HDTV at Al Ghanim

Post by Mark

I passed by Al Ghanim Electronics tonight to check out their HDTVs. They had a whole bunch of plasmas on display but none grabbed my interest, I was there looking for regular (tube/crt) high definition television. Turns out they only had 1 which supported the 720p resolution and it was the 36″ Sony which a regular reader (hola) pointed out to me was on sale for KD590 because it was the last piece. Sadly its widescreen which won’t fit in my display and also I was looking for a regular 4:3 ration TV not the 16:9. They had 2 other Philips TVs which supported HD and were pretty cheap BUT neither of them supported the high resolution 720p, just the low res 420p and 1080i. The 34inch was for like KD300 while the 29″ for like KD200.

So if anyone is interested in the Sony 36″ HDTV, its selling for an amazing low price (actual price is around KD800) and they only have 1 display model left.

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  1. Kthekuwaiti says:

    From my experience 720p 1080i.

  2. Mark says:

    1080i is actually 540i which is alot lower resolution then 720p


  3. Kthekuwaiti says:

    Bottom line: 1080i has better spatial resolution. That is, it produces a sharper picture when the image is frozen or barely moving because it uses more scanning lines. This format is more widely supported by manufacturers.

    On the other hand, 720p has better temporal resolution. It excels at reproducing rapidly moving objects without blurring, thanks to its full-frame progressive scanning, which never chops up the frame.

  4. Mark says:

    yes and movies, tv shows and videogames are all moving objects… so unless u r planning to display still photos on your tv 720p is the best resolution.

  5. unknown2 says:

    if u want some advice get the 50 inch or the 61 inch (Widescreen)Samsung , u will find it in Eurika and in Al-Andalous(in salmiya near Swensens) , just check the reviews online and in mags then u will know what am talking about. dont go for something lower than 40 inch coz its going to stay at least a few years with u and u dont want to upgrade to something bigger in the near future right..

    Stay away from AlQanim electronics (they suck) if u want some Wansa or Shevaki products then give them a visit next time :P

  6. Mark says:

    i am not interested in samsung plasmas neither am i interested in the widescreen format.

    alghanim have SONY.

  7. holla says:

    there are no tube HDTVS with a native 720p res. they are all 1080i or 480p native but support everything in between by down/upscaling to the native res. the only tv’s with native 720p res’s are LCD’s and DLP sets or like the more expensive models of plasma.

    that sony 36 widescreen is th ebest tube tv in kuwait, along with a samsung i found that is slimmer and cheaper which i will probably buy soon.

  8. holla says:

    sorry i mean 420p not 480p.

  9. holla says:

    fuck i got confused. it’s 480p NOT 420P

  10. Mark says:

    Well you are wrong because the 2 high end sony tvs including the widescreen one you saw support 720p.

  11. holla says:

    they SUPPORT 720p but it’s not their native res. trust me man. it’s not like they are shit, it’s just that that’s the way tube tv’s work. anyway 1080i is better. also if you’d prefer i go go into detail about how tube tv’s don’t actually have a native display of either 1080i or 720p or even 480p, they have some weird res that the tv processor take in and displays at any given time. that’s the nature of tube tv’s. it can get pretty complicated.

  12. Mark says:

    where is your source for this info? I have been googling since your last post and can’t find anything about this.

  13. holla says:

    my info comes from years of researching this stuff and mainly from A/V forums. here are a few links to start you up:





    and here is an argument about this shit:

  14. Mark says:

    dude you only gave 1 site that wasn’t a forum and that site said “Very few digital TVs on the market will display in native 720p”

    That means TVs can display 720p in native format.

  15. Tweego says:

    I have the 36″ widescreen sony and I love it but I am only watch DvD’s on it… and to me if it is not a sony it is not a TV :)

  16. holla says:

    the howstuffworks link seems to be broken for some reason, just search HDTV on there and it will tell you everything you need to know. also read The Definition argument paragraph on digital connection. sorry but CRT’s have no native resolution and cannot display a real 720p or even 1080i picture. mark do you understand that the wolrd of High def is a clusterfuck of resolutions and that there isn’t a real standard set by anyone? 480i/480p/720p/1080i are just loose standards that are the most prevalent. there are loads of other resolutions out there.

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