GoCity – A New Cab Booking App

Post by Mark

The local CityVan service by CityBus rebranded and relaunched a few days ago as GoCity. GoCity now has two services that fall under it, the first is GoCity Van which is what CityVan used to be while the second service is new and called GoCity Cab.

GoCity Cab is basically our local version of Uber and allows you to book a cab via the app. I haven’t used them yet but I did download and set up the app just to get a feel for how it works and so far my first impressions are good. The app is well designed, easy to use and easy to set up. I’m home now so I set my location in Salmiya and then put my destination as Avenues and got an estimate of KD2.800 as the ride fee and 6 minutes as the wait time for a cab. The app had options for an SUV and Premium car but both weren’t available for me when I was testing the app out.

I don’t know whats the hold up with Uber coming to Kuwait, there has been talk about them entering the market for years but nothing has come of it. I personally use Q8 Grand Limo whenever I need a cab and I really like the service and experience. But, Q8 Grand Limo is pricey and only makes sense for me since I don’t take cabs often. If I had to use cabs all the time then GoCity would make more sense.

Right now they have two promos running, one is a 25% discount if you use the code “GO25” while the other one is a 100% cash back as credit into your account if use the code “JUSTGO”. If you end up using the service let us know in the comments what you thought of it and also what were the conditions of the cars.

To download the app click [Here]

Update: iOS users can find the app in the Apple Store, just search for GoCity

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50% of All-Clad Pots and Pans

Post by Mark


This is an odd post but it’s because I love the All-Clad brand. Williams-Sonoma in Avenues currently have a sale going on and this sale includes All-Clad pots and pans. They have All-Clad items marked down 50% which is insane. So if you’re looking for great quality pots and pans, this is a really good deal, like half the price of Amazon kind of deal.

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250fils for Almond Milk

Post by Mark


Spotted this great deal at Sultan Center Shaab. The almond milk expires end of April but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a really good deal since you can drink a lot of almond milk from now till then.

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Consume Fast

Post by Mark


Sultan Center in Shaab have a new section called “Consume Fast”. It’s a section where food that is about to expire is displayed and their prices are discounted. I was expecting the prices to be half off or more but most of the stuff I saw were just slightly cheaper. Still for items that are going to be consumed right away it’s a better deal.

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Eid Giveaway: 2 Nights at the Radisson Blu Hotel

Post by Mark


If you’re staying here for Eid then I’ve got a nice treat for you. Radisson Blu Hotel are offering a chance for one of my readers to win 2 nights stay at the hotel during eid. Not only that but you’ll also get breakfast included, dinner for 2 at Al Boom Steak and Seafood Restaurant and access to the Viking Club swimming pool and health club so you could spend the Eid tanning poolside.


The Prize:
· A Double Room for 1 or 2 Guests
· Super Breakfast Buffet
· Dinner for 2 at Al Boom Steak and Seafood Restaurant
· Access to Viking Club: Swimming Pool and Health Club

All you have to do to win the giveaway is leave a comment with the answer to the question below and I will randomly choose a winner once I close the post for comments Friday evening.

Question: Al Boom (Mohammedi II) and Al Hashemi II are the names of the dhows in dry dock at Radisson Blu. What is the name of the third dhow they have that you can sail on?

Rules: Only one entry per person and please make sure you use a working email since the winner will only be contacted by email. If winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, another winner will be randomly chosen.

Hint: Check the Radisson Blu Facebook Page or Instagram

Update: Post is has now been closed for comments. Winner will be announced tomorrow.

Update2: Using Random.org I randomly generated a number between 1 and 520 and the winner was comment #111 (M. Ahsan). An email has been sent to them and if they don’t respond within 24 hours a second winner will be announced.


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5$ off shipping with Shop and Ship

Post by Mark


Shop and Ship have an offer going on from now till July 15th in which you can get $5 off your shipping cost by using the code “SHIP5PP5SNS” during checkout. It’s not a big amount but on my small shipment a few moments ago I was able to drop the total cost from $16 down to $11. Thats like a 30% discount. More information [Here]

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Crazy PS4 Deal

Post by Mark


Blink are going to have a “crazy deal” on the new Sony PS4 this week where they’re going to offer up the 500GB US version of the PS4 for just KD99. Not sure how much quantity they will make available They’re going to make only 5 to 10 units available and you’re going to have to check their website on Monday or Wednesday at 10AM or 6PM to catch the deal. Check out their website for more information [Here]

via 248AM Gaming

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Good deal on Hurom Slow Juicers

Post by Mark


Best Electronics currently have a special promotion on Hurom juicers. They were previously selling them for KD99 but they’ve now dropped the price down to KD74 which is cheaper than Amazon. Slow juicers supposedly retain more nutrients during the juicing process when compared with conventional juicers. I personally love my “conventional” juicer and wouldn’t trade it in for any other juicer, but if you’re a fan of slow juicing then this should be of interest to you. [Link]

Note: You need to add to cart and check out to see discounted price.

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Lanvin on Sale

Post by Mark

Lanvin started a 60% sale yesterday on menswear and only on menswear. Turns out they’re closing down the mens section permanently so they’re getting rid of their stock. I picked up a wallet but they also had some good tshirts and you can’t go wrong with their sneakers (although 60% off on KD300+ shoes is still KD100+). Lanvin is located in Prestige section of Avenues between Ralph Lauren and Tod’s.

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Breville – The Smart Kettle

Post by Mark

If you’re a tea drinker then you should check out this kettle before they get sold out. I first spotted it maybe around a month back at Xcite but I didn’t get it and I’m glad I didn’t because they’re currently heavily discounted and are being sold for a lot cheaper than Amazon.

The reason I was checking out kettles in the first place is because I was looking for one which would allow me to select a specific heating temperature instead of just boiling it to 100° like my regular kettle did. For some teas like green tea, pouring boiling 100° water on the leaves can scald them leaving a bitter taste. That’s why for green tea for example, it’s recommended to heat up the water up to just 80°. This Breville BKE820 Smart Kettle allows me to do just that. There are a five preset temperatures ranging from 80° to 100° and I select the one I want and click on start. Very easy and very cool to use. By cool I mean lots of nice flashing lights and beeping sounds.

Now the reason I’m posting about this is for some reason Xcite have dropped the price of the kettle from KD47 down to KD28. It’s a ridiculously good value considering my other two alternatives were a Cuisinart and KitchenAid kettle, both of which cost over KD60 at Williams-Sonoma. Last time I found a good deal like this was for my Breville juicer. They don’t have the kettle listed online and I’ve only seen it at their AlRai branch off the 4th Ring Road, so that’s where you need to go to get one.

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