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Fight Club – هوشة مجلس الامة

Post by Mark

I have no clue what it was about. [YouTube]

Thanks Anes

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  1. desertsky says:

    All I could make out was,”Burger King is better than McDonalds,you fool!”

  2. Yeni says:

    Grown men acting like schoolchildren…

  3. Hany says:

    Mark from what I’ve read, yesterday the Kuwaiti Parliament was voting on whether they should keep or kick out the Syrian ambassador. The votes came in 50/50, 25 MPs with and 25 against, so the fight went down as a result …

  4. Mohammad says:

    Ok it happened unfortunately, but we as Kuwaitis have to be one unity and not let such a thing affect on our love for Kuwait or cause troubles among each other whether we belong to Sena or Shee`a. The whole fight was only a misunderstanding regarding the Kuwaitis, who are jailed at Guwatanmo Prison. So we don’t want to exaggerate what happened between the members and Enshalla I hope this thing will get passed away and kelshay yerja3 6abe3y

    • ab7ag says:

      aham shay ina kilshay yirjaa3 6abee3i…

    • SSD says:

      kelshay yerja3 6abe3y? If anything, this exposed the increasing sectarian and tribal tensions that’s been trying to be kept hidden under the rug by ppl like you and me who wish there was no such thing in today’s Kuwait.

      Allah yester

  5. me says:

    Mark @@ since when do you post stuff about politics ?? @@

    • Mark says:

      I don’t discuss politics on the blog, I was just able to get this video and post it when people wanted to know what was happening. It’s more of an informative post then a political one.

  6. Um abdullah says:

    وايد برلامنز مادري مجالس امه او شيوخ او مجالس وات افير فيها طق. تذكرون
    الاسيويين اللي طقو بعض بالنعال و مرة بالكرسي و مرة وحدة مرة
    طقت وحدة بالكعب… عادي عادي… صاير كل شي عادي الحين…
    بس هم اقول ترى فشله حيل… واع رياييل كبار يتللون شعور بعض !
    تذكرت مسلسل محظوظه و مبروكه…
    الفئران آتيه! احموا النااااااس من الطاعووووون

    • ibnturab says:

      “الفئران آتيه! احموا النااااااس من الطاعووووون

      — LOL

      The fight was actually because al-qallaf thought his beard looked better than tabtabai’s .

  7. michael says:

    very immature. they do realize that an MP is not equivalent to a king or sheikh right? so decisions are not made based on what they say or do they’re just there to suggest stuff and it doesn’t have to be done. i don’t know why people voted them as MPs? can anyone please explain what people based their decisions on when they chose those men who clearly have no idea what their job is?

  8. Security Adviser says:

    LOL at ibnturab’s comment.. Now that shit is funny .. please allow me to add this to it …. not only is my beard better than yours but the hem on my disdasha is a full inch shorter than yours… also bet it started with a your mamma joke :)

  9. SHOCKED! says:

    They remind me of students fighting in high school :\ enas ga3deen ysawon nanawe oo yt7adon el 3alam feh w7na nt’hawash? wyoglon laish nrja3 le wara? laish omorna ma tamshi…

  10. PedroDashT says:

    Wallah Fashlah !

  11. Jay_S says:

    I can’t believe I share the same nationality with these people.

  12. Jay_S says:

    lol sorry, I had muted the video the first time and didn’t hear the commentary at all.

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