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Jeremy Clarkson in Kuwait??

jeremy clarkson

Nibaq just told me Jeremy Clarkson is in Kuwait. Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about this?? Any info would help.

Theories on what he is doing in Kuwait:
– Came to see the worlds largest Aston Martin Collection
– Came for the Mercedes S-Class launch
– To meet with British soldiers

Anymore theories?

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I will not har ass you nor touch your ass in any form or shape, if that is what is going through your mind!

I don’t think he’s here in Kuwait otherwise we all would have heard about it because J. Clarkson isn’t just another celebrity, he’s the godfather of all automotive enthusiasts!
What made Nibaq say he’s here?

Yep he came to Kuwait to see the prime ministers Aston Martin collection and one of worlds rare custom interior designed Bugatti thats somewhere in Kuwait I think jaberya or something like that, I’m in England and heard his reviews.

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