KD10 jeans at Diesel

Post by Mark

Diesel at Marina Mall is closing down since they’re opening up at 360 Mall so they’ve got a major sale going right now. They’ve got 70% off on some jeans and they also have a large collection of jeans for just KD10. The store is pretty empty right now and they only have women’s jeans left so if you’re interested hurry up.

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  1. Del says:

    I get all my jeans in India since most of them are made there. Original, brand new Levis cost only around 9Kd maximum without discount. With discount it would probably go down even more. Just gives an idea of how much of a jump in prices occurs between factory and shop.

  2. B says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t just transfer the stock to their new store.

  3. QABAQ says:

    Mark, now you gonna make me go and spend money :p just got back from my vacation or as some people call it “shopping mission” and thought i can rest now. Since its 70% off, why not

  4. SAD says:

    So is it women jeans only? or both?

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