Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President

Post by Mark

First they elect one of their own then they proceed to exterminate the human race! [Video]


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  1. Evil Knievel says:

    Very nice find !!!
    the news ticker is hillarious too … :)

  2. DaLLy says:

    Simply wow!! actually i don`t think w`ll see it one day in q8 :P
    and btw congratulations! Obama changes the history of United States

  3. Randy says:


    Obama may have changed the history of the United States simply by being elected as the first President-elect of color. However, only time will tell if his term will be a success.

  4. DaLLy says:


    exactly thats what i meant .. and by the time we`ll see how is Obamas real strategy will be.

  5. bo-jasem says:

    I don’t think we will see it one day in kwt!
    the machine.

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