It’s still just a dirt pit

Post by Mark

Back in 2011, someone decided it would be smart to reduce the size of the middle sidewalk in old Salmiya by creating a dirt pit around all the trees. I guess the idea was that they would plant these pits with greenery which I was against since I knew no one would maintain it. I received some criticism regarding my views because I wasn’t being optimistic.

Well the picture above is how the median looks like over 2 years later. This is why I was suggesting the other day they plant fake grass in old Salmiya instead of destroying the beautiful Gulf Road with fake grass.

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  1. guy says:

    “This is why I was suggesting the other day they plant fake grass in old Salmiya instead of destroying the beautiful Gulf
    Road with fake grass.” Im having a hard time understanding this part.

    • Mark says:

      they’re removing the real grass and bushes on the gulf road and replacing them with fake grass (astro turf)

    • Hamad says:

      you see dirt, i see life below the dirt that would be killed if it was covered, please wait until our seasonal life cycle begins in spring, if that piece of dirt doesn’t burst with green in one week after rainfall, the dirt is probably dead because of all the people that walked on it and compacted it like concrete.

  2. susan G says:

    In Las Vegas, which has similar desert weather as Kuwait, they use good quality fake grass on many properties. They have real trees and flower beds surrounded by the artificial turf. They put it in because of the strict rules of rationing water use by business and homes. It also makes an area look great and keeps sand from blowing and making a mess. I don’t understand why it would not be used here in Kuwait. It doesn’t matter to me if grass is fake or real as long as it makes an area look good.

    • ahmed says:

      I agree susan, but that is IF they use good quality fake grass and have qualified people to install it properly. I assume people understand that it will more than likely be the cheapest quality fake grass and the people installing it are not qualified because that is how things are done in Kuwait. Also more than likely the government paid some well connected contractor well over the retail price for this fake grass that more than likely after a year will look hideous.

      • Mark says:

        The way that souq sharq has the fake grass it looks pretty real
        they don’t use it on the large strips and its a mall anyway so it doesnt matter.

        The ones I’ve seen on the gulf road plajat street look fake first of all and then the white rocks (not sure if theyre fake or real rocks) surrounding the fake grass look horrible. I also saw a roundabout in jabriya covered in fake grass and rocks and it also looked like shit.

        the problem isn’t just they’re using fake grass but whoever is doing the landscaping doesn’t have any taste as well.

        but if you drive on the gulf road every morning especially in the cooler months and spring you would know how much wildlife exists on the gulf road from birds and insects. whats going to happen to them?

    • Ali says:

      I second this

  3. ahmed says:

    Hence, why YOU should be Mayor of Salmyia!

  4. stu says:

    First time I’ve seen you steaming Mark! :) Albeit I do agree with you about the destruction of what precious little eco system is left in Kuwait.

  5. Sarcasmo says:

    oooooola mark if you don’t liking kuwait then go back for real grass in libnan ya 7abibi

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