6 1/2 Days of Nuqat – A Photographic Diary

Post by Mark

A beautifully produced flip-book of memories from the 2013 Nuqat Conference that was held in Kuwait last month. [YouTube]

If you’re interested in the tech behind the film, it was shot by Tarek Jammal with a Canon 5D Mark III using the 24-70mm f/2.8 Sigma lens. The film was composed of around 9,000 photos and they were color corrected in Alien Exposure before compiling them in a Mac app called Time-Lapse and then edited in iMovie.

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  1. Wishbone says:

    Aren’t you happy you didn’t sell the 800 ;)

  2. Q8D says:

    I’m a bit lost. What exactly is the purpose and outcome of Nuqat Conference? All I see are hipsters hanging around and businesses selling their foodstuff.

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