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Post by Mark

If you’re a tea drinker then you should check out this kettle before they get sold out. I first spotted it maybe around a month back at Xcite but I didn’t get it and I’m glad I didn’t because they’re currently heavily discounted and are being sold for a lot cheaper than Amazon.

The reason I was checking out kettles in the first place is because I was looking for one which would allow me to select a specific heating temperature instead of just boiling it to 100° like my regular kettle did. For some teas like green tea, pouring boiling 100° water on the leaves can scald them leaving a bitter taste. That’s why for green tea for example, it’s recommended to heat up the water up to just 80°. This Breville BKE820 Smart Kettle allows me to do just that. There are a five preset temperatures ranging from 80° to 100° and I select the one I want and click on start. Very easy and very cool to use. By cool I mean lots of nice flashing lights and beeping sounds.

Now the reason I’m posting about this is for some reason Xcite have dropped the price of the kettle from KD47 down to KD28. It’s a ridiculously good value considering my other two alternatives were a Cuisinart and KitchenAid kettle, both of which cost over KD60 at Williams-Sonoma. Last time I found a good deal like this was for my Breville juicer. They don’t have the kettle listed online and I’ve only seen it at their AlRai branch off the 4th Ring Road, so that’s where you need to go to get one.

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  1. BB says:

    Ur so high tech! :)
    next thing would be a kettle with an App that lets you set the temperature… ;)

  2. Wishbone says:

    Its the flashing lights .. they got him with the flashing lights …

    If you know the answer don’t post it, some will know it while others will have to search it online …

    I got 500ml of water in a kettle. The water is 20C when I start heating it. After 2 minutes its boiling. I keep it boiling for another 2 minutes …
    How hot is the water?

    If you know the answer you are awesome but don’t post it.
    If you don’t know the answer then your school has failed you or you failed it.
    If you post the answer you failed at reading.

    Have a good day.

  3. mobi says:

    Yeah, we’ve been using this kettle for a while. High quality shit.

  4. Adam says:

    If I would go with professional serious, I would choose KitchenAid, being the best made Kitchchen appliances world wide, my whole house is equipped with KitchenAid products and loving it, they have wide range of varieties astonishing color selection in different sets, and handles heavy duties food processing !!!!

    Bought my Food Mixer form

    • Mark says:

      Kitchenaid kettle is KD55, I got the Breville for KD28 so that’s half the price. I’m a big fan of KitchenAid, I have two of their mixers, the standard and their larger heavy duty one but I also love Breville, I have their juicer which is insane and I prefer their kettle over the kitchenaid.

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