Jahra Bridge Now Open

Post by Mark

The huge bridge that connects Kuwait City to Jahra is now open. Last week I was heading back from Sabbiya to Kuwait City and got on the newly opened Jahra bridge and damn did it save me so much time. I think I probably saved anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes just because of the bridge. It’s super long and flies over all the small roads, traffic lights and roundabouts that you would usually have to take. Only downside at the moment is that the bridge ends as a two lane road outside of Cozmo/McDonalds Kaifan, so there was a bit of traffic at the end as the cars funneled, but the amount of time I saved still made up for it.

Oh and just a small note, there are no speed cameras on the bridge at the moment.

Update: Ok so you need to watch out for the parked speed cameras like the one pictured below. (Thanks Forzaq8)

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  1. aaa says:

    oh my god it’s real

    the construction in that area will never end

  2. A says:

    I also thought there were no speed cameras until one of those car cameras got me at 180 km/hr… Ouch.

  3. AA says:

    It’s not smooth, very bumpy along the way. tender gone bad.

  4. q8y says:

    There are 2 car speed cameras, one on each side. just saw them.

  5. RaZ says:

    Definitely 2 speed cameras on bridge, i second AA very jumpy let alone bumpy hehe

  6. Nasser says:

    Excuse me for asking this strange question, but are there exits along the way or you pretty much have to wait until you get to the end?

  7. Maz says:

    I usually see parked car cameras there. They usually have one for each direction at random places.

    I see them pretty much every time I’m on the bridge, and I take the bridge often.

  8. forzaq8 says:

    there is a speed camera on the way

    a parked car and they had a warning

  9. Varun says:

    What happened to the service lane on the left? Why so narrow?

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