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Kuwait Advertising Awards

The Kuwait Advertising Awards are being held tomorrow at 6PM and its supposed to be formal wear. Who the fuck gets dressed formally for an evening out at 6PM? Why didn’t they make the awards show at like 9 or 10PM? Most of the agencies finish work at 5 or 5:30 but no one usually makes it out before 6PM. Even if I make it out at 5:30 by the time I get home its already 6 and then I need to shower, get dressed and leave it would already be 7PM!

Anyway, I hope I am allowed not to go to it. I really don’t like social events.

Its NOT formal. Nat told me formal and she heard it from her agency but its not true.

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if they had Drinks it would start at 10 pm
but they don’t so now ppl can go at 6 and then have an after party somewere

it is the Alcahol that make kuwait events boring I mean the lack of it


thanks ripped heart, i will definetly not strip.. for free atleast. Maybe if i put up a members only section then i would lol

purg yeah something like that

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