Kuwait 1982

Post by Mark

Found some high resolution photos of Kuwait back in 1982. Not too many photos just 20 but I hadn’t seen them before. [Link]

Thanks WTFDating

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  1. Shiznit says:

    RIP Al-Salaam Complex :(

  2. fatima shamoon says:

    oh yes…it was one of the famous landmarks of Salmiya. good old days :(

  3. Lude2000 says:

    great one love to hang out there …but not anymore:(

  4. Thuraya Lynn says:

    nostalgic images, is there a name for the photographer? I couldnt find her/him

  5. Q8Sultana says:

    The photographer is a fellow Hungarian :o)

  6. Lord Aymz says:

    shame they tore that building down.
    unfortunately, its a capital economy, where the old has to make way for the new, no matter how culturally significant it was.

    alas,, *sigh*

  7. Messy says:

    nice pic

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