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McDonalds Rules in Kuwait

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According to a recent poll held by Kuwaitism, McDonalds is kicking ass!

First Place: McDonalds
Second Place: Hardees
Third Place: Subway


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McDonald’s are running a killer ad campaign in India. That’s over a billion people “just lovin’ it”.

Personally, I prefer Hardees to McD’s. Their burgers are just more chunkier and don’t have the patty-like feel that McD’s burger have.

I prefer Ma63am Canary for my falafel desires. One of the workers there looks like Sameer Sa3eed. Sameer Sa3eed used to be the goalkeeper of Al-3arabi, a team in Kuwait. Sameer Sa3eed also owns all those Mr. Baker restaurants in Kuwait I believe. He was a great goalkeeper and a good entrepeneur.

yeah samir sa3eed is one of the best all time kuwait goal keepers. he was also the goal keeper for the national team. I actually buy from Mr Baker as a sign of support for him.

did any one try MD’s new Big and Tasty burger?

and on the sameer sa3eed note, he also owns Kanafany, and he also has one other store, it sells luxury choclates i think

i’ve been here 3 weeks and i’ve decided they need an arby’s…and johnny rockets is at the top of my list…pizza hut is second

o yes and could someone kindly tell me where the Dunkin Donuts is being built?

my first night here i saw it under construction but i can’t remember where

I’m from Boston, Massachusetts and we tend to live off of Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

There was an Arbys in Kuwait before it was open accross the street from Sultan Center where Burger King is currently located.
There was also Wendys right next to it.
Dunkin Donuts is opening in Salmiya right next to Al Fanar complex.

Whoa!! This may explain why Kuwait has the highest obesity and obesity related illnesses in the ME! Guys, grab a salad and hold the mayo!!

I think the obesity problem in kuwait has to do with the lack of alcohol. People usually go out to drink at night, in kuwait people go out to eat at night. bring back alcohol and you will solve the obesity problem 😀

This post is making me hungry !

When we will see alcohol again in Kuwait ?

I just hope our liberal chicks bring us alcohol by 2007 :]

this restaurant is number one choice of the kuwaiti’s place to go,but the salary of the crew is lower than the kuwaiti’s expected to go.

moey.. nonthing like a loverly roast with a yorkshire pudding, topped with lots of gravy, washed down with a pint of guinness! lol

I will be the first to put a pub in every street corner in every niebourhood in kuwait!!

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