Ralph Lauren Summer Sale

Post by Mark

Two days back I found out Ralph Lauren had a summer sale (50% off) taking place so I passed by today and picked up a few shirts. To my surprise it turns out I now wear size “small”. Thank you Fahad for that. If you’re interested, sale is on till July 10th. The classic polo shirts are not included in the sale.

Update: Forgot to add they’re also opening up a huge flagship store in Avenues Phase III.

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  1. uday says:

    @Mark – very rarely I see you spelling errors.

    “Two days back I found out Ralp Lauren”

  2. brownsuger says:

    I’m going today :)

  3. tjcfilms says:

    Nice work I haven’t worn small since I was 9 haha. But I am 190 cm

    • Mark says:

      That’s no excuse I’m 186cm :)

      • tjcfilms says:

        Haha I wasn’t making an excuse. I know i need to lose weight and am have been. I was saying I haven’t been able to wear that size. Even when I was a fire fighter and all cut up weighing in at 185 I couldn’t wear anything smaller then XL because of the length of my torso and width of my shoulders unless I wanted to look like I was wearing a half shirt

  4. p0ach says:

    I can’t believe it – we finally have my favorite store in the whole world in K-Town.

    Since you said huge, I’m hoping for a little bit of “purple label” ***FINGERS CROSSED***

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