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Post by Mark

Around a month ago I picked up the Breville 800 Juicer and since then I have been using it on practically a daily basis. I love it, like really love it.

I was wandering the Xcite aisles in Avenues killing time waiting for a friend when I stopped by the juicers section. I was checking out some of the Philips juicers which I thought looked pretty cool when a salesman came up and started telling me about a deal they had on the Breville juicer. I hadn’t heard of the brand before and was kinda bothered he was showing the Breville to me when I told him I had my eye on the Philips. I decided to check and see what the reviews on Amazon had to say about the Breville juicer and to my surprise there were over 900 reviews giving the juicer an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. I was intrigued.

My friend had come by then and we left the store but I still had the juicer stuck in my mind. Over 900 reviews and a 4.5? How good is this freakin’ juicer? I started researching it a bit on my phone and from what I read it was basically the best home juicer you could by so once I was done with dinner I headed back to the store and picked one up.

The Breville 800 is heavy since the whole unit is made of stainless steel. Everything about it screams heavy duty including the old school button and switch. The one on Amazon is listed as 1000watts but the one I picked up is a whopping 1,500. No idea if the Americans measure watts differently or if the US machines are electronically detuned so they’re more eco friendly but the fact that the 1,000w version got such high ratings made me wonder how much of a rating the exact same machine with 50% more power would get.

Using this juicer like every other juicer is fairly simple, you throw the fruits in from one end and juice flows out from the other. But while some juicers might struggle with some hard fruits I couldn’t find anything that would give the Breville 800 difficulty. I’ve actually been making juice from random vegetables and fruits I have lying around in the fridge from apples and carrots to asparagus and zuccini. I don’t cut or peel anything not even the apples. I just throw everything in and the juicer juices without any issues.

My only complaint about the machine isn’t really a complaint but more of a fantasy request which is someone needs to invent a juicer that will clean itself. Although the Breville is pretty easy to clean and take apart it’s still a chore. Other than that flaw I really really love this juicer. I don’t remember the exact price I paid for the juicer, I think it was originally priced at around 126 and they had a special offer and selling it for KD66. But, I just checked the Xcite website and it’s showing the retail price at KD99 and after discount the price is now KD54. My guess is they dropped the price even further to sell all their stock because the website is now showing the juicer is out of stock. So sucks for anyone who wants one cuz looks like you can’t get one anymore. [Link]

Note: All photos except for the first one on top are stock photos.

Update: Looks like juicer is now back in stock

Update2: Ok it’s back out of stock again…

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  1. dougmacho says:

    welcome to the society of juicers!

    i also have a breville, absolutely amazing. don’t forget to wash your fruits and veggies!

  2. Just says:

    stop lying, you definately peel bananas !

  3. Adam (the original one) says:

    You are so right about the cleaning. That’s the reason I always stop using juicers after a while. I HATE CLEANING!

  4. Spoiled Q8 says:

    take the time to learn about slow juicing mechanisms, that retain the enzymes and goodness as opposed to these centrifugal designs that create a FAR inferior juice..

    example: hurom slow juicer, as one of many…

  5. vampire says:

    you can’t go wrong with Breville,, function and form

    i have a blender that do wonder

  6. shabasaba says:

    Ordered one yesterday and it was just delivered. thanks!

  7. Spoiled Q8 says:

    sigh.. clearly my comment about these crap centrifugal juicers was missed..

    oh well i tried

    • Mark says:

      You said regular juicers create and I quote “a FAR inferior juice” than slow juicers but that’s not the case based on the benefits Hurom have listed

      Seems like slightly more vitamins is the only benefit while the other two main benefits aren’t really that important (more juice and power saving).

      • Spoiled Q8 says:

        I was simply sharing actual advice with you, not simple internet bro science..

        I have alot of experience with juicers, fruit, nutrition. In fact im an amateur naturopath in training.Ive been juicing daily for breakfast for over 5 years.

        the hurom was one example of many.. and the benefits listed on their site are not all of them.

        flashier the gadget does not mean better.

        centrifugal juicers are fail.

        • Mark says:

          Well I wasn’t implying flashier was better I was just curious about slow juicers since I hadn’t heard of them before and when you said they were far better I wanted to know why but didn’t find the reason

      • Spoiled Q8 says:

        to add back to your comment, im not sure where you got the word “slightly” from. and you should probably read up more on live enzymes

        • Mark says:

          I got it from the horum website based on their description. According to them the reason you end up with more vitamins is because there is less heat when juicing because their juicer rotates at a lot slower RPM. So really if your fruits are cold and you’re just juicing one glass of juice how much vitamins do you lose compared to the slow juicers when juicing? Not much hence the use of the word “slightly”. I’m genuinely curious still to why you think it’s far better though. Better yes but far better?

  8. RT says:

    @Spoiled Q8

    Is the slow juicer available in Kuwait or amazon is the only option ? Thanks in advance

    • Spoiled Q8 says:

      the juicer i bought locally, i dont live in kuwait.

      Tons of online options for it though. Depending on what you juice mostly i can recommend different models from different brands. Like for example carrots arent so great in this model, but it works fine, just not optimum juice extraction.

      I tend to use the hurom mostly for citrus juices where you can place in the full orange peeled with the white rhind entirely intact, giving you a full bodied enzyme / vitamin rich juice which is different in taste , body and nutrition when compared to average centrifugal ones. Much “wholler” juice as opposed to the traditional orange juicers where you slice them in half and juice. extracting simply the water, some people call it “orange water” and not really juice.

  9. Blaise says:

    Mark its back in stock again i placed my order this morning and i got a call from Al Ghanim confirming my order.Delivery time is 24-48 hours.

  10. ozlem says:

    You should also buy breville oven. Its unbelievably good. A small oven can do everything that 300Kd ovens do.

  11. she says:

    the breville juicer in cxite alghanim 1500watts….is it all stainless steel body? Which part is plastic because i want to purchase with less plastic parts. Is it the same in the picture you showed here in your blog? Thanks

  12. Have used the Breville juicer everyday since I bought it about 6 mo ago. Recently, the juicer has malfunctioned. I no longer get a full glass of juice; I get approximately 1/2 of what I used to. The juice is expelled out into the pulp now. What would cause this?

  13. jassim says:

    Mark.. do you remember how much you got Breville 800 Juicer ?

  14. Dina Dajani says:

    Hello Mark,
    Have you happen to come across Breville Rissotto and slow cooker going by the name sage multi cooker as well somewhere here in Kuwait. I saw it in the Lakeland catalogue and did all the research read the reviews. Saw the you tube and since Heston Blumenthal put his name and knowledge into making of their gadgets I knew it was the real deal. Only to be dissapointed yesterday when visiting LK that they don’t have it and can’t be sure they will. I am trying to locate the agent to find the machine.
    Thanks a million!!!!

    • Mark says:

      hey no haven’t come across it, i would check Williams-Sonoma in avenues or Xcite which is where i got my juicer and kettle from.

    • Mark says:

      hey no haven’t come across it, i would check william sanoma in avenues or Xcite which is where i got my juicer and kettle from.

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