alghanim Industries. I used to send them in the exact format back when I was working in the Employee Communications department. Small world huh?

  3. ab7ag says:

    When the terrorist organization Hezbollah is no longer in power in Lebanon, then Kuwait will start issueing visas again.

  4. Marzouq says:

    Its really sad that we are in this state! I have tried getting Visas for people from Lebanon and its extremely difficult!

  5. Salue says:

    i Loled at hte Comment of Ab7ag Hezbollah is not a Terrorist Think Logical

  6. Bu Firaz says:

    Ab7ag: +1.

    Absolutely 100% correct.

  7. Kuwait says:

    OK so now its 7 countries?

    Iraq and

    • Mr. PinK says:

      …and Bangladesh.

      I’m not sure if iraq is on that list, but I hope you’re right – it’s the only one from the list that I agree with their ban..!

  8. 3azeez says:

    The screen shot above says “No Objection Certificate”. Do you know what is that?

    I believe this letter is not referring to normal work visas.. it refers to the certificate that people with visit visa who wish to transfer to work visa.. and hence they require to get No Objection Certificate from Ministry of Social Affairs.

    The transfer is now banned to ALL nationalities. If you want to work and settle in Kuwait you can not come with a 3 months visit visa then switch. you have to apply for proper visa before arrival.

    What is the issue here?

  9. Laziale says:

    There is no problem between Kuwait & Lebanon in general and the relations are strong , but the problem with lebanon in general is that you deal with 4 in 1 countries ! Iran syria Saudi france ! And we all remember that we got hit by terrorist lebnanes group in the 80’s because of Iran !

  10. Phoenix says:


    That picture is baseless and unsubstantiated.

    Could you please check the validity of your sources before posting?

  11. Ahmad says:

    Lebanon should ban Kuwaiti’s from entering Lebanon.

    • Mark says:

      Didn’t you read what the Lebanese minister said? There is no way on earth Lebanon will ban Kuwaitis or any GCC state since they are a large chunk of our tourism income.

      In any case as I said above I’m not complaining about the visa ban, this post is supposed to be funny not serious.

      • Ahmad says:

        Bottom-line is this, this country has a weak MOI and when the crime rate goes up involving a certain nationality, they lack the expertise to handle it and they ban that nationality. For example, with Afghanistan and Pakistan it’s the heroin smuggling. I doubt very much this has to do with Hezbollah. They need to acquire better training, but maybe some countries should get touch with Kuwait when they start mucking them around,who really cares about them.

        • Khalid says:

          And Lebanon does not even have a government at all lol, pretty much corrupt to the bone.

        • LizQ8 says:

          Again it’s what I have heard so just asking but I have friends who have relatives in rehab (lebanese) and they say they got their drugs from heavily guarded Hez area of Bekah valley?

          On another note I know people who all last year were trying to get family members visas ti visit but were unsuccessful. They even gave a four year visa yet refused the parents! They owned their own hotel so were not interested in working in Kuwait!

  12. Nxman says:

    I support the desion Kuwait has becomer over crowded and jammed nothing against Lebanon or any other nationality.

  13. FUUUUU says:

    So, even though I’ve lived in kuwait my entire life and I’m not a muslim (shia specifically, not hating btw) I might still be mistaken for hezb allah?

    My name says more than enough XD

  14. Solution says:

    u’ll never understand politics, no one will, this is the whole sole point of it,

    a bunch of people who want to control everyone came up with politics that no one understands, so they’ll always be in those black suits in front of mics

  15. moe80s says:

    will visas with multiple entries be cancelled in the airport once you leave?

  16. Ali Sleeq says:

    See the issue is not everyone in Lebanon is pro-Iran & Syria; more than 50% are 14 March supporters (Hariri and Co).

    So to ban all Lebanese under this pretext is nonsense. However Hezbolla does tend to go to the extremes so no one can be too careful; I understand why Kuwait did it but they should know that not all of us Lebanese are trouble makers.

    Besides, the way things are going, the current Lebanese govt. might ban GCC citizens from entering if the situation in Syria stays this way (Hezbolla takes orders from them).

  17. Phoenix says:

    All of this is a simple RUMOR.

    Here are some FACTS:


    There isn’t even a mention of a ban on Lebanese.

    PLUS, the ban on the other nationalities has been LIFTED.

    Whoever has a more updated OFFICIAL LINK disputing the above then please post it.

  18. Phoenix says:

    + Al Qabas 20 October 2011:


    NO mention of Lebanon.

  19. Mel says:

    Few Lebanese Managers have looted Kuwaiti Companies for thousand of KD’s and ran off to Lebanon. Kuwaitis are opening their eyes. Cos of few bad all will be graded in same.

  20. Ronman says:

    was just there earlier this week, got the visa on the 10th or so, arrived on 12 left 13th not one hiccup. I think this is related to the transfer of visa type issue…which makes complete sense.

  21. HeartBeat says:

    a Shawerma post would have been much better than this political one since lot of people has no direction or sense of logic when it comes to different countries or different parties!

  22. Abdou says:

    xcite ground sales team must be suffering heavily.

  23. Phoenix says:

    Thank you Mark for opening so much negativity towards the Lebanese community in Kuwait.

    I have rarely seen someone who is so keen on self-flagellation.

    Seriously now, were you out of topics in order to post such a poor rumor?

    Is your website not generating enough hits?

    Are you happy reading all of the denigrating comments on your fellow Lebanese?

    Thank you very much!

    • Mark says:

      Could you provide me with proof that this is not true so I could post a retraction. Also could I have your number so i can pass it to our mandoub so you could hook us up with residency visas for 2 of our Lebanese employees?


      • Phoenix says:

        Excuse me?

        One needs to provide proof for a rumor.. I thought it was the other way around.

        • Mark says:

          It’s not a rumor, you’re the one who stated it was.

          • Phoenix says:

            From the American Journal of Sociology: a rumor is “an unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern”.

            For the nth time, that picture posted on the Angry Arab blog is unverified.

            • Mark says:

              i would recommend you check with a mandoub. From personal experience I can assure you this ban is in place so it’s not a rumor.

              • Phoenix says:

                I have checked with two influential people with connections to the MOI and they have denied this.

                Will update you if I happen to ask more people but to tell you the truth it felt silly asking them and they were surprised from even being asked such a question.

  24. LizQ8 says:

    You know this is Lebanon’s fault too. Too busy worried about a few Kuwaiti tourists that either visit or own homes. Don’t give visas out to Kuwaitis. About 10 years back USA stopped giving Australians visas on arrival. Australians had to apply for visas in advance. So Australia did the same. Next thing you know, USA allowed Aussies to get a visa on arrival!

  25. spikz says:

    I think visa’s should be banned for almost all nationalities in Kuwait. There are just too many expatriates in the country which is spoiling the chances of existing expatriates from getting good jobs or preventing growth opportunities.

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